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Re-opening news for WDW

This post has been pinned to hopefully provide some information about the re-opening of WDW. It will contain a brief summary under different headings, with links to information and other threads where most relevant. A …

30 June 4, 2020
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Current same day FP drops

Important! This post will unpin itself after you’ve read it unless you follow these instructions. I will be updating it if the drop times change, so keeping it pinned will be the easiest way to find it. First, click on …

275 March 19, 2020
How to maximize the FPP system to minimize ALL of your waits – not just the first three

Please note that the following information is best applied at and most useful in Magic Kingdom. The other three parks have both tiering systems in place limiting which FPP guests can get and when, as well as fewer attra…

224 February 18, 2020
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