The Force Family Strikes Back: A Trip Report

Welcome back!

Time for another trip report for our Star Wars-loving family from Arizona.

The cast of characters:

Me, DW, DS9, DD7, DD4, and DD2.


Earlier this year, my wife and I took our family to WDW for an epic 2-week vacation (trip report at this link) to satisfy our typical once-every-three-to-five-years itch. We weren’t planning to go back until 2023; however, Covid had other plans.

We had a trip to Aulani in Hawaii planned for our kids’ October break, but last month the governor advised tourists not to come. After considering the circumstances carefully, we decided to change our trip to go back to WDW instead. It took me every last minute of checking dining, park, and hotel availability to find exactly what we wanted, but it has all come together nicely, just in the nick of time!

This trip will be quick - just one day per park, plus travel days. And unfortunately, DBIL and DSIL will not be with us. We’ll see how DW and I handle 4 kids on our own!


Day Date Resort Activity ADRs
Mon 10/4 Poly Arrival Homecomin’ (Maybe)
Tues 10/5 Poly AK Rainforest Cafe
Wed 10/6 Poly Epcot Space 220
Thurs 10/7 Poly MK Steakhouse 71
Fri 10/8 Poly HS Olivia’s
Sat 10/9 N/A Departure

Our flight departs Phoenix at 6am tomorrow morning! We’re quickly running out of time to pack and prepare.

I hope you will join us for a fabulous vicarious vacation to the most magical place on earth!

May the force be with us!


No DBIL and DSIL?! How boring! Only kidding, so excited to follow along!! I was worried about where I would get my next trip report ‘fix’ with so many wrapping up this weekend. Have an amazing time.


While you go to Florida, I’m heading to AZ! Going to babysit the five grand-nieces and nephews while my niece and her husband have a stay-cation in Scottsdale. (Two sets of grandparents within five minutes, but Aunt Julie flies in to babysit. :joy:)

Have a great time! I hope you do okay without the extra sets of adult hands. Nice that your last trip was recent enough that hopefully you won’t feel that urgency to do it all!


Safe travels! The Poly! You will post lots of pictures of your adorable kids?!

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Exactly! We’re going to try to take it easy (to the extent that’s possible for our commando-style-touring family! :joy:). And we’ll make sure to always have our ponchos at hand. :wink:


For those who followed my last-minute rental saga, I was able to secure a DVC studio at Poly for $1K savings compared to the cash room at BCV that I had reserved, just in time to cancel BCV before penalties kicked in. The oddity was that the Poly reservation actually starts today, the day before our arrival. So I just received a text (at ~2:30pm Eastern) notifying me that my room has been assigned.

It’s an upper-floor, south-facing room in the Moorea Building, rather than the Tokelau building as I had requested. I suppose there’s still time to change it if anyone thinks this is a bad location! But I think we’ll be fine.


Did you notify them you are delayed and are arriving tomorrow?


Oh yes… .this is important b/c you don’t want to be counted as a no show and lose your room. :flushed: :grimacing:


I haven’t - I was planning to call them today.


This makes me so happy!!!


Definitely do that so they don’t consider you a no show and cancel the ressie


Question: Is @feep joining you this time? :thinking:


Being forced into a trip to WDW doesn’t seem like hardship from where I’m standing!!

Hope your family has a great trip. Have a blast! Looking forward to following along.


I called and the CM very confidently told me that my reservation would be held for when I arrive. I also opened a chat just in case, but haven’t heard back from them yet.


Have the chat emailed to you too


And at some point they text that your room is ready and the room number

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Have a great trip!

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I got the room ready text and the room assignment.

I called a second time just to be sure and this CM took down my info and put a note in my file for the hotel so they don’t count me as a no show. Hopefully that covers it.


I mean, silver lining: if it fails you’re in Cinderella Suite in the castle :smiley:


excellent! have a great trip!

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