Checklist/Tips for securing a Boarding Group for RotR

I’ve organized step by step instructions to help you all secure a boarding group for RotR on your next trip to HS. Based on Liners’ comments and advice, this can be helpful for successfully snagging a BG. Here is an image, and below is a PDF link for better viewing and printing. As always, let me know if something is inaccurate or if anything changes and I will update as needed.

ROTR Boarding Group Checklist.pdf (396.3 KB)

last updated 7-17-2021

  • As of July 2021, Practicing may require an extra click to select your party. If so, it is no longer an exact replication of the actual day you will be attempting.

Very helpful, thank you! Well, my DS, DH, and DSiL thank you.

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It should take about 1 second per page. Aim to have your “Just a Moment” confirmation page by 7:00:03/7:00:04. If you are this quick, you will get a low BG number. Boarding Groups are sometimes gone by 7:00:08.

Here is a Google Drive link to the 6 second real time video:

ETA: This is how it looks if you fail:


Can anyone tell me if I have to make sure my niece is not selected when reserving a boarding group? She is under 3 and therefore not a ticket holder.

Hello! Thanks for doing this! I clicked on your link and got a message saying the file was unavailable. Would love to see it if possible!

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This is great. I was just working up the nerve to start a post asking the best way to do this.:smiley:
So excited to practice.


Just an extra note. You do not need to have a ticket in order to practice.

Also, after your DW trip, please report to: Poll Time! RotR BG Success Rate? and post your results after attempting to get BG’s!


You shouldn’t have to do anything. We have a 2 YO and I didn’t have an issue with the app’s auto-select/her MDE profile/getting the BG.

OK… I tested out the ‘nearby’ ness of getting a BG this morning. I’m w/in a hour of the world and didn’t get one… because at 0700 you have to create your group b4 you can join and while it was just me I still wasn’t quick enough and was told it was full already. I didn’t time it, but some ppl got them …obviously just not me, as usual. So, I canceled my park reservation and could make one for another park.

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Thanks for the update!

I will update the instructions/pdf when I get more info. I will take any info or help from people on the ground. Thanks

So you had the extra step of checking boxes for who was going? My friends group (my family of 4) was auto populated at that step. Wonder why it was different?

It seemed to run just like the earlier version, just a lot earlier and not in the park. The cell phone signal isn’t very strong in my hotel room but I still worried about Disney WiFi. Got through with two bars though so no complaints from me.

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IDK, but it caused the delay that would never allow me to get a BG. I’ll try again another time to see if it was just a fluke.

OP is now updated following the time change and the format is tweaked

After reports of Joining at 6:59:59 and further testing, the OP has been edited.

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So you had the extra step of checking boxes for who was going? My friends group (my family of 4) was auto populated at that step. Wonder why it was different?

I’d love some extra insight on this question. It seems like this may be the determining factor. I’ll never get through if only I am automatically “checked” and the rest of the family has to be selected manually.

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This happens very infrequently. You have nothing to worry about. Just continue through the process of hitting Join without even pausing to see if everyone is selected. After you get a BG and for some reason they are not included, see a CM and they will manually add your party because this would be an error with the Disney app, not your fault.


Thank you! That is very helpful.

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Starting this Sunday Dec 20th, the second VQ drop time will change from 2pm to 1pm.

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