Dummy account?

I was reading a forum comment (I wish I could remember where?) and there was mention about some kind of dummy account (?) for extra fast passes…?

Can anyone elaborate on this??

I believe it’s only if you’re visiting a park and attending a party (MVMCP, MNSSHP) on the same day.

This is the thread that helped me through it - there are a lot of edits though as things have changed.

Correct. I did it for our AK DAH event so I could book FPPs for MK early in the day, and schedule a FP for KS in AK before the DAH event later in the same day.

Do you have to be an AP to be able to pull it off?
Because I am assuming you cannot book fp with these extra hour events…

A regular park ticket or AP is required as well as party ticket.

Typically the party ticket is linked to the dummy account and FPP for party are booked on that account. On main MDE book FPP for that ticketed day. This allows FPP on park day and FPP on party ticket.

There is no FPP advantage to dummy accounts other than when you plan to attend a party and visit a park on the same day (that I am aware of).

Book your park day through your primary account. Book 3 FPPs.
Book your party through the dummy account (nothing additional needed). Book 3 FPP. They let party guests in before the party starts. Once the party officially starts, FPPs can’t be booked - you are correct about that. But in that overlapping window - when party guests are allowed to enter and before non-party guests are kicked out - you can book FPPs. At 30 days out. You’ll have to exit the park to go to customer service to get a card for your dummy account. The card will have your “party” FPPs on it.

The only other scenario I can think of would be to have a regular full-day park ticket on both a main and dummy account. This would create a “club level plus” situation for that day by having 6 FP’s, with one set being allowed to overlap with the other set, and then the freedom of getting same day FP’s in overlapping pairs, if desired. I think this would not be a great use of park time, and I would prefer actually visiting a 2nd day (would obviously be MK to even kinda make sense), but if someone wants a club level feel for one day (and really go crazy on maximizing rides without being at a special event), this may be an option. Of course it would depend on the numbers working out between the cost of the additional single-day tickets vs at least $200-$300/night more for club level room and the $50/p/d (min 3 days) CLFP’s, and not caring about the other CL perks like the lounge and food. And you would have to enter the park with MB, then turn around and go through turnstiles again with another MB or card. This would probably not be a smart use of money/time, but what else can we do right now except think about Disney hypotheticals like this?

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I think my question was addressed to @ryan1… you mentioned using a dummy account for an AKDAH… do you need an AP for that??

Nope. Just the tickets for a park, and then separate tickets for the event.

Technically, you can set up the dummy account without tickets…but you have to have tickets in order to schedule any FPs.

So, I have two MDE accounts. My main one which has our park tickets assigned to it, and then a second dummy account using a different email address. That one I have our DAH tickets assigned to. As a result, I can schedule FPs during the time we are allowed into the park BEFORE the party begins. In my case, I only did it to ensure we could get a FP for KS ahead of After Hours since KS doesn’t run for the DAH event itself.

so lets say I have tickets from Nov 9-13 with marcia, jan and cindy
I want to go to DAH AK on a tues night and purchase tickets… put them on a second mde account with marcio, jano and cindo… ( different email)
that second account with ONLY the DAH AK account can get FP for late AK … with that acount… that is what you are saying?? Even though I have no other ticket attached?? As long as the FP are before the DAH AK time { 7 pm or something like that??)

Yes. Correct.

For some of the best prior comments on the subject, search for posts bye @AuntB_luvsDisney and @Nickysyme

Spinning that a bit further…you could also use the additional tickets to avoid needing park hoppers so offsets part of the cost…

@AuntB_luvsDisney is definitely the expert on the dummy accounts.

I can tell you about booking FPs on a party ticket, but setting up and linking dummy accounts are things I find difficult to get my head around, I honestly don’t think I fully understand the process. No joke.

Yes this is exactly the case.

However the system will not recognize a valid FP time range. You can actually make your FP for anytime that day in AK. You are only limited by your ability to enter the park. If you have a Park hopper or AP as your primary ticket, you could come to AK early and use your FP during the day before the special event tickets are allowed entry. As long as you scan your special event ticket at some point that night for “entry” to get your party band, the account will not be locked.

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One important thing to remember is you need a MB or a RFID card for the dummy account. The easiest way to get this is ask for the RFID card at the time of purchase. Otherwise you have to stop by guest services to pick up a RFID card to access the FP on the party ticket MDE profile.

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If you have extra magic bands could you activate them for the special event?

You have to assign MagicBands to a specific account. So if the MagicBands have never been assigned in MDE, then you could do that. But if they have been assigned in MDE previously, you can’t reassign them to the dummy account.

In our case, we just planned to use the hard tickets for entry into the parks for the dummy MDE account, and have the MagicBands associated only with the primary account.


This is very exciting information…
Some more questions:
Can I have my own name and info (like birthdate, address) on the dummy account or does that need to be slightly different as well??
Also, can I book dining on this account?? Would that work out to more options for ADRs??