OBNurseNH's Secret Star Wars Viewing Thread

And I gotta say: SpaceBalls makes so much more sense already





Why is it secret? And why haven’t you watched it until now? I’m so confused!!

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I saw the original 3 (evidently numbers 4,5,6) as a kid but don’t remember them. I have not seen any of the others.

I am a self-avowed non-SW fan.

I am watching in secret to surprise/shock my family when we visit SWGE in June. I will know things they know I don’t know.


I’m impressed you can keep that much movie watching a secret!


So I presume you’ve started with episode 4?! You’ll have to report back on whether you like them more than you thought you would…


I should be able to manage it. My husband has a thing he does every Sunday night, giving me some time then. And with my teen daughter and son caught up in their own selves, and often hanging in their rooms, and with a treadmill in the basement, I should be able to log at least one hour every Sunday.

I have some time coming up when I will be off from work for a few days, but hubby will not and kids will be in school and I should be able to log some time then too. It’s why I’m starting now, though!

I did realize, though, that to cover my tracks I have to mess with my Disney+ profile. Usually everyone uses their own profile to watch their preferred shows, but in case someone logs into mine either on purpose or accidentally, I have had to “start watching” about 6 shows so that it bumps the movie off the screen under the “continue watching” category. I’m not sure if I will have to do this every time or if it will stay “disappeared” but I’ll find out :slight_smile:


I appreciate the amount of planning you’re putting into this effort. Can’t wait to hear about the payoff!


Yes, I have started with the one that I know as Star Wars but which is apparently called A New Hope.

They must have had to change the opening credits with the scrolly bit (a long long time ago in a galaxy far far away - that thing). Or was it known way back in 1970s that this was episode 4?


I hope it’s worth it. LOL

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Yes, episode 4 was the first one that is known as Star Wars. Though now we know it by the episode title, A New Hope.

The look on their faces…it’s going to be SO worth it.

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So did they change that scrolly thing at the start of was it always known as episode 4 and we just didn’t call it that?

I hope I’m not expecting more than it will be.

It was always episode 4. It’s how we knew we were starting in the middle of an ongoing story.


(“we” didn’t know that. ahem, I didn’t know that)

Granted, I was like 6 or something when it came out. And my dad, my uncle, and my boy cousins made me watch it.

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The long scrolly thing is known as the opening crawl. It was always there. The first movie was originally released as just, “Star Wars.” It starts with “A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away…” and the “Star Wars” logo, which recedes to a point, then the long crawl of text starts.

When the next movie came out as “The Empire Strikes Back,” its opening was the same “A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away…” with the same “Star Wars” logo that recedes. Then it says, “Episode V - The Empire Strikes Back,” and begins its long opening crawl. Because of 5’s numbering and subtitle, they changed the opening crawl of 4 (in subsequent editions) to match.

You can find lots of this info on Wikipedia. But, oh, how I remember the WOW of the first time I saw the first movie in full surround sound in a big theater, with comfy seats - and they went to light speed!! I was 21, and DH was just D-fiance. We had to see it again and again, as we initiated our siblings in it. Watching it on a TV just isn’t quite the same. Thanks for the chance to go down memory lane!




i like everything about this.


That much I knew. I just didn’t know if it always said “Episode IV” at the start or if that was magicked in there later.

Thanks for clearing it up! :smiley:

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