What’s best? 50’s prime time or SCI FI?

What’s ur fav? For Hollywood studios?

If I’m with my family or friends I like Prime Time because we can converse. SciFi we are seated in rows facing front and it’s hushed a bit because of movies.

If I’m alone, though, I would prefer Sci Fi - same reasons :slight_smile:


Ditto OB, except if I’m solo, or an adult pair, the Tune In Lounge attached to 50s definitely gets a visit from me.

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I have definitely NOT spent enough time at Tune In. I will have to (hopefully) rectify this on my next visit, provided it is open and one can do such things.


We ate at both in August for the first time. Ditto was @OBNurseNH says about the difficulty in talking with your group at Sci-Fi. However, we liked the food there a little more and the atmosphere was cool. Plus it felt more COVID friendly in that there were large spaces between groups and no one walked by us except the server. 50’s PT has a great vibe to it. The food was fine. We enjoyed it for sure. However the rooms are small-ish and definitely we were closer to other groups and people walked by us. If you’re worried about physical distancing, I would give the edge to Sci-fi.


The introvert in me much prefers SciFi. The big man in my husband hates the cars, so we eat elsewhere if he is with us, but for just me and DS, it’s SciFi.

Sci Fi

In general, I try not to plan meals in HS b/c their food isn’t as exciting to me as some other places around the World.

My kids love Sci-fi and it’s really fun to watch the old movie clips. They have some tables where you face each other and not just the cars where everyone faces forward, but mainly we watch the movies more than we talk. This August with the covid protocols the sound was turned down really low and it felt like we should whisper the whole time so it was a totally different vibe than normal. Service has always been good. I’m not a big burger fan, but their food is great and it remains on our list of favorites. .

Kids keep asking to go back to Prime Time. Its fun. Heavier food, more home-cooking comfort food, but very good. I just don’t want to eat like that in the summer heat. I think experience varies with waiter. We haven’t been there since Covid. Kids love the food and especially the milkshakes. The retro styling is also fun.

Atmosphere and food is different at each, so I would use that to decide. The thing I hate about ADRs is that I don’t know in advance what I will want that day!

We have never eaten at 50s Prime Time, even though I’ve booked ADRs there several times and then cancelled as our trip got closer. We have eaten twice at Sci-Fi and had three children under 10 at the times we went. We LOVED that experience. It is surprisingly quiet, and the dark, air-conditioned atmosphere was exactly the sensory break we all needed. Also, it was nice for my DH and I to sit together at the back and the kids sit in the other rows up front. It was like we all had a nice break from each other for 45 minutes.