Step by Step BG Instructions

See this post for a comprehensive guide to the Boarding Group system for RotR. Below is a step-by-step guide to getting a BG with screenshots.

Liners have reported great success in using the following procedure to obtaining a Boarding Group for Rise of the Resistance. This is for Disneyland but it works identically at HS in WDW as well

Step 1: Enter the park through the turnstiles prior to published park opening. Make sure your admission is scanned (not just waved through by CM).

Step 2: Once in the park, close out and restart your app (in iPhone, swipe up to force close). This will ensure that your App recognizes you as having entered the park by fetching your status from the server rather than relying on the cached data which may indicate that you still haven’t entered.

Step 3: About 5 minutes prior to published park opening, launch the app and select “Find out More” from the Home Screen.

Step 4: Synchronize your time to to make sure you are ready right on time.

Step 5: Wait for 8:00:00am (or whatever the park opening is) and if “Join Boarding Group” is orange (meaning active), click it! If it is not active, select “My Status”. My Status fetches data from the server so the app will be ready to issue a BG right when the virtual queue opens. “Join Boarding Group” appears to refresh periodically rather than on demand, so can be delayed.

Step 6: Select “Join Boarding Group” from this page if the button active (dark blue outline). If it is grayed out, click the back button in the upper left hand corner. If the button is still not active in the previous screen, click My Status again. If the button is still not active, refresh by pulling down the screen. If this doesn’t work, force shut the app and try again.

Step 7: At this point the app will ask you for your party, etc. It is recommended that you unlink tickets that aren’t going to be used so you don’t have to waste time unchecking tickets. If you have someone selected who is not in the park, the app will make you unselect them.

Step 8: If the app does not recognize a member of your party as being in the park, get a BG for everyone else in your party and then approach guest services for assistance adding the other person to your party. You will be much more successful getting someone added to an existing BG than trying to get your entire party into a BG once they’re all distributed for the day.

Special thanks to @Incredible_Family and other Liners on Chat for these tips!


Tagging @Grumpy_in_Tejas to note the tips of RotR in DLR!

and thanks so much again @Jeff_AZ – I’m also tracking for Feb in WDW


Thanks for posting

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Thanks for posting and thanks @DumboRunner for tagging me.
56 days to DLR!


What about WIFI vs LTE vs 3G? There seemed to have been a lot of discussion about this, no?

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Step 6 is where it varies based on personal preference.

Some just swipe down on the screen to try and refresh the page status, and some others hit the back button to go to the previous screen in step 5…they cycle back and forth between the two screens.

Both ways work…This is the way.

The thing to be careful of on the “my status” page (step 6) is the button does not turn red like on the previous page (step 5). I believe it turns from the grayish outline to a light blue outline. That is sometimes hard to recognize when you are stressing about reserving that boarding group.

I have found that if you look at the + in the top right corner, it I’ll be easier to see the color change from grey to blue.

As for wifi versus cell data, some find it quicker to go through cell data than wifi. They feel there are less people bogging down the network that way…and their phones are more responsive.


I have more tips and tricks on the RotR main thread. The best thing to do is have each member of your party logged in on the same credentials on a mix of both WiFi and cellular and all simultaneously try to get a BG.


So by credentials, you mean all log in under the same person? I was thinking my husband log in as him, my son as him and I as myself. Are u saying everyone log in as me?

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If you all already have log ins that are connected, you should be fine logging in as yourselves to get a BG for the group. However, MiceChat (fan site) has reported that you shouldn’t try logging in under multiple linked accounts at Disneyland because supposedly the system will cause you to lock each other out and each individual will get a different BG. However, I haven’t seen confirmation from an actual person that this causes problems (at WDW many people have done this and it works great). If you’re going to go this route, I recommend trying to get a Fastpass from each account (maybe even simultaneously) first to make sure each account is functioning. In theory it’s the same process.

If you don’t already have multiple accounts, and/or to avoid potential IT issues that come with linking accounts, you can all log in under the same account and this has been proven to work by multiple groups at both WDW and DLR.


Good to know! Thanks! I may have my husband log in as me as well and see who gets it first.


I just reread their article and I think what they are saying is that you shouldn’t have each individual get their own BG. Because yes, obviously you’d likely get different BGs. They probably need to say this at DL because their readers are mostly annual passholders who go with friends, each with their own login that likely isn’t linked to their friends. So I don’t think their advice contradicts ours (to have multiple linked or same credential devices attempt simultaneously.

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So it’s still good advice for each parent to be logged in on their OWN MDE account, but linked to each other (and each linked to the same kids), and for both of them to be trying from their own MDE? ETA: I am talking about WDW, not Disneyland.

Yes, all reports I have heard confirm that if multiple people are logged into their own accounts, they can secure a BG for themselves as well as anyone else in their party whose ticket is linked to their account. Only the first person to get through will be issued a BG for their group - the person who gets through second will not interfere with the first; they will just be prevented from getting a second BG.

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Thank you so much for posting!

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I’m going to make this very basic to clarify and make sure I understand it properly (either I’m slow or this is sort of hard to explain in writing).

I have a mde account and 3 people linked who don’t have a mde account (max, Jess, tricia).

Im going to have those 3 all install mde on their phones and login with my credentials.

When the clock hits, all 4 of us will try to reserve for all.

That should work, right?

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Yes that’s exactly right. Good luck!

Thanks jeff

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WDW liners in chat reporting 1 hour BG and the CM strictly adhering to these times. Can anyone confirm this is the case in either park? Some confusion on whether it is early morning and night BGs only. It wasn’t long ago I read that the two hour window was very lax and if you had a conflict you could come back whenever. Stressing a little on our upcoming trip’s plans.

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That’s interesting - I hadn’t heard that yet but it could be true. I would check with the CM the day you are there. At Disneyland this shouldn’t be a problem but at WDW it could be quite the hassle. In the past they have been helpful in moving your other reservations and FPP to accomodate your BG time, so RotR should be your priority.

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is there a way to sync my iphone 8plus with in step 4 or does this just mean check and acknowledge the number of seconds difference between the two? Also how do I get the seconds to show up in the clock at the top of my screen?