Fairy Godmailer Public Thread

Are you a family with an upcoming trip to Walt Disney World? Are you someone that will soon be traveling to the world and would like to spread some pixie dust? If your answer is “yes” then welcome to a wonderful “Liner” tradition, “The Fairy Godmailer!

*Don’t know what a fairy godmailer is? Well I’ll tell you:

Once upon a time, a beautiful/handsome, charming, smart, and generally amazing person went to Disney World, and in order to spread the magic and put some pixie dust in other people’s days, this person sent a postcard/letter to some young Disney-lovers who were eagerly awaiting their own trips. Only, they didn’t just say hello. They said “Ha ha - oh boy am I excited to see you at my house in Disney World soon! Love, Mickey Mouse”

Wouldn’t it be exciting to get a letter like that?! Well, you can create that magic, because of course, you’re just such a beautiful/handsome, charming, smart, and generally amazing person! And you can personalize it to the little space rangers and princesses who are going to get it. **Rely to this thread if you would like to participate ** and reply here if you have questions or suggestions!

Tip #1 (thanks to @brklinck): You can get postcards or letters postmarked at the City Hall in Main Street USA and mail them at one of the mailboxes there.

Tip #2: Bring your postcard or letter to a Meet & Greet to get an authentic character signature on your godmail. Remember to leave it blank so there’s plenty of room to get a nice signature, and then write the message.

*Credit to RubyWish for most of this opening text
** Please don’t post personal info here, you can exchange mailing addresses and names through PMs.


My son received an AMAZING card and gift from a fairy godmailer before his first visit 5 years ago.

It made him even more excited about his upcoming trip and was great fun for all of us to open. Anyone taking on the role should know it’s a really great thing to do that will make the children and in fact everyone involved feel so happy and bring so much joy just by posting a simple card.

And then on a couple of occasions we have been the fairy godmailer and it’s so much fun! (shh it may even be better than receiving a gift).
You get to choose a card maybe even get someone special to sign it… pop it in the post at the park and know soon someone will be very happy.

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I’ll be there 12/14-12/18. Happy to fairy godmailer for anyone going in January ‘22 or beyond.

I’m terrible about checking forum though. If you’d like some early pixie dust, email me!
Ltzareff @ gmail . com

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We are taking our first trip feb 6-12, this would be such a fun surprise for DD and DS.

Hi @asop I am there mid Jan so would love to do this one for you.
I will send you a private message to sort the details out.

For all Requestors if your posting a request it may be worth including in your post the following

  • Dates of trip
  • Your country/state (this can impact cost for the mailer and when items would need to be sent)
  • Trip info e.g is this there first ever trip?, first time they can ride tower of terror? etc
  • Favourite related stuff Are they a huge Mickey fan?, Star Wars?

All of that will help a prospective Fairy Godmailer know if they can help and get them excited about helping too.

I would love to get one for DD7, we will be there in January and could reciprocate!

EDIT - A fairy Godmailer got us!!
Can’t wait to reciprocate

Hi everyone!
If anyone is traveling in Nov-Dec, I would love the help surprising my family!

Our boys are older (college, HS, and middle school) but still huge Disney fanatics; we’ve had a lot of big changes this year and are looking forward to a few in the near future (pretty sure oldest DS will be engaged in another year ( :exploding_head:)

So - I am planning a Christmas day surprise reveal for the boys. I have a few small ‘clue’ gifts that begin pretty vague (like hand sanitizer, a rain poncho)…and I want to end with the reveal BIGGIE (our trip to WDW). We won’t visit until Spring, but I want to tell them for Christmas.

That’s my (too long) explanation for a fairygodmailer request - would anyone be willing to send 1 postcard to our boys that I could use as the last ‘reveal’ present Xmas morning? Something like - Merry Christmas (you’re going to Disney!)?

I love this idea and I’d be happy to send out postcards when we visit in spring 2022.
(doesn’t matter what characters/picture…although maybe NOT princesses? :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

If a liner PMs someone here can you let us know you have a match?

Would love for someone to send something to my nieces and nephew - we’ll be going as a family in mid January. I’m happy to pay it forward while we’re there!

What my wife and I have done over the years is to spread pixie dust a bit different. Each trip to Disney World and even one to Disneyland things have done are simple.
Have given trading pins to children (with the parents permission first). Have also given glow sticks, necklaces, bracelets and others. Stickers too.
For our upcoming trip in December, have picked up small disney character toys from Dollar Tree. These are of ones that kids will be given, with the parents permission, and also will be giving away some trading pins. This is a special way my wife and I spread pixie dust.


Hi! My kiddos (6, 4, 1) and I will be there mid-January and they would be THRILLED to get a postcard! I’ll send you an email!

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If any of you still need a Godmailer, I’ll be in WDW next week and I’m happy to send a few! Please PM me and give me your details if I can help out :slightly_smiling_face:


I am taking my six year old and for your granddaughters there in a couple of weeks and if anyone out there would like us to send a postcard to their young granddaughters I’m sure my girls would love to do that. I don’t have time to check back on the thread but if you could send me a direct message with the information and maybe the first names of your kids/grandkids will try to get them in the mail. It would probably be better if it was for somebody going in January or later. And it would be really nice if it was someone that was the same age as my granddaughters

@Profjenn has someone matched up with you yet?

Hi Melcort!
Yes - Principal Tinker got me - I’ll update and edit the original post now (sorry).

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@cjandres do you still need a fairy godmailer?

We just received a fantastic hologram postcard AND a Pluto pressed coin thanks to @PrincipalTinker
My Son was so happy to receive it and was very suprised to get a note from Mickey.

Thanks so much @PrincipalTinker your a superstar


Oh! That didn’t take too long to travel to you! Thanks for letting me know!

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