Trip Report - Magic Kingdom in a Day (5/3/24)

Who: D14 and I F38
When: Friday 5/3/24
What: Magic Kingdom for 1 Day as non-resort guest between 2-11pm
Extras: Genie+, Individual Lightning Lanes, Brunch reservation at Ohana for 12, Dinner reservation at BOG for 5:20pm

Yesterday was a TP 4 crowd level for Magic Kingdom. We are only here for one day (as this is really a UOR trip, but we couldn’t resist).

D14 slept in while I woke up at 6:45am to buy Genie +. I loaded the VQ with both D14 & I so it was ready for 7 am TRON drop. I also added Peter Pan to my “favorites” so it showed up at the top of my Tip Board in the app.

At 7am I tried for TRON VQ first but it sold out in the one second I took to press the button. So I went ahead and picked my first Lightning Lane (LL) of Peter Pan for 7pm. Yes, I started booking a late first bc I’m stacking G+!!!

At 8am when the park opened and I was still laying in bed, I scheduled Individual Lightning Lanes for Seven Dwarves $11 each for 7:20 pm return time. I also schedule TRON $20 each for a 4 pm return time.

Because the park opened at 8, I was able to book another LL two hours later at 10 am. I choose to schedule Space Mountain for 3:40pm.

We had breakfast reservations at Ohana which is at the Polynesian for 12 noon. So we took a Lyft from Cabana Bay at UOR to Polynesian at 11:15am. Took 28 minutes to get there and cost about $40 with tip.

At noon, it had been another two hours since I booked a LL so I was able to schedule Enchanted with Belle at 4:20pm.

We had a lovely breakfast with a lagoon view and met Mickey, Pluto, Lilo and Stitch:


We then took the resort tram over to Magic Kingdom for a 1:30pm entry. We quickly changed outfits, put our “just incase” backpack with extra shoes/clothes in a $10 all day locker and then took some Main Street photos:

By now it was 2pm and so it had been another two hours so I could book another LL. I choose Buzz for 3pm.

First stop: Tomorrowland! We hopped on the PeopleMover, then went to Monster Inc Laugh Floor, then used our Buzz LL:

I could now start live scheduling LL, as I just used the LL that I last scheduled (Buzz). So immediately after I tapped into Buzz, so I scheduled Under the Sea for 4pm.

We walked over to use our ILL at Tron. Then kept going the walking loop to ride Under the Sea LL. After using this LL, I was able to book another one & I choose Pooh for 6:40pm.

We stopped to see Gaston’s fountain and use the bathrooms (so quiet in those bathrooms), and fill our water bottle at the drinking station:

Continuing the loop we used our Enchanted with Belle LL. By this time it was 5pm and we could make our way to our dinner reservation at Be Our Guest:

Our meal was awesome. It took about 1.5 hours total. But our server was top notch and helped us take photos (they do not have PhotoPass here). Plus it was the right timing as it was raining outside and we needed to give our feet a break.

After dinner we used the ILL for Seven Dwarfs:

We then rode our latest booked LL for Pooh. We were then able to schedule another LL for Haunted Mansion for 7pm.

We kept walking the loop and rode Peter Pan LL and Haunted Mansion LL. We were then able to schedule another LL for Big Thunder at 7:30pm.

We then rode Big Thunder LL. Scheduled Pirates LL immediately after & hopped on there for a walk on.

Then was able to ride an empty Carpets just as the fireworks were going off. It was magical.

D14 was having ear pain due to the stress/heat/dehydration and couldn’t handle the fireworks sounds, so we walked on to Jungle Cruise while the rest of the fireworks played in the distance & everyone was busy on Main Street. It’s a total different not ride at night!!! More realistic actually. Our skipper River was a hoot!!

Afterwards, we braved the crowds and rushed across Main Street to Tomorrow land Speedway for a last minute LL. Swung up to walk on Dumbo. Rode Teacups and ended with Its a Small World - both walk ons.

By now it was almost 11pm closing. We took a final photo on Main Street:

We rode the ferry to the T&T center and booked at Lyft. Took about 10 minutes for the car to get there (so busy and chaotic with the crowds). It then took almost 30 minutes to get to Cabana Bay.

Great Day! Almost rode everything at MK! As long as you’re diligent with G+, it is possible to do the MK “loop” and ride a lot without waits. We didn’t do a lot of shows, parades, characters because we’ve been several times. So I don’t recommend this for first timers!!


Sounds like you had an amazing day! I am curious if you used an after 1:00 ticket?

Way to go getting almost everything done. Are you sharing your time at UOR too? Thanks for sharinf this report!


I used a regular Magic Kingdom full day ticket. :grin:

Yes, I am doing a full live trip report for my UOR trip as we speak. You should check it out! Search universal trip report and it should pop up.