We Don't Talk About Nomad

Inspired by @GreyingMouser 's thread here, and my earlier low-effort contribution here (no real attempt at rhyming), I give you this:

We Don’t Talk About Nomad

(an ode to Liners, @OBNurseNH, her favorite park, lounge, and rock, with apologies to LMM)


We don’t talk about Nomad, no, no, no!
We don’t talk about Nomad… but

It was my AK day
It was our AK day
We were getting ready, and it wasn’t a crowd level five
No crowd levels above five

Bloggers chime in, adding frivolous spin-
“You getting these clicks, or am I?”
I’m sorry, mi vida, go on

Bloggers hype Nomad again
Why did they tell all?
In doing so, Liners complain
Just send folks to Cinderella’s
Would rather it stay arcane
What a grievous day… but anyway

We don’t talk about Nomad, no, no, no!
We don’t talk about Nomad!

Hey! Grew to live in fear of Nomad masses, crowds assembling
Without Tiffins ADRs they’re sort of scrambling and fumbling
Sometimes I wish I could tell them to go pound sand, ch-ch-ch
It’s caused a mighty rift, with bloggers so bumbling
Always left me and all the Liners grumbling
Babbling a Sacred Space they couldn’t understand
Do you understand?

Tree’s why I came
Now, I need a snack
Cocktail with my name
Always brings me back
Here I watch the streams
And rest in sunbeams (hey!)

We don’t talk about Nomad, no, no, no! (We don’t talk about Nomad, no, no, no!)
We don’t talk about Nomad (we don’t talk about Nomad!)

They told me this would blow by
The next day: dread! (No, no!)
They told me I’m a Jafar nut
Just a rock they said… (no, no!)
They said that all these lines would disappear, but now I’m afraid (no, no! Hey!)
Its fate is sealed when the Sacred Space is spread!

They told me that the lounge of my dreams would be reserved, and always be mine
Please hold me, now my hopes have been dashed, like the grapes were crushed for my wine
(Óye, Nomad baby’s on its way)

They told me that the Space of my dreams would be just out of reach
Roped off to all other
It’s like I fear it now
Hey miss, I want not a sound out of you (it’s like I can fear it now)
I can fear it now

Um, Nomad…
Yeah, about that Nomad…
I really don’t know about Nomad…
Stymie the truth and the whole truth, Nomad

(Nomad baby, your birth time’s here)
Rope-drop winner?

Tree’s why I came (it was my AK day, it was our AK day)
Now, I need a snack (we were getting ready)
Cocktail with my name (and wasn’t a crowd level five)
Always brings me back (no crowd levels above five!)

Here I watch the streams (Bloggers chime in, adding frivolous spin-)
And rest in sunbeams (Twitter!)
“You getting these clicks, or am I?”
I’m sorry, mi vida, go on (Óye, Nomad baby’s seen the day)

Bloggers hype Nomad again (Tree’s why I came, but now, need a snack)
In doing so, Liners complain
Would rather it stay arcane
It’s here!

Don’t talk about Nomad, no! (Why did I talk about Nomad?)
Not a word about Nomad
I never should’ve brought up Nomad!

In case you’ve been living under a rock and haven’t heard the song by now, here it is for reference and following along:



Sacred Spaces:

“Nomad baby”:



I love every bit of it (even the Jafar part, and especially the drink with my name part)!!


Amazing!! Haha. Great job!


This :clap:t2: Is :clap:t2: Fantastic :clap:t2::clap:t2::clap:t2:


Thanks! I was wondering what your reaction would be - could be this, or what happens if someone posts a shirtless dude image. :grin:

I was trying to work in inside jokes/memes that regular Liners would appreciate. The ones above all happened to fit a theme.

Funny thing is, I’ve never had a chance to go to Nomad or Tiffins (family wasn’t interested on our AK days). Some day!



OMG after this, should our paths cross while in the World we are going and I am buying you a drink!


This was fantastic! What a labor of love in honor of our voice of reason and her sacred space. :heart:


Deal! :cocktail: Let’s just hope when that day comes… there aren’t any lines.


Heh, tried to work that in, but didn’t quite fit. Good thing we still have lots of other material to work with :wink:

Haha, it was partly because my kids were making up their own interpretive dance last night, and had the song pretty much on a loop.

Our family likes to parody a few lines to songs here and there for fun, so thought I’d try the challenge of tackling an entire song.

New-found respect for folks like the Holderness family and Weird Al.


I love creativity like this! Well done!


We just tell em who’s here and they’ll let us in


Do you watch The Amazing Race? The Holderness mom and dad are on this season!


I love them!

Eta: I noticed he had Kim tattooed on his ring finger. I did NOT take him as a tattoo my partner’s name on my body kind of person.


And the Holderness Family does weekly recap blogs about that week’s race. I like to watch the blog on Thursday, then watch the TAR episode on CBS website. Their blog is like a tour guide to each episode.


Thanks - interesting to see which lines resonated with folks, or made you literally LOL. I certainly had more fun with certain verses versus (:wink:) others.

E.g. in an earlier edit I had “@BGK’s on his way” as a nod to:

But then I remembered @JordanRunner 's mention of a birth in AK, and as it happens, right near Nomad. Even better!


Aha, like Mirabel, maybe I’ve found my forum Liner gift?

I mean, some people are good at embedding healthcare companion robots in other people’s trip reports, some can make cool T-shirts and merch, you have a degree in @Jeff_AZ heart-o-logy (and maybe cartography), we have our own trusted resident “napkin epidemiologist”/fact checker, @mousematt (he’s in a category of his own, 'nuff said) …


Nope, but will have to check it out; thanks for the tip.

Haha, did not know that either - but found this:


I just love them! They are so cute.

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At first I thought they were making home videos, and just got better as they became famous - but turns out they both started out in the TV show biz.

Maybe some day you might bump into them locally :grin: - their website says they live in Raleigh, NC.