The Genie Thread! All DLR Info Here

This post is intended to contain all key information on Genie, Genie+, Lightning Lane, and Individual Lightning Lane attractions. If you find any errors, have suggestions for additional information to include, or make note of any changes to processes and procedures, reply in the thread below and I will update this lead post.


Genie is a free plug-in to the Disneyland app that allows you to build an itinerary in advance and adjust your plans as you go. Genie offers suggestions for attractions or meals as your day progresses, which you can add to your itinerary or ignore.

Lightning Lane

Lightning Lane (LL) is a special entrance for those who have paid for / received the privilege (more on how below) that bypasses the standby queue and requires only a short wait to board the ride. Most Lightning Lane queues join the standby queue before any pre-shows; however, some elements of the queue may be bypassed.


Genie+ costs $25 per person per day in advance, or variable pricing day of (starting at $25 but more on high demand days), and allows each guest to make a limited number of reservations to use the Lightning Lane on select attractions. Unlike WDW, the purchase of Genie+ at DLR includes PhotoPass for the day. Below is the list of eligible attractions for each park:


  • Autopia
  • Big Thunder Mountain Railroad
  • Buzz Lightyear Astro Blasters
  • Haunted Mansion
  • Indiana Jones Adventure
  • it’s a small world
  • Matterhorn Bobsleds
  • Millennium Falcon: Smugglers Run
  • Roger Rabbit’s Car Toon Spin
  • Space Mountain
  • Splash Mountain
  • Star Tours: The Adventures Continue


  • Goofy’s Sky School
  • Grizzly River Run
  • Guardians of the Galaxy - Mission: BREAKOUT!
  • Incredicoaster
  • Monsters, Inc. Mike & Sulley to the Rescue!
  • Soarin’ Around the World
  • Toy Story Midway Mania!
  • WEB SLINGERS: A Spider-Man Adventure


  1. Advance Purchase Guests may purchase Genie+ in advance for the duration of your ticket - no selecting specific days allowed. Magic Key holders cannot purchase Genie+ in advance.
  2. Day-of Purchase Alternatively, guests may purchase Genie+ day-by-day upon scanning into the park. When purchasing day of, you are not required to purchase for all days, but you can only buy one day at at time. Magic Key holders receive a 20% discount on the purchase of Genie+.
  3. First LL Reservation All guests may apply for your first LL reservation upon scanning into a park on the day of your visit.
  4. Return Time The 1-hour return window assigned for your LL reservation will be the next available time (similar to old Fastpass / Maxpass); you may not select a later time. LL reservations are distributed sequentially until all times are gone.
  5. Additional LL Reservations A guest may apply for additional LLs at the earliest of:
    a) Once you tap in (at the first tap point, if applicable) at your most recently booked LL attraction
    b) The end time of the return window (excluding the grace period) of your most recently booked LL attraction
    c) Two hours after you obtain your most recent LL
  6. Limitation on Stacking You can only receive a new LL reservation upon tapping in for your most recently booked LL. See this post for an example.
  7. Park Hopping If you plan to hop, you may apply for a LL reservation at the other park, but you are limited to return windows after 1pm (all regular hopping rules still apply).
  8. Attraction Repeats You may NOT receive a repeat LL reservation for any attraction within the same day. (There is no limitation on re-riding using the standby line.)
  9. No Show If you do not tap in for your LL reservation (no show), it is considered used once the return window closes and you CANNOT get a repeat LL reservation for that attraction.
  10. Cancelling a Reservation You may cancel a LL reservation obtained through Genie+ (not the case with ILL - see below). You CANNOT currently “modify” a LL reservation time. Cancelling your most recently booked LL resets your 2-hour clock.
  11. Limits per Day Other than the above, there is no hard limit on the number of LL reservations you can get in a single day, other than the # of attractions in the park (if not hopping) and the constraints of time and subject to availability.
  12. Grace Period Return times are enforced similar to MaxPass: 5 minutes before and 15 minutes after the 1-hour window are generally ok; any time before or after the grace period is subject to CM approval. WARNING: There have been some reports of the grace period not being honored. Be prepared to be rejected if you are late for your LL window.
  13. Attraction Closed If an attraction is temporarily closed during your window, the return time for your LL will generally be extended to the end of the day and may be valid for multiple attractions.
  14. Overlapping Reservations If you attempt to book LL and/or ILL reservations that overlap or conflict with each other or with dining or other plans, the App may give you a warning, but not prevent you from proceeding. (Limitations on conflicting dining reservations still apply.)


  1. Stacking Reservations You may hold multiple LLs at a time. For example, you could obtain one LL reservation at 9am with a 4pm return time, another at 11am with a 5pm return time, and another at 1pm with a 6pm return time (all subject to availability of those attractions and return times). See graphic illustrating this concept at this post. However, note the limitation on stacking in Rule 6 above.
  2. Lapsed Reservation You can reserve a new LL when the return window closes for a previous LL reservation (ie, it is considered “used”), but you can still use the lapsed LL in the 15-minute grace period.
  3. Refresh Method Genie+ will often show you more availability if you continue to refresh the app while looking for availability for a specific attraction, as demonstrated in this post.
  4. Drop Times Additional LL capacity may be added throughout the day at set “drop times.” However, there is currently no accumulated information on drop time patterns at DLR.
  5. Order of Priority Generally the order of priority for LL attractions at each park is as follows:
  • DL: IJ > Space > HM * > MFSR > Splash * > Matterhorn > ST > BTMRR > iasw * > other
  • DCA: WS > Gotg * > TSMM > Soarin > Incredicoaster > GRR * > Monsters > Goofy
    *Priority may vary due to heat/weather (Splash, GRR) or holiday overlay (HM, iasw, GotG).

Individual Lightning Lane

Separate from Genie+, Individual Lightning Lane (ILL) selections can be purchased through the App for a variable amount (plus tax) for the attractions listed below. Observed prices so far are included in parentheses - these are subject to change daily and are expected to increase with crowd levels. Disney has said that $7 is the minimum and $20 is currently the maximum, though this is also likely to change eventually with inflation or other adjustments.


  • Rise of the Resistance ($20)


  • Radiator Springs Racers ($7-12)


  1. Genie+ vs ILL You DO NOT have to purchase Genie+ to purchase ILL selections (but you may use both services).
  2. Limits per Day Guests are limited to 2 ILL purchases per day (across both parks).
  3. Duplicates Guests may NOT select the same attraction for both of their ILL selections.
  4. No Minimum Guests may purchase only one ILL in a day (not required to purchase two).
  5. Eligibility All guests may purchase both of their ILL selections for either of the two attractions upon scanning into either park.
  6. Return Time The 1-hour return window assigned for your ILL reservation will be the next available time (similar to Maxpass); you may NOT select a later time. ILL reservations are distributed sequentially until all times are gone. (This is different from WDW, where you can select your return time.)
  7. Park Hopping If you plan to hop, you may purchase an ILL at the other park(s), but you are limited to return windows after 1pm (all regular hopping rules still apply).
  8. Cancellations There are no cancellations, modifications, or refunds allowed with ILL purchases
  9. Attraction Closed If the attraction is closed during your return window, your return time will generally be extended to the end of the day.
  10. Refunds If the attraction remains closed throughout the day, you may receive an automatic refund, or be able to obtain a refund or gift card with value equivalent to your purchase from Guest Services. Any other refund requests are subject to approval by Guest Services.
  11. Grace Period Return times are enforced similar to Maxpass: 5 minutes before and 15 minutes after the 1-hour window are generally ok; any time before or after the grace period is subject to CM approval.


  1. High Demand ILL Rise of the Resistance is by far the most popular ILL and will often sell out early; however, keep an eye out for additional reservation times that often pop up at random times throughout the day.
  2. Cost-Benefit Be mindful of the wait times for the attractions. You may not need to purchase an ILL if the standby wait time is acceptable to you, particularly at rope drop or park close.

Virtual Queue

Virtual Queue (boarding groups) are not currently used, but are have been used at RotR, IJ and Webslingers, and may be used in the future at new or popular attractions. For more information on joining a virtual queue, see this thread.


  1. VQ + ILL You CAN apply for a Boarding Group and ALSO purchase an ILL, if available. In this way you can ride twice without waiting standby. (However, with ILL, you skip the ~30-minute wait that those using the Virtual Queue typically wait in.)

Rider Swap (RS)

Rider Swap Genie+, ILL, and Virtual Queue can be used with Rider Swap (which is also available for Standby riders - continue reading below). To skip the Standby line, all riders must have a LL reservation (or Boarding Group, if applicable). Non-riders (i.e., children under the height requirement) do not need a LL reservation.

After reporting to the LL, a CM will scan all LL reservations and assign a RS pass to Group 2 riders (1 adult waiting with non-riding child(ren) plus one repeat rider). Group 1 riders will enter the LL immediately. Group 2 will return to the LL after Group 1 rides. One rider is able to ride twice (once in the first group, once with the waiting adult). The RS pass does not need to be redeemed immediately, but each guest can only have one RS pass at a time (two adults and respective repeat riders in a party CAN have a RS pass for separate attractions but the RS holders may not overlap).

Using Rider Swap without a LL reservation / Boarding Group works the same way, except Group 1 must wait in the Standby line rather than using the LL. Group 2 returns to the LL. No one needs a LL reservation or BG if Group 1 intends to wait Standby. Instead, everyone gets in the Standby line and at a certain point, a CM will assign a RS pass to the Group 2 riders, at which point Group 2 and any non-riders may exit the queue. In many cases, you can send runners up to the CM checkpoint to get admission scanned while the rest of the party waits in line to save time.

Disability Access Service (DAS)

DAS is compatible with both Genie+ and ILL. Guests may use all three systems together or separately. See this post for further information.

Helpful Blog Posts:

Last Updated: October 11, 2022


Wow, nice job being on top of things!! :partying_face::partying_face:


Here’s a list comparing Genie / G+ at WDW vs DLR

Walt Disney World Disneyland
Genie+ Price $15/person/day $20/person/day
Individual Lightning Lane Price $7 to $15 $7 to $20
Individual Lightning Lane Return Times User-selected window Next available
Genie+ Lightning Lane Return Times Next available Next available
Genie+ Initial Attraction Selection Time 7am Upon entering theme park
Audio Tales Included with Genie+ Included with Genie+
PhotoPass downloads NOT Included with Genie+ Included with Genie+
PhotoPass AR Lenses Included with Genie+ NOT Included with Genie+
Participating Lightning Lane attractions 47 19
Individual Lightning Lane attractions 8 3
Individual Lightning Lane Attraction Limit 2 per day 2 per day
“120-Minute Rule” Yes Yes
Genie+ “Stacking” Yes Yes
Complimentary Disney Genie Offering Yes Yes
Lightning Lane Re-Ride? No No

(source: BlogMickey)


Thanks! I just updated the lead post and have two questions to verify so far:

  1. Can you book a LL and/or ILL in the other park immediately upon scanning in?
  2. Are you limited to 2 ILLs per day? EDIT: nevermind, I’ve seen this one confirmed in multiple places.

Those sneaky-ass mofos.


Don’t forget the holiday overlay for iasw. :christmas_tree:

But more importantly, thank you very much for doing this!


Good catch! Thanks.

Also need to find out if they will charge tax like they do in WDW.

I don’t think there will be tax. Regular tickets/APs at WDW have tax added on but not at DL.

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Wow @Jeff_AZ thank you!


Local CA govts being the only ones that don’t get a cut of our vacation dollar in this whole Genie situation would be the ultimate irony.


Correct. No tax for this in CA.


No, no tax on Genie+ or the ILL purchases, because California has no sales tax on theme park admissions.


WDW Genie costs are plus tax, or $15.98 total. No tax in California on theme park admissions, so DL gets a flat $20.

Thanks for sharing that comparison chart.


So this gives another big reason to rope drop, right? What time have the turnstiles been opening lately?


Just a catch on the “stacking”. Can’t do that at DLR until you are scanned into the park so the “arriving late” stacking does not apply. Thank you for all of the info!!!

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Thanks! I will edit that to match.


I would love to know for those of us who already have tickets/reservations, is there anyway to buy GENIE+ for all days in advance? I heard that was a concern. Or will we all be doing it upon scanning in at the parks every day?

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It sounds like yes, it will be possible to do this, but not on December 8th. Only after. I will post if I hear more details on that though.


I feel very out of the loop. Did they announce the date for Genie+ at DLR? When is it?