Effect of Epic in Disney crowds

Has Len or anyone weighed in on how we think Epic will affect Disney? I’d think there’d be a good decline but then more people going to Universal could also add in a day or 3 at Disney. Then there be those who avoid Universal completely for a few years (me) which could in crease WDW crowds. So maybe a slight dip?

Thinking a SB 2026 trip. SB crowds scare me but thinking since it will be the first SB with Epic maybe it wonky be so bad?

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Any other healthcare workers find themselves wondering about the Epic conference?? :rofl::rofl:


Considering that Epic is not expected to be included into UAOP and will be an add on ticket experience it may keep some out- definitely would like to here opinions on what it means for crowd levels for all the parks UO & IOA also…

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Usually, opening up a new park (or any other large draw) increases the traffic/visitors to the whole Orlando area in general. I don’t think Disney is expected to take a large hit during the first year of EU. Keep in mind that, UOR has already been taking market share (attendance) from the mouse for well over a decade now.


I don’t think USF and IOA will see a sizable drop in attendance. Between EU being too expensive for some, many preferring the traditional, slower paced parks, and visitors making an extra trip trying to take advantage (thinking the crowds will be lower).

Add in the new visitors going to EU and visiting USF and IOA while there in town, it could all even out.

I think a bigger factor would be if we have a recession…and that would affect all parks.


Darn. I was hoping Epic would serve as a kick in the butt to WDW and incentivize WDW to add attractions.


My brain goes straight to that. Was just in Dublin and saw EPIC on a building …,I immediately think the Epic software. It was an Irish Immigration museum :rofl:

I have never been to original Universal Park in Orlando, only to IOA once. I will check out Epic for sure only because I loved the Nintendo World in Japan.

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Nintendo world in Hollywood changed how we are planning for Epic. Honestly they have become IMO masters of immersion.

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I haven’t heard or read anything Len has speculated, likely because this far out anything is pure speculation.

I would not be surprised to see some Disney deals in 2025 and 2026, but nothing more than what is being offered this summer.

I’m also planning a trip in 2026. I want the Epic Universe fever to die down a bit and give Touring Plans and the Unofficial Guide authors a chance to weigh in on the best Epic will have to offer. I have to make the most of my limited time and money!

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Haha yes my first thought was Epic was renting out a park and it was closing early! But Epic is building it’s own Harry Potter campus or something now.

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