Acronyms and Other Trivia


What is that avatar? Impressive!


It looks cool, but I don't know how I did it, so don't be too impressed! It is from the Starbucks website. They had a game during Christmas and somehow I got the image on my chromebook. When I wanted to select an avatar, it was the only picture I had readily available.


I don't know for certain about FastPass+ - from Googling, my impression is No. The IPO seems to offer the 180 day stuff like ADRs, Tickets and booking tours, but I haven't seen any FP+ references. Seems like a nice resource, although it doesn't appear to come cheaply...


What's EoS?


Earl of Sandwich, I'd guess


Okay Great Stuff.
So why can't all these acronyms be put on "Frequently Asked Questions" instead of having to search the forums?


Are you asking for a pinned section that gives a little "handbook" for the forum? @len, any thought to looking at the organization of the forum? I heard a criticism of this forum on a podcast that at times there is great info but impossible to find. Is this something a "developer" has to do or could some volunteers that know the forum well do it?



Pinned. Thanks!


Seems we have to do this ourselves individually and only for that category or can it be done for the whole forum. Found this one in WDW but we are going to DLR.


Interesting- are you looking for a "Frequently Asked Questions" category for the whole forum?


Sounds good but better for each of WDW and DLR as there are differences.
I'm sure the same questions keep getting asked year after year.


So what would it look like? You could have a : what do I need to know about fast passes? And the reply could include links to where the information is?

I am going to invite a few liners to this thread.


I think there isn't one central FAQ thread because things change. All the time. Therefore, someone would have to organize, manage and update the information. (Sounds like a job for a librarian....) But we are all just volunteers with lives of our own, so nobody has time to do this for free. So people ask questions and anyone who can pitches in to answer. Sometimes we're wrong or the answer changes or a new person asks the same question. So someone else nicely corrects the answer or answers it again.

Repeat. Repeat. Repeat. That's how it works. :slight_smile:


What I struggle with is- isn't that chat and isn't this supposed to be different? The podcast said there was no information here and we know that's not true.


If I'm looking for information I just search from where I am- I don't go into any section on the forum and poke around so won't see anything that's pinned. For something like this it might be easier to just have links on the page template?

Maybe have some links down the bottom of the page (above the red buttons to Twitter etc) with titles like DL fastpass FAQ, wdw fastpass FAQ, etc?

I'm not sure if this is what the poster was asking for though..?


I agree that there is a lot of great information here. I do have some strong opinions about organizing information, and this Forum does have the potential to be more, but I'm not sure the Powers That Be want it to be more than it already is. Making the Forum MORE...more organized, more searchable, more curated for currency and accuracy, more appropriately categorized and tagged for searches, etc...would require a lot of work on a regular basis. That's what professionals with MLIS degrees do, but we don't do it for free. I could do it, but I'm not willing to spend 20 hours a week on it as an unpaid community member. I probably would have volunteered three years ago. Eh, I'll let some other people chime in and maybe I'll feel like volunteering in the morning. :wink:


I think I tried to start something maybe last year with my "that was then, this is now" thread. If anyone wants to start a Q and A wdw thread I will add what I know. If no one wants to start but are ok with an attempt I will start one next weekend. @Ladythomas, I do not sort by category either. I have my alerts set so I see very thread. I sort by latest, new and unread. I have time on weekends and I am volunteering to experiment with a wdw thread but not until next weekend. I barely have time to eat during the week but I enjoy crawling through thread here!


Interesting, to do a search on Acronyms returns 50 topics and then read each one to find a useful answer. Acronyms seem to be used in 80-90% of topics/answers. Life would be simpler if at least Acronyms (or FAQ) were a subset of the top level Category. I wonder how many newbies are as frustrated by acronyms as me. My trips to the USA are limited to one or two in a lifetime (from downunder).


That is a great idea.