Acronyms and Other Trivia


^This x 100000000


True. I was suggesting it since you posted the link on chat.


Thanks this is great though never going to learn them! Maybe once I get to the parks I'll have a clue! smile


You'll learn them faster than you think. Soon you will texting your friends or posting to facebook in Disney code. smile


What does SFL mean?


Save for later. It saves the thread on chat to your chats


What does 'liner' mean?


A "Liner" is someone who uses the Touring Plans App that is called Lines. At this point it probably also encompasses those here on the Touring Plans Forum as well. =)


This should help:


Should we add:

DS - Disney Springs

to the list?

And/or during the conversion phase:

DS/DD or DD/DS - Disney Springs / Downtown Disney or Downton Disney / Disney Springs


Maybe a pinned list of abbreviations that is updated as necessary would be in order.

On the other hand, I have to admit that I ran into a lot of other great information (related and unrelated) when I was trying to find out what certain abbreviations meant. The discoveries you make along the way is half the fun of being part of TP.


Have JTA & BBB already been mentioned and I overlooked them?


JTA = Jedi Training Academy and BBB = Bippity Boppity Boo boutique


What does HV mean, saw that in a post the other day, also can an admin pin this for the newbies, we'll be bookmarking but it's good data.


maybe Hollywood & Vine?


What does IPO mean? I saw it on a post and I can't find it on this list.


Common vernacular for IPO = Initial Public Offering. I'd presume same in a DIS sense to convey it's the first time something is being made available to the general populace at large, but that may be a mistake on my part...


Nope - this was in reference to concierge level at Poly and using the IPO for booking ADRs...


Yep - just saw the thread it came from & realized it definitely wasn't the traditional IPO meaning - had to google it to get the TLA right.

IPO = Itinerary Planning Office which is a service offered at the Concierge Level at Disney Deluxe resorts. Apparently the IPO will book reservations/events for you in advance and save you the hassle (or joy) of dealing with the DIS reservation systems at 6AM sharp on day 180...


Thanks. Do you know if they will also book fastpass+?