MNSSHP Quesiton

We are going to be arriving on 10/1 and have tickets to the Halloween Party that evening. What time do they start letting people in to the MK that are just going to the Halloween Party? Hoping to not have to use a full days ticket on that Sunday and save it for later in the week so that we don’t kill ourselves during the week trying to fit everything in. Thanks!

You can get in with just the MNSSHP ticket at 4:00pm. You’ll enter through the tapstiles on the right side, where you’ll see CMs dressed in orange gingham. They’ll give you a party wristband, which you’ll have to be wearing to remain in the park after the party starts.

You can also make FPPs for that day too, until the official party start time. We rarely ever use a regular ticket on party day.

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If you are at a different park earlier in the day without park hoppers, can you still book FPP for 4pm?

We’ll have 1 regular park ticket for that morning but won’t be in MK.

Thank you! That’s exactly the information I was looking for. No sense in wasting a full day ticket for only 3 hours. Any ideas on early check ins at the resorts? I see check in time is typically 3:00. We are staying in POR. Can we go there and drop off the car and then head to the park on a bus even if our room isn’t ready?

If you’re going to another park in the first part of the day you can either not use any FPP there and book your MK ones from the start, or you can use all three at the first park and then use the app (or a FPP kiosk once you arrive at MK) to try and book a 4th at MK,but with this second option you’ll only be able to add one additional FP at a time, and you’ll be limited to what’s left.

Also, the last available FPP window for party days is the one that begins around 1 hour before the park closes to non-party guests… i.e. if the MK closes at 6 then the last FPP will be the 5-6 one (or maybe 4:45-5:45).

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Yes, you can leave all of your stuff with the bell desk and head right to the parks. Your entrance media (regular tickets and party tickets) will already be loaded into your Magic Bands as long as you have it all in your MyDisneyExperience account.

If you check in online and give them your cell number they’ll text you when the room is ready and you may even be able to skip the check-in desk altogether at the hotel… if that’s the case then they’ll just text you the room number and you’ll just use your Magic Band to open the door.

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