Poll Time! Best Quick Service Restaurant in MK?

It’s been a while since we’ve had a poll series. Time for another! This one is admittedly self-serving … I need help choosing Quick Service restaurants for my May/June 2021 trip.

First up is Magic Kingdom! I will add links to the other polls as I create them:

Which is your favorite quick service restaurant in the Magic Kingdom?

  • Main Street Bakery
  • Sleepy Hollow Refreshments
  • Columbia Harbour House
  • Gaston’s Tavern
  • Be Our Guest Restaurant (lunch - when available)
  • Golden Oak Outpost
  • Pecos Bill Tall Tale Inn and Cafe
  • Casey’s Corner
  • Cosmic Ray’s Starlight Cafe
  • Pinocchio Village Haus
  • The Lunching Pad
  • The Friar’s Nook
  • Tomorrowland Terrace Restaurant
  • Tortuga Tavern
  • My favorite is missing from this list (specify in comments below)

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Note: I included all quick service restaurants listed on the Touring Plans Magic Kingdom Dining web page. I did not include food stands or snack carts.

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I’m obsessed with the Sweet/Spicy Chicken waffle at Sleepy Hollow.


That looks awesome! Also right now I have my eye on Sleep Hollow for the hand-dipped corn dogs. :drooling_face:

I had to vote for Casey’s just because of my mom. She always loved getting Casey’s fries! My last trip was December 2019. My sister, niece and I got corn dog nuggets and fries and ate them in the old fast pass area near Casey’s while we watched the Christmas fireworks. I smile, and cry a little, just thinking about it.


Love the detail you put into the rules :+1:t2:


It was a tough call for me between CHH and Casey’s. There’s something crazy fabulous about sitting at one of the tables outside, looking at that gorgeous castle, and listening to the piano player while munching on some good all-American food.

Sounds like you and your Mom had some special times there :heart:


I am still thinking. Casey’s was on my list for our last trip but DS insisted on Cosmic Rays. DD and I noped out of that and just split a Cheshire Cat tail at the food cart. Will have to definitely get Casey’s next time.

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I believe those are also known as the @ryan1 rules.


I recommend any restaurant that has choices other than standard burgers. Those are pretty lacking. I voted Pecos Bill because I like tacos/ nachos/ etc, but I also really like CHH. Be Our Guest is great but expensive, I always used to use it for early park entry benefit and then for early ride on 7DMT.

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Cosmic Rays - love their food, despise the chaos.


It’s really nice if you go at a non-meal time. I’ve been with my kids when it was practically empty. So relaxing with super-cold AC


Now that I think back, the food must have been good because we ate there both MK days. Well, DD and I didn’t the first time. We also ate at Peco Bill’s and I liked it there so that will be my vote, I think.

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The first day we ate at a table outside under the shade, but it wasn’t a hot day. Second day was hot and we did eat inside.

I don’t know if this counts but Pinnochio’s breakfast at EMM was my favorite meal there. So Pinocchios gets my vote even if it doesn’t typically serve breakfast.


My vote was for Main Street Bakery only because I was disappointed in the other quick service restaurants that we tried in MK. At least I got good coffee.


I was at Casey’s in Nov 2019 on a solo trip and watched the Christmas parade while eating corn dog nuggets, fries and plastic cheese. It was the perfect place to rest, relax and eat what at the time was the perfect junk food. (a rare indulgence for me)


I picked Pecos Bill because it’s the only place I can get something that does not have to be modified extensively for my allergies. Sure, there’s something I can eat nearly everywhere, but it’s not top pick. Before I knew about my allergies, I had that spicy chicken waffle and the sweet waffle at Sleepy Hollow and they were amazing.


Is this for lunch or dinner? On our upcoming trip we’re going over to Gyser Point for QS dinner b/c there are so few good choices at MK and Gyser is amazing.


I went with Be Our Guest, but I could have chosen Columbia Harbor House or Pecos Bill since they are all in my top three. BOG only edged them out since it is basically sneaky TS meal.


Either one. For me personally I will be eating QS for both lunch and dinner at MK because we are maxed out on TS elsewhere and it’s not worth the cost to me to eat at the TS in MK. Geyser Point is a great idea though! Forgot we could leave the park.


I picked Peco’s Bills, but I’d pretty much eat anywhere on your list. I usually pick my QS at MK based on where I’ll be touring. Most do ok for son’s allergies.

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