Fairy Godmailer Public Thread

Anyone going after say Dec 18 or so that needs a godmailer??

'Fairy Godmailer Found" Such an amazing thing!

I hadn’t posted my request yet; I just found this awesome thread! We are headed there the first week of January and would love a fair godmailer. Two little princess loving girls (4 & 6) that don’t know they are going yet… could use this to help announce it!

I would be very happy to do this! I’ll send you a private message.

Hi all. This year, on December 22, we are doing a Fireworks cruise at Epcot and will be asking random couples if they would like to join us and it is free. We have already paid for the cruise and can have up to 8 other people so we figure it is a nice way of spreading pixie dust.


We are going on our first trip to WDW with our 10 year old son and eight year old daughter. This trip has been delayed six times due to COVID with our original trip booked for March 30th, 2020. My son will celebrate his birthday on January 12th so it will be an extra special trip.

Would anyone like to be our fairy godmother? I would also be happy to return the favor to another family during our week at WDW. :blush:

If anyone would be willing to be our fairy godmailer - my daughter is getting her first trip to Disney World for her 4th birthday. Her birthday is mid April and we’re going May 1. So a postcard sent late March or early April would be perfect. More than happy to reciprocate when we’re there in May.

Let me just take a moment to recognize your wonderful generosity and kindness.

Bags of Class! Well done.

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This is such a great idea! My girls had their first trip in Oct and we don’t have another one in sight. I’m afraid they will have “outgrown” the magic of receiving fairy godmail before our next trip. However, my older daughter turns 10 on February 14, so it would be awesome to receive a special card for her birthday! Anyone up for it?

She loved magic kingdom, especially the Barnstormer and the fireworks. Loves Rapunzel and Ariel and Mary poppins. No autographs were allowed while we were there due to social distancing with the characters. She enjoyed starting her trading pin collection.

I have a silly question: Are postcards and the like (Greeting cards? Birthday cards?) easily found in the world? Are they available in most of the shops? I can’t recall ever seeing any, but then again I’m not very visually perceptive and I wasn’t looking for them to begin with. I’d love to fulfill the most recent requests in this thread if I know I can find postcards on site. I’d hate to say yes and then disappoint someone so figured I’d double check to be certain.

In general you can purchase multi-pack postcards in resort stores and larger park stores. They can be found on the spinning racks that hold magnets, pens, and keychains (usually). In some places (specifically the small store on the left in MK before you enter the tunnel) I have found some individual cards too.

Mailboxes can usually be found in some resort lobby’s (specifically I have mailed cards from the Poly lobby), Main Street (outside of Casey’s) and Hollywood Blvd.

I have also mailed cards from Massachusetts when needed.

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Thank you!

I’d love to do this for your DD! DS9 and I will be there next week until the end of the month. I can mail from WDW but it will get there a bit early. Would that be ok?

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I’d be happy to send a postcard with a Happy Birthday message on it! We will be there next week.

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That would be awesome! I’ll just intercept it and then throw it back in for her birthday. :joy:

I’ll PM name and address. Thank you so much!

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