New WDW TV commercial?

Maybe in the spirit of tightening our waistlines maybe Chapek could sing and dance about the underwhelming breakfast options and lack of PPO:

“We don’t talk about breakfast, no no no”



Ale & Compass is my latest breakfast recommendation.

Practically a PPO if you time it right (for EP)

And very affordable. Sis and I were outta there for roughly $30 which by Disney standards is pennies. You can pay that much at many of the resort QS for a much less delicious breakfast.

But don’t tell anyone you heard it from me.


well I guess that’s kinda PPO-adjacent :thinking: and definitely an Awesome price :star_struck:

Don’t worry - your secret is safe with me

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If it were anyone else I’d worry. But trusty Canadians are trusty.


only because we can’t be bothered to gossip… we’d have to constantly shout over our snowblowers


However you make it happen.

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I’ve been intrigued lately about A&C. Especially trying to think of ways to rope drop EP from IG. :thinking:

@mousematt ’s breakfast at Tratt looked good and reasonably affordable too

Mirabel: so… uh, Mr. Chapek is it true I can get into a park before it opens using an ADR?

Chapek: We don’t talk about breakfast, no no no
D’Amaro: We don’t talk about breakfast… but

Chapek: If it’s your EPCOT day,
D’Amaro Your little EPCOT day,
You want to eat before Soarin’ makes you fly,
Oh Soarin’ makes you fly,
You just wanna chill, PPO Garden Grill
Not open!!
D’Amaro you tellin’ this story, or am I ?
I’m sorry, boss man, go on


:rofl: Dang it, I was just having a quick peak at the forum before bed, now I have to go to bed with this song in my head all night.


Hahaha perfect

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