Confusing (for me anyway) MVMCP fpp question

So reading a post on TP chat got me thinking.
We will have hoppers and will be spending morning in HS and then hopping over to MK for MVMCP early next month.
We have fpp’s at HS for the morning and plan on picking up a 4th for MK after were done using the HS one’s. We may have opportunity to use change party as well so i may be able secure 1 or 2 more prior as well
Figuring we’d be entering MK on the party ticket at 4:00, can i make a 3:30pm prior to entering the park, use that and then make additional fpp’s up til 6pm if available?
Or do i need to make a dummy acct, assign MVMCP tix to that and make my fpp’s under that account prior to arrival

Since you have hoppers you can go into MK anytime you want and then check in for the party inside the park after 4. You can get FP as you normally would until 6. But if you are wanting to get 3 FP on your party ticket then you would use a dummy account for the party tickets. Make sure to use the physical party card and not your magic bands to check in for the party and to use those FP. You can make those FP only 30d in advance even if staying onsite.
Hope that makes sense! @AuntB_luvsDisney is the expert on this.

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Just to add, you can book FPs on your party ticket if it’s linked to your main account. You need to book that day last of all if you do that, so book all your other days, then the party day.
Many people do, and it works fine for them.

But you may get an email warning you to delete them… in which case, just delete those party ones to avoid losing the last day’s worth.

It’ seems hit or miss. I’ve seen some suggestions it’s all to do with contacting WDW at all once you’ve booked the FPs. So if you phone to put in a room request, pay off a balance, add DME, anything at all - your account is somehow flagged and the system then sends out the email.

That though is speculation. Just keep watching for the email and be ready to just delete the pre-party FPs. Don’t make that the day to book 7dmt!

Or do the dummy account thing.

Not in this case (unless they have a dummy account) as they will already have FP in the morning from their regular ticket.

Ahhh, my favorite Aunt. Youve helped me many a times in the past. Tell me if this works.
I book my 3 fpp’s for HS in the morning. I book an additiinal 3 for MK using other friends and family who have linked media. I use my 3 in HS, then when i get to MK i utilize change party to move the additional fpp’s one at a time over to me? Seems like it should work, just want to be sure.

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Yes! That will work.

I had heard about “change party” going away with newer MDE updates. Can you still do this? I’ve not done it myself so I’m nor sure I completely understand it. It is something I kept hearing about when listening to a Backside of magic.

I am not a change party person only used it a few times. My understanding is as long as you have a functioning old version of the APP it is still doable.

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Its still working on the old version of the app. But that could change tomorrow. Hoping it sticks around for at least another few weeks.

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Oh doh! Missed that they were using FPs at DHS. :blush:

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On backside of Magic it sounds like they have gone through some heroics to keep an older version so that they can keep change party function. So good luck! But if it does go away and you haven’t bought your MVMCP tickets yet then just buy them on a dummy account. I would have done that myself but I wanted a 60d FP window to book 7D. At this point though you are already inside your 30d window so I would go for the dummy tickets!


If you haven’t bought your tickets I would get them on a dummy account, as that’s an extra 3 FPP not including the others.