Art Department - Frequently Asked Questions

Well hello there! Please forgive the less-than-eloquent FAQs at the moment, they’re a work in progress.

Ok, so this is a FAQ area for the newly minted Art Department, so let’s get started!

  • What exactly is this?
    This forum area is born from the desire that the TP community would like to own some touringplans merch, but the staff is a little busy to create new designs. As such, they have graciously allowed us the freedom to come up with some designs which they will then put into their online store for sale. This is the area where folks of the touringplans community can create and show their work for the possible new TP merchandise to be sold.

  • Who can create designs?
    Everyone. Even you. Especially you. And there’s nothing special you really need to do in order to participate. Just make sure that you adhere to templates and guidelines in order to make sure things can be put up. (links and/or more information on them are coming)

  • Where is the merch being sold?

  • So anything we create gets put up?
    No, not quite. Final say will be up to @Len and the rest of the TP Staff. If they don’t like a design, they don’t put it up, easy peasy. Additionally, there’ll need to be content guidelines we adhere to when creating something.
    Zazzle’s design guides: (tl;dr, keep your stuff at 300dpi in RGB and make it as big you can)

  • How’s the whole process work
    The idea is we’ll create designs, post them, get feed back in this forum, and then the finals will then be sent off to the staff to post in the store.
    But, truth be told, everything is still being worked on in detail. This is all very new right now. There’ll be some trial and error as we find our footing.

  • Are you, @Randall1028 in charge?
    Goodness no! I’m just a participate like you. My biggest contribution is just asking the mods to kindly give us some forum space so we can workshop our designs. Update: looks like I’ve been voluntold that I’m now in charge so… uh, I’m a fair but firm dictator. :wink:

  • If you’re not in charge, why are you writing the FAQs?
    Don’t mumble, it’s rude.

  • I can’t draw, now what?
    That’s fine! Designing merch is more than drawing. Many designs can be created without ever drawing a single line.

  • I don’t have any drawing software, can I still participate?
    Looks like Zazzle’s thought of that and there’s a designer tool that they have on their site. Still trying to figure out how everything is going to mesh, but you can at least test out some of your designs here.
    Zazzle Design Tool: Select the product you want to design for and go go go! Visit the Assets and Standards thread for the logo (and if you’re using design software, the font).
    Also, if you need some drawing software: A completely free, web-based photoshop clone. Only thing you need to deal with is the web ads. But that’s it.

  • Who owns the designs once they’re done?
    Legally speaking, I’m going to guess Tourinplans. After all, the idea is you’ll be using their name and likeness.

  • Since we made the design, do we get them for free?
    Sorry, I don’t think it works like that.

  • Can we sign our work, so people know who created it?
    I don’t see why not. Go for it!

  • Do we get anything in return for doing this?
    Again, with the mumbling…

Ok, so that’s it for right now. If you have more questions, post them below, but let’s try and keep this thread clean so info doesn’t get lost.

Happy Creating and thanks to the TP Staff for letting us do this!


I think you actually are in charge. Congratulations.


YAY!!! And yes, that is a complete sentence!!!


With great talent comes great responsibility. Congrats!


I don’t even know how to respond to that.


Agreed. I’m looking forward to driving him crazy with complaints.


Will you be using any of your amazing artwork? @Randall1028

Most of this is going to depend on the regulations that @len and co. set down. I want to make sure there’s an alignment of messages so we’re not just posting things that have no future.

Once we get our directions, we can start really playing around.

…yaaaaayyy… :tired_face:


“It is an honor and a privilege to serve” would be appropriate.


No one ever seems to like it when I’m in charge, though. :no_mouth:

Uh, but “it’s an honor and a privilege to serve” works


I want this design on a hot pink muscle-tee in a medium, which had better fit me. And I’m not paying more than $5 including taxes and shipping.



We don’t set the prices.

In fact, that’s a good point: @Len, is Zazzle our only option? I’m looking through the site and wow their prices are a tad high. (Sorry for the bombardment of questions, I promise it’ll die down once we get going)

Are we able to use other storefronts?

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I’m not looking for excuses. Just get the job done.


I can’t stop giggling alone in my office. :joy::joy::joy:


Here’s my entry: :wink:

(I’m actually curious to see serious proposals, too.)


Oh my goodness I LOVE this!!!

I almost missed it, being in the middle of a trip as I am

This is so exciting!!


Like teepublic!!!


We can use whatever y’all want - I can create accounts. Just let me know where.


Awesome! So we just need the logo file, font names, and any rules you want us to adhere to and we’ll e ready to go! :slight_smile:

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Thanks for this! It will be fun.

From the previous thread, it seems like there is a desire for a shirt with only the TP logo on. I would think we want front and back in order to be seen easier by other Liners.

I’d definitely like to see a new tagline/slogan other than “I wait less with Lines @username”.