Acronyms and Other Trivia


I'm Aussie too.
I get the confusion and can understand why it's important for this stuff to be easily found, but I never had that problem.


Not sure if this is still being modified, but in case it is…

HEA = Happily Ever After


I searched but can’t find it.

What does EMM mean?



Extra Morning Magic? The paid event at MK where you get to go on Peter Pan, Mine Train and I think Winnie the Pooh, plus breakfast?


Ah, thank you! Did not know about this.


OMG, its $200!!!

No thanks!!!


But it has breakfast. :wink:


What does SFL stand for?


SFL is used in chat to “save for later” - because chat is designed to be super simple (to minimize mobile data use) there’s no search or bookmarks. So, if people want to be able to find a specific chat thread later they’ll SFL it so they can find it in their own chats list.


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