Where to start on an all four parks park hopping day?

My niece and I have 5 day park hopper tickets for our upcoming trip. The first four will be used on the varying parks. For the fifth, I was thinking that we could choose the two rides in each park that we loved the most, and do those; if time allows, maybe some resort hopping before dinner. With that as the plan, which park would you recommend starting with. I was thinking Animal Kingdom since it closes the earliest, or would MK be better. Either way, any advice on how to hop between all four parks would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

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Always start at the park that opens first which is typically AK and end at the one that closes last, typically MK.

For transportation ease I’d start at AK, bus to DHS then walk/boat/skyline to Epcot then monorail to MK.


I agree with this. And it gives you the option of monorail resort hopping, or staying in MK for fireworks.

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Conventional wisdom typically suggests exactly that rationale: start at AK because it tends to both open and close the earliest

Have fun!

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I normally would give that conventional wisdom but for my upcoming trip we are doing something else. We are staying at AKL so access to that day’s extended hours at Epcot. I am also anticipating that we will need a break because of the heat. So I am going:

HS - skyliner to
EP - with extended hours


Just know that busses to parks from AK don’t start running until 10 a.m.
We wound up leaving at 9:30 so we took the AKL bus and caught the MK bus there.

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Some of it may come down to what you want to ride in those parks. If you want to ride 7DMT without a long wait, you’d have to start at MK. Or if you bought a 7DMT ILL, you’ll be at the mercy of the reservation time.

My 4p1d plan for Memorial Day is
RD AK (7:30am with early entry) until 10am
Epcot 11:15am - 2:30pm
Skyliner to HS until 6:30pm
MK 7:45pm - 11:00pm

My goal for each park is to ride 2 rides and do 1 non-ride attraction, plus food or drink.