Dummy Account MNSSHP 2016

Long post with lots of variables to consider if you are trying to do this with your tickets.

Background details:

  • DD and I both have APs.
  • I have 1 dummy account each for me and DD16. Each account has its own separate gmail account and home address that’s similar to my real address.
  • The same credit card I use for ADRs on my real account is used for the dummy account.
  • Each dummy account is friends with all of the other accounts.
  • The dummy accounts do not have resort stays associated with them.
  • I had the AP-discounted party ticket cards mailed to my home address.
  • I scheduled FPPs on the APs for 3:00, 4:00 and 5:00 at 60 days out.
  • I scheduled FPPs on the party tickets also for 3:00, 4:00 and 5:00 at 30 days out.
  • DD’s MB was from a prior trip. Mine was a first time use. We got our “room ready” text before arrival at WDE and headed straight for our room upon arrival. We had a CL room which requires MB access in the elevators. All of this worked perfectly, so I don’t think there was a problem with the bands. (it’s happened before, but not this trip)

The tapstile experience:
DD and I were headed to opening night of MNSSHP on 9/2. Hurricane Hermine had come ashore overnight so our departing flight was delayed several hours so we actually go through security at 5:00 instead of 3:00 as planned. Entry was crowded and there were CMs everywhere. Just past the tapstiles, CMs were handing out party bands as people entered.
DD scanned in first and she got a blue Mickey on her AP band. Then on my AP band, I also got a blue Mickey. Then they asked if we were going to the party, I said yes and we held up the cards to the tapstile…blue again. “Sorry ma’am you need to go to the guest relations window.” Uggghh.

We head over there and there’s a CM with an iPad before you enter the roped queue. She scanned our party tickets. She scanned our APs. She read on the back of the party card tickets that they were good for that night’s event but something on the iPad was weird. “One of the other CMs will have to wave you in. I don’t know what’s going on but when I scan, 4 things are coming up like expired tickets etc. You’ll need to go to GS inside the park to clear up what’s happening with your tickets or else this will keep happening at every park for your whole stay” More uggghh.

SOOO relieved that I didn’t have to wait in the endless GS line, we go back to the tapstiles. I guess a text from the GS CM with the iPad came across because the CMs wave us in when we throw off another blue Mickey. We get our bracelets and head into the park.

By now it’s 5:30 and we’re halfway through our last FPP windows. And we’re STARVING. So we eat at Friar Tuck’s then head to the World Famous Jungle Cruise knowing we are about 5-10 minutes past the window. I’m apologizing to the CM for being late as we scan in on APs. Green Mickey. CM says “No problem. You’re good.”

We enjoy the rest of the party. We don’t need FPPs for anything but I also understood that after 6:00 they might not be honored anyway, so I didn’t try. The crazy thing is, the next day I realize there’s an Anytime FP on MDE. Maybe because of the hassles checking in? So I don’t know if that JC scan was because of the reservations I made 60 days ago or the Anytime FPP. Maybe they gave us 2 Anytimes and we only used 1?

My hypotheses:
Disney knows I bought an AP-discounted party ticket and assigned it to my “friend” Maddie because I did so in MDE. Since “Maddie” isn’t an AP, she wouldn’t qualify for the lower priced ticket. If “Maddie” bought tickets, I would have them mailed to a friend’s house instead of to the home address associated with my AP. Matching mailing addresses is an easy fraud-prevention indicator for Disney.

Also wondering if we had checked in before the party admittance window (before 4:00) if things would have been ok. It doesn’t make sense to me that our APs threw off the blue Mickey. Non-partygoers are allowed in until 7:00 right? Regrettably I don’t have any details about the FPPs on the party ticket.

We have MNSSHP for the party on 10/2 with FPPs already reserved. I could try to refund these party tickets and have “Maddie” buy full-priced ones, but I’m sure I’d lose the dummy FPPs. We’re flying in much earlier and should be in the park around 2:00. Will report back and I hope to hear from others between now and then. Thanks Liners.

Tagging the VERY helpful Liners who got me this far @PrincipalTinker @AuntB_luvsDisney @ICONTROLWDW


I printed off tickets at home. Dummy account not linked to regular. Full priced tickets. Same credit card. Same address (though not mailed). Wonder what will happen for us…know anyone who’s printed tickets?

Yes, however, once they open tapstiles for the party those tapstiles are ONLY looking for party entitlements. Since your MB was linked to your AP and not your party tickets that’s likely why it went blue. If you’d entered through one of the regular non party tapstiles it probably would have let you in.

Not sure about why scanning the actual party cards didn’t work. That could be part of the fraud prevention issue.

Either way I have to say it sounds like way more hassle than it’s worth just to get a couple of extra FP’s lol.

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Great point @Outer1!! Didn’t realize until days later (on Chat) that there are party-dedicated tapstiles. Will avoid the party entrance next time if we’re entering after 4:00.

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I don’t @khayes4. Do you have FPPs linked to the printed out dummy tickets? Not sure how you’ll scan at the attractions for those FPPs.

Here’s a link to the original thread from @AuntB_luvsDisney

The self printed out tickets have a bar code, much like when you self print out airline boarding passes. Maybe I’ll give a separate shout out to see if anyone has used these before. I was hoping to use the printed barcode to use FPPs. Also, your FPPs stopped at 6:00…I had heard they stopped them at 6:30 (last being 5:30-6:30)…will they still honor ones that go until 6:30?

I don’t believe You can scan a bar code for FP access. Stop by guest services at some point and request a hard plastic cards be issued for your party tickets. You CAN scan the bar code for party entry (no personal experience but another trustworthy liner reported that to be true)

[quote=“Outer1, post:3, topic:27445”]
Yes, however, once they open tapstiles for the party those tapstiles are ONLY looking for party entitlements[/quote]

That was my first thought. If you had the party tickets, then I think you could’ve used those at the tapstiles to enter the park instead of your AP MBs. That should’ve worked.

You could probably have also gone through the regular tapstiles with your AP MBs and then gotten your party wristbands with the other tickets once inside the park, but there’s at least a remote possibility that the CM in the park might’ve been confused how you got into the park with your party tickets and didn’t get a wristband. In that case, I guess the worst case scenario would be that you’d have to exit the park and go back in.

Yeah, it was weird that my party tickets didn’t work at the party tapstiles. CMs scanned the party ticket cards on their iPad thingys both at GS and when getting a bracelet. Long way of saying the system seems to realize something is amiss…just not sure what yet.

Following. I get more confused and unsure about the extra dummy account FPP the more I read, lol. I kind of agree w/ @Outer1 about it being a lot of trouble that may end up not even working, especially if they are indeed taking measures to prevent the double dipping w/ a party ticket.

Did your AP band get you into other parks on other days? @LowBiscus

yes @Sam2071 No problems on any of my MBs rest of the trip.

So, obviously related to the party. Did you use the same finger to scan both the MB and plastic party card?

I’m not 100% sure. The Blue Mickey happened before the fingerprint. When the party cards were no different, they sent us to GS. Here’s my post-game analysis.

  1. We scanned at party tapstiles with AP bands that didn’t have party tix on them
  2. We scanned discounted party tix at party tapstiles but those weren’t linked to an AP
    If we had gone through non-event tapstile with AP bands we could have been ok. Will test this for the 10/2 party.

Sounds reasonable. I’ll be at the party just a few days after you.

Party tickets don’t require fingerprint

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On lines we are getting a number of reports that the party ticket dummy account worked for them. Hopefully we have a few more chime in letting us know if it is working and if they ran into any problems.

All of this is about getting extra fastpasses?! :open_mouth:
The detail in reporting and scheming I have seen on several threads now, reads like some kind of fine art heist. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Why doesn’t Disney just go ahead and give everyone 3 FP to go with every ticket of whatever kind. Treat them like 2 separate days. Heck, that would seem fair to me considering the cost of those party tickets.

I have only been to a Disney party once in my life (halloween), and in my one lone experience the wait times for rides were minimal… most were walk ons. I attending on a weekend night.

This seems like an awful lot of sneaky work for a few minutes saved on a wait in line. lol

But, I am no Disney Pro, so take everything I am saying with a grain of sugar… and even if I was… I think I would just skip the fake accounts, loophole hunting, and otherwise dishonest plotting (in the eyes of Disney I mean, as obviously, they don’t want people doing this) and just go have fun! I get the impression that you all have been to the parks numerous times, ridden rides many, many times… for someone like me, who hasn’t hardly ever been (not since I was a kid, other than the party I mentioned, and we went only for the party) and there are many rides I have never done it is hard for me to understand all this sneaky work for a few extra fastpasses. Again, I am first to admit that my lack of experience must directly relate to my lack of understanding.

Not trying to be critical… just a little confused (and mildly amused) by all this diabolical effort.

Anyhow, hope none of you get caught and have your annual passes revoked or something. That would suck. Not sure if they can even do that… or if they care that much. Again… novice here.

Disney’s website and FPP system is not set-up to allow more than 3 FPP per person per a day per profile (even with a regular ticket and a party ticket). Those of us that travel to Disney frequently experience the frustrations associated with the IT and website. This particular issue is fault of the system and punishes those who spend the extra money for a party ticket that will be used the same day as a regular ticket. If you are not using a regular ticket on the same day as a party ticket, then you can book your party FPP just the same as your regular ticket FPP. 6 day park hopper plus 1 day party ticket will equal 7 days of FPP.

In some cases this is not a “few minutes” in line. For example if you chose to go to EPCOT that morning and use you FPP for FEA, you could be saving an hour or more in line. If you chose to go to MK that morning and want to ride on 7DMT twice, you could be saving 2 hours or more in line. I don’t consider this to be “sneaky” but rather maximizing my value (time and money both) inside the Disney MDE system. Mind you there are some other loopholes that might be gray area but putting your party ticket on a “dummy” profile or “dummy” account is not one in my opinion. I paid for two tickets and I should get the 3FPP associated with both of those tickets. It’s not for everyone but for those of us who don’t care to wait in line and like the full benefits of what we paid for, it is worth the few extra steps.

This is true and FPP are not for the party time 7-midnight but rather the few hours before the party officially starts. This 4-7 period is very crowded and a great use of FPP. Also I don’t focus on the rides during the party (only a few exceptions here). I focus on the party specific events (special character, parades, shows, shopping, foods, etc)

Since we are not doing anything against the rules I don’t think there is any concern about APs being revoked. Now that might not be the case with things like sharing a memory maker or other loopholes.

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