Poll Time! Best Table Service Restaurant in MK?

Time for another poll! This is the first in a series to discover Liners’ favorite Table Service Restaurant in WDW. I will add links to the other polls as I create them:

First up, Magic Kingdom!

Which is your favorite table service restaurant in the Magic Kingdom?

  • The Crystal Palace
  • Liberty Tree Tavern
  • Be Our Guest Restaurant (dinner)
  • The Plaza Restaurant
  • Jungle Navigation Co. Ltd. Skipper Canteen
  • Cinderella’s Royal Table
  • Tony’s Town Square Restaurant
  • @Jeff_AZ screwed up this poll and left off my answer

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Note: I included all table service restaurants listed on the Touring Plans Magic Kingdom Dining web page.

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While it isn’t the best food, we have to do breakfast at Crystal Palace every trip, so I chose that.
Who knows what we’ll be doing this fall.


Aw, man. I won’t be able to participate in the next series of polls at all. :confused:

Still, it will be interesting to see the responses!

ETA: It would be nice to have this poll based on different criteria such as overall experience, food quality, etc Why? Because lots of people will choose a TS based on character interactions. But we don’t care two hoots about character interactions. So if character interactions were removed from the judging criteria, where would the rankings fall?

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Can I cast a null vote?

Of the ones I’ve been to, none of them blows me away. We don’t tend to have TS at MK.


Have only done Tony’s, Crystal Palace and Liberty Tree but gotta go with Crystal Palace.
20 years on, I recall the food being fine, plentiful and of course the Hundred Acre Wood crew seals the deal.
Hopefully on the next trip, I can explore the other options.


What she said :wink:


I have been to Crystal Palace for breakfast every trip with my kids. I chose it as the best all- around experience, at least for now while my kids enjoy the characters.

We’ve also done Skipper Canteen, CRT and Be Our Guest (but not for dinner). Once my kids are older I think my favorite will be Skipper Canteen for theming and food choices.

Stop trying to ruin the fun by sciencing it up. :rofl:


Voted for Skipper’s as we really enjoy the atmosphere and like the food as it is a touch more exotic than most MK options. Surprised Be Our Guest isn’t getting a little more love as dinner has been pretty good albeit pricey. Crystal Palace is a quite enjoyable character buffet as well, but would have been my 3rd option…

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I voted for Be Our Guest dinner mainly because my niece thought it was the most magical place she has ever been. She is 30 by the way…

Crystal Palace was the only table service we ate at for years. I have had good meals at LTT lunch and Plaza breakfast. I have never eaten at CRT or Tony’s. I know people like Skippers but they served me lamb that there was no way the kitchen did not know it had gone bad. That is the only restaurant in Disney that has served me spoiled food.

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Ha! Use this one then:

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I don’t want to overly control what people base their vote on, but if you go to the Touring Plans page linked in the original post, they do rank each restaurant by different criteria.

Personally, I don’t care much for character interactions either, so that won’t enter into my equation when I vote.

Liberty Tree for us!


Liberty Tree (LUNCH) for me, we go every trip. This is why:

  1. Easy to get ADR
  2. Food is good, consistent
  3. It’s like visiting my home state (VA) when I live in WA.
  4. Pretty inexpensive in comparison to the other MK TS places
  5. DD can get an appetizer or 2 while DS and I get our favorites (bacon cheeseburger for him, Colony salad for me)

This is good to hear. We had that on our reservations BC (before Covid) and still hope we can enjoy it. It always makes the list and then somehow gets cut so we’ve never had it.


I need a “worth taking the monorail or boat to find better food” option


I have never eaten at the Crystal Palace, but always have it on my list to try. Inevitably, it doesn’t make the final cut as our trip gets closer and we are slimming down our table reservations. What do you like most about it that keeps you coming back each trip?

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We only do breakfast. The food is pretty standard. We just do it every trip bc of the characters and the nostalgia of it. It was the first meal we went to with our oldest when he was 2. And he’s now 22, lol.


I felt unqualified to vote, as I’ve only been to the Crystal Palace and I’ve never even heard of Liberty Tree… that said, for us we went to the Crystal Palace almost exclusively because that’s where Winnie the Pooh and his friends are. Overall, it was fairly good.

Surprisingly, my gluten-free wife liked all of the food options other than dessert (they claimed “the chef made these just for you” but we’re fairly certain they were Nabisco Chips Ahoy!)

I felt like the food was good enough to go back next trip but definitely not terribly amazing… but that’s not really the point. The point is - it’s a pretty building, with a fairly good buffet, and Winnie the Pooh and Tigger too :grinning:


It was hard to choose between CP breakfast and LTT lunch, but as DS15 really doesn’t like character meals, if we could only do one it would be LTT.

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