Beyond Big Thunder Rumors

I don’t see a dedicated thread for this and figure with D23 coming, more news will start to leak. Like this:

I think RSR would be super fun there and totally on theme. Braydon also thinks there will be a Woodys Roundup something or another too.


We watched this last night. We shall see if it comes to fruition…but it makes a lot more sense than having Encanto and such back there. I like the idea of eliminating Frontierland and going with a desert theme instead.

I just can’t see anyway this will happen without the elimination of TSI and the ROA. My wife and I were talking about that, and it just seems the idea of Frontierland and ROA and such is rather dated. We are no longer a society that watches westerns like we used to or plays cowboys and Indians, etc. Time to move on.

Anyhow…excited to hear if any of this is confirmed (or even hinted at) at D23 coming up.


I like that guy. And I’ve heard he doesn’t share rumors until/unless they are all but confirmed

I would be BEYOND excited for RSR to come to WDW, and I think that would be the ideal spot for it - in fact before I opened the article I was playing a little game with myself to figure out where I thought it should go and that’s what I came up with! That said the “modified version of” scares me - make it and make it good or skip it altogether. Don’t give us a second-rate experience that sucks.


I like the land but I would agree. When the question of creating a pathway between Fantasyland and the BTMRR area came up, my first thought was to fill in the dang river and connect it that way.


Not exactly. He shares the insider information he has (he knows Imagineers personally). So, not necessarily that the information he shares is “all but confirmed”, but that it reveals the current thought-processes from within Imagineering.

But he is very good about telling us when something is just talk versus a sign of something very possible.


Hinted at, like last time when they gave us all that Blue Sky stuff? :sunglasses:

What we do know is that permits have been filed for preparations work - for what would be the biggest expansion of MK.

Seems like the consensus is that part of TSI and part of Rivers of America will be lost.

As for what might go in …… :no_good_woman:

There are rumours surrounding Encanto & Villains (based on the last D23)
Cars Land and Zootopia ( with both also now mentioned for what seems to be a replacement for Animation Courtyard at DHS - and thought by some to be the next big project after AK).

I doubt we’ll get told anything definitive at D23. More likely they’ll tell us about AK and that there are “plans” for DHS and MK.


Thanks for making that distinction

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To be fair, what was hinted at with the Blue Sky stuff was, in fact, something we’re coming to in modified form.

I think the fact that they revealed things as “Blue Sky” was disappointing to us all at the time…but it DID give us insight as to where they were looking to go next. And…now we have permits for construction at AK, and sounds like they are getting closer to that at MK exactly where they hinted at a couple years ago.

So, yeah…some “hints” would be nice. I’d be happier with MORE than hints, though!

I thought it was interesting to think about the talk about Walt Disney himself and the “World of Color”. It used to be that Walt WANTED the public to know what they were working on. In more recent times, Disney has tried to keep everything hush hush as long as possible. But maybe that’s not in Disney’s best interest.


So perhaps they need to work on timing
Don’t hint at something 2 years before you plan to file permits, which is realistically 3-5 additional years to completion!

But I suppose that all came at a time when they were grasping at straws to have anything to offer WRT coming attractions


Yeah…and it also didn’t help that this was coming off of them having previously announced things that they ended up cancelling, so they had to stir up some level of excitement. But now we were all quite skeptical.

In any case, I’m finding myself beginning to feel hopeful again about the future of WDW. I was going through a stretch where I was feeling a bit like the Peanuts:



I think they would modify the river. Len has been talking a lot about the need for water fratures and shade in the parks, so I think they would need to keep some ofnthe water somehow. The Grand Canyon has a river at the bottom, and we have to figure out how to get a bayou to make sense back there.


All good points.


Sounds like a great idea to me! Get it up and running, then shut down tomorrowland speedway and use that area for something else. Heck, a nice park and playground with a splash pad would be an improvement.


Disagree on the play space/splash pad. That already exists over there.


I hadn’t heard this one. Do you think they would put RSR there instead of MK? Some zootopia in HS would be perfect. I would love that.


I’ve never seen it. But as long as it doesn’t go into AK that’s fine. (I know about ITTBAB but I can ignore that!


I don’t want it in AK either (and can definitely ignore ITTBAB). But I really like the movie and I does well in a park where the movies come to life.


As much as I love RSR, the one challenge with this ride is reliability. Both in its TT form and RSR in California. Its virtually impossible to rope drop.because of reliability. So that’s a capacity issue Disney would be building into the new space.

Can we also get one more small attraction in the bayou area? And a show in Villians land. I want a theatre!


Thing is, though…Zootopia’s “world” is just the real-world as we already know it, but with anthropomorphic animals. So, would a Zootopia land just be a land with a DMV, a bank, office buildings, etc? I think it would be visually interesting the first time…but after that, would it have longevity in terms of returning guests??? Not sure.

I was thinking about this myself. Especially in Florida, with all the rain and such, it seems like it might not be a good fit for Florida. I’ve not been on RSR, and it looks cool…just think if they try to do it at MK, they might have to have something different.

There was a planned theatre on Main Street USA that got cancelled…perhaps it can return. Placing it in Villains land would be interesting!


What’s a DMV?

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