How do I book 6 FPP on a day I am attending a party and using a regular entry ticket?

How do I book 6 FPP on a day I am attending a party and using a regular entry ticket? This is my first hand experience from last year BEFORE the new MDE roll out. I did this for both the Halloween and Christmas parties.

Each party ticket is allowed to book 3 FPP. The times to book if you only have a party ticket are 3:30pm, 4:30pm, 5:30pm. There are no FPP during the official party (starting at 7:00pm). Last year any FPP after 6:30 pm were canceled and/or assigned an earlier time. Your regular ticket is allowed to book 3 FPP. However if your party ticket and regular ticket are in the same MDE, the system will only let you book 3 FPP for the day. If you would like to take advantage of the 3 FPP for the party ticket (which you paid extra money for so only seems fair) and the 3 FPP for your regular ticket, there is a work around.

Create a dummy account with a different email from your primary MDE. In your dummy account, create a “dummy” profile for each member of your travel party. I like to use names that are slightly different but still make sense.
Example: Brandy (primary MDE) and BrandyD (Dummy MDE) D for “Dummy”.

This is important to avoid confusion later when making and using your FPP. Order your party tickets from the dummy account and assign them to the correct “dummy” profile. Ask for your hard plastic party tickets to be delivered via mail (snail mail). You will need to use this plastic party card for entry (if you are not planning on being in MK that day) and FPP access.

EDIT 6/21/16 I want to point out that you don’t have to link the two accounts if you don’t wish too. If you are OK managing your dummy FPP from the dummy account and just plan on making the dummy FPP at the 30 day mark then there is no reason to link. Personally I prefer to see and manage everything from my primary MDE so I link. Some feedback from others says this can be confusing and not linking will simplify matters*******

EDIT 6/24/17You can no longer book FPP for the party ticket at day 60 UNLESS the dummy profile is listed on the resort reservation. The umbrella for friends and family does not work for party ticket only profiles. Next link your dummy MDE and all the dummy profiles as “friends and family” in your primary MDE. This will allow you to see and manage your FPP from your primary MDE.

Reminder: This was my first hand experience from LAST year and BEFORE the new MDE rollout.

I am interested to hear if it works the same for people this year. Keep me posted liners!

EDIT 6/4/16 A side note for those who have AP’s and would like to purchase their party ticket with the AP discount. Go ahead and create your dummy account and dummy profiles for your travel party. Link them as friends and family to your true MDE. Purchase your party tickets in your true MDE account BUT assign them to your “dummy” peeps. You should still get your discount that way! update 6/24/17–this still works. I did it for this year

*EDIT 6/21/16 If you are reading this late and have already purchased your party tickets, you can still take advantage of the 6 FPP in a single day. You will need to create and link the dummy account and all the dummy peeps. Then you will need to transfer your PARTY ticket from the primary peeps’ profiles over to the dummy profiles. Make sure to keep child with child and adult with adult, preferably the same individual (Dad to DadD, Baby to BabyD, Sis to SisD, etc) If you do this you might want to check in with guest services before the party entry to make sure your hard card is reading correctly. There had been reports that when transferring the card did not work right at the gate. If your party card has any issues, guest services can issue a corrected card. Make sure you have your receipts and dummy MDE account information. When I transferred my sister-in-law’s entry ticket over to my brother (she had to stay home with a new baby), we had to go to guest services as the original card did not read correctly for him. They fixed it easily and issues a new card. It was clear in MDE but for some reason the hard card was a problem. (This was NOT a party ticket but I am assuming there could be similar issues with transferred party tickets). *EDIT 6/24/17–a RFID card or MB that has been linked to a profile remains with that profile FOREVER! The digital ticket media can be moved but the card or MB cannot. Therefore if you transfer a party ticket to a profile without an old MB or RFID card, you will need to stop by guest services to pick-up a card in order to access your FPP


I am thinking about trying this for the Christmas party. I know I will get hard tickets for the party with the dummy accounts but what will I use for my FFP? Will the dummy account get magic bands?

You will use your plastic card for your party FPP. No the dummy account does not have MB unless you buy them. MBs are issued with a hotel reservation and since the dummy account won’t have a hotel linked, no MB. You will use your MB for the FPP that are linked to your primary MDE account

Thank you so much for this helpful info! We just received our MNSSHP tickets in the mail! Quick question: Since these are 2 sets of 3 FP+, shouldn’t I be able to get 2 FP+ for a ride in one day? Ex: Get a FP+ for Splash Mt. from 2:30-3:30pm with reg. ticket and another Splash Mt. FP+ from 3:30-4:30 with the party ticket. Does this make sense? Will I be able to make this? Thanks in advance!

Yep! Because the tickets are on separate accounts, MDE sees it as two different guests. Therefore, you can book the same ride on each “guest’s” ticket. One on party, one on regular.

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That’s what I thought, Thanks so much! Now I have to wait 80 days to make those FP+, ugh the wait. I’m counting down! :grin:

You are a genius. Think I might have to give this a whirl. We will be there Oct 30th for the Halloween party and I am sure my boys would love another ride on 7DMT

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so I’m AP and bought my MNSSHP tix at the reduced rate. Set up “dummies” and reassigned party tickets to them but when I try to set up FPP for them MDE says they don’t have tickets. When I enter the Ticket Numbers from the MNSSHP cards that I received, the error message is “this ticket is already assigned.” Thoughts? Thanks so much!

Are you 30 days out from your party? Someone was having a similar issue and I am thinking the loophole for friends at 60 days was closed. Your dummy account is not linked to a onsite resort stay (correct?) so it will fall into the 30 day FP window.

AuntBRILLIANT!! Will try again at 30 days!

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At this step "Then you will need to transfer your PARTY ticket from the primary peeps’ profiles over to the dummy profiles. " - How do I see the dummy profile. Also my husband’s ticket is non-transferable. Is that because he has his own MDE account?

This is so exciting, never thought of trying before! So can anyone tell me if this is what I do -
I currently have our Disney resort/park tickets booked under my MDE account, at 60 days I will make FPP selections as usual.
Have not yet purchased MVMCP tickets, should I purchase those under a new “dummy” account so I can make separate FPP selections? And am I correct in understanding that the 3 FPP selections associated w/ the dummy account can not be made until 30 days before the party? Thanks!

You need to become friends with all the dummy peeps. If your husband has his own MDE he will have to transfer his own ticket and also become friends with the dummy profile to do so.

Yes purchase your party tickets under the dummy account. That will be so much easier than trying to transfer. Yes you will need to make FP at 30 days. You can try to do FPP earlier but I don’t think it will work until 30 days.

That is what I assumed b/c this account won’t have a hotel res associated w/ it obviously. Should the dummy account be made w/ my husband’s email (real MDE account is my email) for example? And the people should still be our real names right?

You can use your husband’s account but if his MDE is linked to yours and has a regular ticket assigned don’t assign the party ticket to him as that is the same profile. The object is to have a unique profile for the party tickets as it looks like a completely different person. I use real names with a slight variation. Example Bee vs BeeD, Joe vs JoeD. I use D for dummy but you could also use a middle initial. Just make sure they are different so you can tell the difference from the real profiles

Got it - I may just use a whole different email address then, he may already have a MDE account somehow associated w/ my “real” one.
And the reason this works is b/c on the dummy account you have a MVMCP ticket associated for that day, therefore are able to make FPP selections…and it isn’t associated w/ your magic band b/c the MVMCP hard ticket serves as your entry ticket for the park correct? We’ve done MVMCP for the past few years and I can’t believe I’ve never thought to try this lol.

Yep you got it.

One can get more than 6 FPPs. Obviously, we can get a 4th, 5th, etc. on the primary account too.

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