RotR Disneyland Edition!

How to Ride Rise of the Resistance at Disneyland

This post is a one stop shop for information on riding RotR via boarding groups. If you have any info to add or a question you would like answered in this lead post, please respond below.

TLDR: Arrive at Main Entrance 60 minutes prior to published park opening (arrive at Toy Story parking lot 30-60 min before that). Obtain a boarding group via DL App as soon as your entire party is through turnstiles, or when issuance begins (typically published park opening). Report to queue within 2 hours of your BG being called.

Boarding Group Basics

  • BGs utilized as the line for RotR - NO STANDY
  • BG not necessary to gain entry to the rest of SWGE / MFSR
  • BG may be obtained via DL App home screen at published park opening once guests have scanned into the turnstiles of DL
  • No ability to obtain BG prior to scanning in or on behalf of other guests in party who have not scanned into DL that day (scanning into DCA is NOT sufficient)
  • You do NOT need to purchase MaxPass to use the App
  • Paper BG machines are also available if you have no phone (NOT recommended)
  • App gives an indication of approximate timing for BG return (e.g., morning, afternoon, evening)
  • Once called (via push notification), App tells you how long you have to report to RotR queue and scan in (typically 2 hours but can be 1 or 3 hours depending on operations)
  • Your admission (mobile or paper/plastic) is linked to your BG; will be scanned for entry to queue similar to FP
  • After scanning in, there is a short wait (15-30 min in morning, up to 1 hour later) prior to pre-show
  • Guests with a BG may leave DL as long as they return and report to queue within 2 hours of BG being called
  • Guests are currently limited to one BG per day
  • BG system is completely separate from and does not affect ability to obtain or use MaxPass / FP
  • Guests have reported being able to leave the park and apply for a BG outside of DL (including within DCA) as long as they have scanned in to DL that day (not recommended in case CM assistance is needed)

BG Tips and Tricks:

  • See this post for step-by-step BG instructions with screenshots of the App.
  • Users have reported faster refresh if they press “My Status” rather than “Join Boarding Group”
  • Log in with the same credentials (or linked profiles) on multiple phones (some on WiFi and others using cell service if possible) and attempt to get a BG right at published park opening; first user to get in obtains a BG for all members of the party
  • Consider having a third party book your BG for you remotely once you have scanned into the park (i.e., from a computer or via App at home) by logging in to a linked profile. Both you and the third party can make simultaneous attempts without interference.
  • If you do not have a cell phone or if App is not working properly, paper BG machines are available but NOT recommended. Keep any stubs and approach guest services if there are issues.
  • Do not rely on push notification as it may not be timely - check App periodically
  • Try applying for another BG after scanning into the queue just in case Disney changes their 1-per-day policy
  • In the first few minutes the VQ is open, it is not clear that BG issuance is sequential. Due to the volume and likely multiple servers simultaneously processing requests, the BG you are issued may seem random in comparison to other guests who access at essentially the same time.
  • Speak with a CM if you don’t think you will be able to make your window; guests have reported being permitted to return outside their window

Special circumstances

  • Single Riders: It is not expected that there will be a single rider line for RotR; single riders are identified in the interrogation area
  • MaxPass/FP: Will be available eventually, but no date has been announced
  • Accessibility: All riders need a BG. Entire queue is wheelchair accessible - two steps transfer to ride vehicle; if not able, guest may experience pre-show up to hangar but will have to exit prior to boarding main ride vehicle.
  • DAS: All riders need a BG. Approach CM to skip line and proceed directly to transport.
  • Rider swap: All riders need a BG (none needed for non-riders); report to CM to obtain a FP for 2nd group to skip line and proceed directly to transport. Min height: 40”
  • Motion sickness: There are two short sections of the ride with motion simulators and one 20 foot drop; riders sensitive to motion sickness report that RotR is very mild compared to ST, GotG, etc.
  • Weight Limitations: Lap belt rather than bar in ride vehicle; similar to IJ - no issues noted

Other Information

  • ADRs: ADR to Oga’s is NOT acceptable to gain entry to RotR or necessary to access SWGE
  • Magic Morning: Disney has announced RotR will not be available during MM. Expect App to start issuing BGs at published general park opening. This post will be updated after first MM with any tips.
  • Breakdowns: If ride breaks down, riders who are evacuated are issued a paper FP (good for only RotR) which allows guest to skip line and report directly to transport; if guest is in line during breakdown, App issues them a digital multi-experience FP which is good for any ride, including RotR, but does not allow the guest to skip the RotR line (similar status as BG)
  • If initial BG is not called by end of day, WDW has been issuing next-day FP and 1-day PH ticket exp 2030; this post will be updated for DL procedure once observed.
  • After initial BGs are distributed, App begins issuing “Backup Boarding Groups” above a specified number that are not guaranteed to ride and will only be called if all initial BGs are called before the end of the day and there is additional capacity. No compensation is given if Backup BG is not called.
  • Guests who have been issued paper or digital FP have often been permitted to use the following day.
  • Link to WDW RotR thread for additional info and first-hand experiences
  • Link to RotR Boarding Group thread for DL and WDW for data compiled by Steve Bloom with TP
  • Link to daily RotR Boarding Group Data for DL and WDW collected by Thrill Data

Key Stats

Date Park Open Actual (Official) BGs Run Out Initial/Backup Backup BG Threshold Highest BG Called
Fri 1/17/20 5:45am (8am) 8:02/8:10 82 114
Sat 1/18/20 7:30am (8am) 8:01/8:03 75 117
Sun 1/19/20 7:11am (8am) 8:00/8:01 82 81
Mon 1/20/20 7:22am (8am) 8:01/8:01 80 105
Tues 1/21/20 8:20am (EE8am/9am) 9:01/9:01 72 111
Wed 1/22/20 8:11am (9am) 9:01/9:50 71 90
Thurs 1/23/20 8:20am (EE8am/9am) 9:01/9:05 80 115
Fri 1/24/20 7:30am (8am) 8:00/8:44 81 112
Sat 1/25/20 7:30am (8am) 8:02/8:05 83 106
Sun 1/26/20 7:40am (8am) 8:00/8:20 81 106
Mon 1/27/20 8:30am (9am) 9:00/9:10 72 122
Tues 1/28/20 8:30am (9am) 9:01/9:01 81 115
Wed 1/29/20 7:30am (8am) 8:00/9:09 42 112
Thurs 1/30/20 8:30am (9am) 9:01/9:06 72 96
Fri 1/31/20 7:40am (8am) 8:01/8:34 82 110
Sat 2/1/20 7:30am (8am) 8:00/8:01 82 141
Sun 2/2/20 7:30am (8am) 8:00/8:12 82 112
Mon 2/3/20 8:30am (9am) 9:00/9:07 72 126
Tues 2/4/20 8:30am (EE8am/9am) 9:00/9:02 72 106
Wed 2/5/20 8:30am (9am) 9:00/9:25 72 94

Note: I will no longer be updating this table going forward. See this link for additional data prepared by Steve Bloom of Touring Plans.


Thanks for starting this. I’ll be anxiously following as we’ll be going in April right after Easter.


Any tips on how early to arrive for opening day?


It’s anyone’s guess but I’d recommend arriving 2 hours early if you want to guarantee you’ll be in the park when boarding groups open up, assuming procedure is the same as WDW.

In Florida, people were showing up before midnight for opening day, but the opening procedure was different so the first people in got immediate access to apply for a boarding group. All indications are that they will open boarding groups at Disneyland after most or all of the initial crowd is already in the park, removing the benefit of arriving super early.


Thank you for your dedication and service here!


Thank you!

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I’ve been following your WDW thread on this! Thank you for crunching the numbers for us. I am hoping to go to the Park on Sunday, January 19th, but won’t be there for rope drop. I’m not counting on riding but will give it a shot. I’ll be back the following Sunday with my daughter and we’ll be there for rope drop and am counting on getting on the ride that day. Fingers crossed!


Here is a bit of the PR Disney sent out to Travel Agents. It sounds like Disneyland’s virtual queue will work the same as it does in Florida.
Disney Travel Agents.pdf (541.8 KB)


Thanks Steve. Anyone have any guesses, insight, or WDW reports on how this works with early entry?

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My guess is that they will not open the BGs until the general park opening time. They will likely let day guests into Main Street half an hour before official park opening but hold them at the hub unless they have early entry privileges (I think they have a way to do that at DLR? Can’t remember.)


This is what I just read about Magic Mornings at DLR in the Orange County Register:

Disneyland offers Extra Magic Hour and Magical Morning early admissions on Jan. 18, 21 and 23 which will swing the gates open an hour early for select visitors. The Rise of the Resistance virtual queue will not be open at Disneyland during Extra Magic Hour and Magical Morning early admissions. (my emphasis)

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So, while the BGs won’t start until 8am (according to Steve’s travel agent info sheet), am I correct in thinking that the benefit of arriving 2 hours early lies in the fact that it might take that long to even get INTO the park by 8am (parking lines, security lines, tram lines, entrance gate lines)? I’m debating trying to get in on Sunday, but the earliest I could get to a parking structure is by 6:30 or 7am, which might be futile. We’ll see. Luckily I live about 40 minutes away, so there’s no rush to go this weekend. I’m looking forward to seeing how it goes on Friday and Saturday and then I’ll make a decision about Sunday.

I would keep an eye on things this Friday and Saturday before committing to arriving any earlier than 2 hours before park opening. I think you will probably be fine arriving 1 hour before park opening - it doesn’t usually take that long to let everyone into the park on a normal operating day. After things die down, I’d recommend arriving only 30 min or so before park opening.

Opening day is a different story because there will be fanatics camped out and clogging parking, security, and entry. So opening day I’d recommend arriving at least 2 hours early.

I am also considering going on Sunday but I’m flying in that morning so for sure won’t be there until 9:30 AM at the earliest. I’m not counting on riding the ride that day, but will give it a shot. We’ll be back the following Sunday and getting there early. I guess I’ll know based on how Saturday goes if I have any hope. But Star Wars was built on Hope, so I’m keeping my fingers crossed and my spirits up! I’m considering some Disney-bounding Star Wars style …


Great input as always, Jeff. Thanks!

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Good luck Julianne! I look forward to hearing how it goes for you. My big challenge is when to bring my husband. He’s not a rope dropper and can only go on weekends, so we’ll have to wait until the hype has died down on RoR enough that we can get a reasonable BG time (say, before 7pm) if we walk in the gates at 9:30am on a weekend (I’m already shaking my head at the stark improbability of this). Indy is going down for a lengthy refurb soon, and its his fave must-do ride, so I’m thinking we just wait until Indy is back up, whenever that is. We shall see…

I have updated the lead post of this thread with all the essential information that was gleaned from Liner experiences at WDW. I recommending arrival 2 hours before park opening for January 17th because who knows what will happen, but hopefully after that 30-60 minutes will be ok.

Two more days and we’ll start getting data from Disneyland! Good luck, Liners!


Thank you @Jeff_AZ! I will be there as early as they open security on Friday morning . I noticed the Disneyland App needed an update the last I logged in so those going might want to check that before entering the park.


Have fun Debbie! I am looking forward to seeing you on the 25th.