Acronyms and Other Trivia

A list of helpful abbreviations. Keep in alphabetical order. Include a link to the relevant page that explains the item you’re talking about.

7DMT…Seven Dwarfs Mine Train, a roller coaster in Magic Kingdom’s Fantasyland.
AoA…Disney’s Art of Animation Resort


Or I can just post them all…

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Got it. Thanks.

If you want to suggest acronyms, add them as replies and I’ll move them to the pinned OP.

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7DMT - Seven Dwarfs Mine Train (aka SDMT)
AA - The American Adventure
AA - Audio-Animatronics [The robot characters in the attractions.]
ADR - Advance Dining Reservation
A&E - Anna and Elsa
AK - Disney’s Animal Kingdom
AKL - Animal Kingdom Lodge
AKV - Disney’s Animal Kingdom Villas [a DVC Resort]
AoA - Disney’s Art of Animation Resort
AP - Annual Pass
AP - Artist Point
APer - Annual Passholder
AS - Disney’s All-Star Sports Resort
ASM or ASMu - Disney’s All-Star Music Resort
ASMV or ASMo- Disney’s All-Star Movies Resort
ASS or AS2 - Alien Swirling Saucers
BatB - “Beauty and the Beast” - Live on Stage
B&C - Beaches & Cream at the Beach Club
BB - Blizzard Beach
BC - Beach Club Resort
BCV - Beach Club Villas [a DVC Resort]
BLT- Bay Lake Towers at the Contemporary [a DVC Resort]
BMP- Bloody Mary (Poppins)
BOG - Be Our Guest Restaurant (Magic Kingdom)
BTM - Big Thunder Mountain Railroad
BTMR - Big Thunder Mountain Railroad
BTMRR - Big Thunder Mountain Railroad
BW - Disney’s BoardWalk
BWI - Disney’s BoardWalk Inn
BWV - Disney’s BoardWalk Villas [a DVC Resort]
CB - Character Breakfast [Breakfasts where Disney Characters show up.]
CBJ - Country Bear Jamboree
CBR - Disney’s Caribbean Beach Resort
CC- Crowd Calendar
CG - California Grill
CL- Club Level
CM - Cast Member [An employee of the Walt Disney Company]
CoP - Walt Disney’s Carousel of Progress
CP - Candlelight Processional
CP - Crystal Palace
CR- Disney’s Contemporary Resort
CRO - Central Reservations Office [handling Dining and Resort reservations]
CS or CSR - Disney’s Coronado Springs Resort
CS - Counter Service meal [part of Disney Dining Plan]
DAKL - Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge
DCA - Disney California Adventure
DCL - Disney Cruise Line
DD - Downtown Disney
DD - Disney Dollars
DDP - Disney Dining Plan
DHS - Disney’s Hollywood Studios (formerly Disney-MGM Studios)
DL - Disneyland
DLH - Disneyland Hotel
DLP - Disneyland Paris
DLR- Disneyland Resort
DQ - Disney Quest
DTD - Downtown Disney
DRC - Disney Reservations Center [handling Dining and Resort reservations]
DVC - Disney Vacation Club
DWA- Dole Whip Additive (Rum/Coconut Rum)
EP - Epcot
ECV - Electric Convenience Vehicle (electric wheelchair/scooter)
EE - Expedition Everest
ELP - Main Street Electrical Parade (electrical parade)
EMH - Extra Magic Hours
EoS- Earl of Sandwich
EWP - Electrical Water Pagent
EE - Expedition Everest
F&G - Epcot Flower and Garden Festival
F&W - Epcot Food & Wine Festival
FF - Flying Fish
FLE - Fantasyland Expansion (Magic Kingdom)
FoTLK - Festival of the Lion King (Animal Kingdom)
FP - Fast Pass
FP+ - Fast Pass Plus
FtW - Fort Wilderness
FW - Disney’s Fort Wilderness Campground
FW - Future World (part of Epcot)
FW- Fire Works
GD- Green Door
GF - Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort and Spa
GMR - The Great Movie Ride
GoH - Guest of Honor [written as GoH ‘76 meaning the first year you visited WDW]
GS - Guest Services [at water parks]
HAS- Huge Ass Stroller
HDDR- Hoop De Doo Review (Fort Wilderness Campground) sometimes seen as HDDR
HH - Disney’s Hilton Head Resort [a DVC Resort]
HISTA - Honey, I Shrunk the Audience
HM - The Haunted Mansion
HM - Hidden Mickey
HoP - The Hall of Presidents
HS - Disney’s Hollywood Studios
IASW - “it’s a small world”
IG - International Gateway
IN - IllumiNations
ITTBAB - It’s Tough To Be A Bug (at Animal Kingdom)
JC - Jungle Cruise
JIYI - Journey Into Your Imagination
KRR - Kali River Rapids
KS - Kilimanjaro Safari
KTTK- Keys to the Kingdom (MK backstage tour)
KV - Kidani Village - section of Animal Kingdom Villas
LBV - Lake Buena Vista
LC - Lobby Concierge [the former Guest Services at the resorts]
LMA - Lights, Motors, Action! Extreme Stunt Show
LTT - Liberty Tree Tavern
M&G - Meet and Greet
MB - Magic Bands
MDE - My Disney Experience
ME - Magical Express
MI - Monster’s Inc. Laugh Floor
MK - Magic Kingdom
MM - Memory Maker
MNSSHP - Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Halloween Party
MS - Main Street USA
MS or M:S - Mission:SPACE
MSEP - Main Street Electrical Parade
MV3D - Muppet*Vision 3D
MVMCP - Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party
MYW - Magic Your Way tickets and/or packages
NE - No Expiration [added to Magic Your Way tickets]
NoJ - Night of Joy
NOS - New Orleans Square
OKW - Disney’s Old Key West Vacation Club Resort
OPR - Old Port Royale (at Disney’s Caribbean Beach Resort)
PAP - Premium Annual Pass
PC - Pop Century Resort
PH - Park Hopper [ticket add-on to Magic Your Way tickets]
PH - Planet Hollywood (part of Downtown Disney)
PI - Pleasure Island (part of Downtown Disney)
PO - Disney’s Port Orleans Resort, now Port Orleans French Quarter
PoC - Pirates of the Caribbean
POFQ - Port Orleans French Quarter
Poly - Disney’s Polynesian Resort
POP - Pop Century Resort
PORS - Port Orleans Riverside (formerly Dixie Landings)
PotC - Pirates of the Caribbean
PPP - Pirate and Princess Party
QS - quick service (part of Disney Dining Plan)
RC - Rainforest Cafe
RD- Rope Drop
RnRC - Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster
RS - Port Orleans Riverside (formerly Dixie Landings)
RR- Raglan Road
SB or SAB - Stormalong Bay [pool at Yacht & Beach Club]
SDMT - Seven Dwarfs Mine Train
SE - Spaceship Earth
SGE - Stitch’s Great Escape
SM - Splash Mountain
SM - Space Mountain
SoG - Shades of Green Resort
SP - Seasonal Pass [available only to Florida residents]
SplM - Splash Mountain
SSE - Spaceship Earth
SSR - Disney’s Saratoga Springs Resort [a DVC Resort]
ST - Star Tours
SWW - Star Wars Weekend
TDS - The Disney Store(s)
THV - Treehouse Villas at Saratoga Springs Resort [a DVC Resort]
TiW - Tables in Wonderland (was Disney Dining Experience)
TL - Typhoon Lagoon
ToT - “The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror”
TP- Touring Plans
TS - Table Service meal [part of Disney Dining Plan]
TSMM - Toy Story Midway Mania
TSI - Tom Sawyer Island
TT - Test Track
TTA - Tomorrowland Transit Authority
TTC - Transportation and Ticket Center
UG- Unofficial Guide (to WDW, Disneyland, etc.) THE Book
UoE - Universe of Energy
V&A - Victoria & Albert’s
VB - Disney’s Vero Beach Resort [a DVC Resort]
VotLM - Voyage of the Little Mermaid
VWL - Disney’s Villas of Wilderness Lodge [a DVC Resort]
WAT- Wild Africa Trek (Backstage tour at AK)
WatW- Weasus at the World
WDTC - Walt Disney Travel Company [handling Dining and Resort reservations]
WDW - Walt Disney World Resort
WL - Disney’s Wilderness Lodge Resort
WLV - Villas at Wilderness Lodge
WoD - Disney’s World of Disney
WoL - Wonders of Life
WPE- Wolfgang Puck Express
WPF&M - Water Park Fun & More [add-on to Magic Your Way tickets]
WS - World Showcase (part of Epcot)
WS - West Side (part of Downtown Disney)
WtWBM- Where the Wind Blows Me (Weasus’ “No plan plan”)
WWoS - Disney’s Wide World of Sports
WWS - Disney’s Wide World of Sports
Y&B - Disney’s Yacht Club Resort and Disney’s Beach Club Resort
YC - Disney’s Yacht Club Resort


Interesting! I usually abbreviate Epcot as EP . . .


And it’s missing important things like EoS (yum!)


Well hey there @weasus! How are things?

Another one. FW - Fireworks


I fixed Epcot and added FW-Fireworks, WitW-Weasus in the World; EoS and A&E- Anna and Elsa

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Heather, ST - Disney’s Hollywood Studios needs to be removed. Cont should be shortened to CR for the Contemporary. Could also add WtWBM - Where the Wind Blows Me. BLT - Has an extra B in Bay.

Done. Also added TP- Touring Plans, UG- Unofficial Guide, CC- Crowd Calendar & one more. Kuddos if you find it :smile:

WatW = Weasus at the World


And CL = Club Level ahhhhhhhhhh… :smile: @weasus…GD…Green Door :wink:

Added them, @MeetMeAtThePoly. Sorry it took so long. I was on vaca since last Sat and there was no way I was going to try to edit that monster post from my phone :sunny:


Love this all in one place. I’m a lurker and trying to get used to the forum. Learned a lot from reading lines over the past 7 months or so. You guys know so much about the world. I wish I had discovered chat back before our trip in June of 2012. Hope to go back with the grandkids again in the next 1 to 2:years.
Thanks for posting all these acronyms! Very helpful! :monorail:


Liners are amazing. You have so much information and knowledge that you share so willingly. Thanks so much! :monorail:

@MDU. I found a few missing ones.
RD= rope drop
DH, DW, DS, etc
WAT= Wild Africa Trek
KTTK= Keys to the Kingdom tour
WPE= Wolfgang Puck Express


And we can’t forget the infamous SFL.

Thanks for the additions! This list is definately a work in progress. I didn’t add any of the family acronyms because there are so many. If you want to list and explain them, I can put a note at the bottom of the list, but I think it would really clog it up with everything from EDH’s to DMLs and ‘ain’t nobody got time for them’ :wink:

There’s no need for SFL here. Lol Threads can be bookmarked.

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