Best weather app?

We’re off to WDW in a couple of weeks, normally do mornings when it (almost) never rains in August, but this time we’re going to be doing more afternoons / evenings - so I’m thinking I need a good weather radar app so I can follow the weather coming in - suggestions? What do locals use?

I work outdoors, so check the weather a lot. I found that Accuweather is best for more detailed radar but The Weather Channel is best for the hourly forecast.


WESH is one of the local stations. Also be sure and plug in your specific location to AccuWeather or Weather Channel…not Orlando but Magic Kingdom or Epcot, etc.


I like Accuweather too. But sometimes it’s hard to trust - like when it’s pouring buckets and it says “light rain will begin in 35 minutes” :laughing:

But honestly that’s my main weather app


I like the NWS one, especially for the radar maps. It’s NOAA Weather Free. I can put the maps in motion, or pause. Plus NWS is the one who puts out all the various watches and warnings. Their app has a graph of the predicted timing for temp, wind, and precipitation. It can save 3 locations, plus give you info based on your location.


I’m not local nor is my preference an app. :smile:

Is what I use for radar. That and if I’m getting wet, it’s actually raining where I am.

I also pay attention to the temperature. Highly unlikely it’ll rain when it’s 90+. If there’s a sudden temperature drop, suddenly seek cover.

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Are we from similar areas or what :face_with_spiral_eyes:

I guess I could check into nws app.


plus graphs = :sunglasses:

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That app served me well last month when we were driving west through OK while that line of tornado-producing storms came through. It had the one that hit Perryton, TX.

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Much better than driving into town for breakfast only to have the whole place closed thanks to a tornado.

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Thanks all, very helpful, I’ll give those a go!

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My husband does a lot of outdoor activties. He and I use MyRadar from ACME AtronOmatic.

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I was going to recommend MyRadar as well. I’m not wholly satisfied with any app but this one seems to be the most useful for immediate chance of rain at a precise location (as opposed to a whole city, which is basically pointless in Florida — it can be raining in MK and sunshine in AK, let alone UOR).

It’s not always right (what forecast is?) but you can compare the chance of rain to the radar and get an idea of what type of storm is headed your way and whether you want to risk being outdoors.

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