Free Planning DVD - Support TouringPlans


Please order a FREE Disney Planning DVD! Even if you don’t have a DVD player, you’ll receive a link to stream the planning content on the device of your choice.

Ordering through our link helps support TouringPlans. Thank you so much for helping keep our costs down.

Telling the kids today. ..can't wait

Not seeing a link even though I have no add blocker?


Do you have JavaScript turned off?

Once the page loads, the animation below the text should start.

Thanks for giving it a try.


hm, nope javascript is active.


OK, I did my bit for the team!




I cant believe I have made it to this late in 2016 without updating my Planning DVD collection, I still have VHS tapes somewhere!!!! Glad I waited though so I could help the team, link clicked and DVD ordered @SteveBloom


Done! Happy to help.


Did my part


Done! Let the DLR Planning begin!


ok done


Done. sold. Bob's your uncle.


Doneski. Happy to help. Love touring plans!


No link. Using Chrome.


I've tried in Chrome and Explorer. I don't have ad blocker.


Thanks for trying. The add and link are done by a third party. We are not sure why it does not appear for some people.




I did it but never received the planning CD which is a bummer bc I wanted the kids to see it to get excited.


Weird. I'm trying Chrome and Firefox and...nothing. I'm getting several other ads on that page, however. I'll try on my tablet.