MK Trip Report 2020 - Jan 12 (Sun) and Jan 13 (Mon)

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We rope dropped both days (PO was 0900). For Sunday (Marathon day) TP predicted CL of 2 (Actual: 4). Mostly because of this site (and others I suppose) we basically finished all the park’s major attractions in one day. Grabbing early FPs and then grabbing Same Day Fastpasses and modifying to get better times was a most excellent touring strategy. We rarely waited in standby and other than my son wanting to do Space the second day in standby (35 total min including exiting) the next longest waits were 10-15 minutes.

The second day was kind of just finishing up things we hadn’t done yet (Laugh Floor, Hall of Presidents, Jungle Cruise) and redoing kid’s favorites (Space Mt, BTMR, and 7DMT, Magic Carpets, Mad Tea Party, Buzz Lightyear). After a more leisurely pace, we left before 5 PM.

From picture timestamps and texts:
0730 - In line at taps.
0745 - DW, DD (age 6) off to CRT for 0800 ADR but DH, DS (age 11) went into park with them.
0902 - After a slight delay rope drop occurs at Adventureland (due to marathon)
0907 - My son and I walk on to BTMR.
0913 - DW/DD end CRT breakfast and do Regal Carousel followed by Rapunzel/Tiana.
0922 - DH,DS walk on to Haunted Mansion.
0935 - We meet up near the carousel. After realizing we forgot our lightning cable to plug our IPhones into our power bank we get set back by $24 at Fantasy Faire.
0945 - Tap into Peter Pan’s Flight for our 0900 FP. Off at 0953.
0958 - 7DMT for our 1000 FP. Off at 1005.

From there:
1017 - Off of “Under the Sea” (We crossed off Ariel’s Grotto because Ariel was at CRT and already in the autograph book. While in line for Under the Sea, swapped 2 Tiana/Rapunzel FPs (DW, DD already did standby) for 2 Dumbo FastPasses
1022 - Off of Dumbo (CM let all four of us FP even though we only had 2 ). While in line for Dumbo grabbed 2 same day FP for Barnstormer.
1023 - DW, DS tapped into Barnstormer while I waited with DD for Daisy and Minnie in Silly Pete’s. Grab 2 FP for WTP (1105)
1025 - DH, DD Meet Pluto outside Silly Pete’s
1042 - DW, DS meet Pluto
1053 - All finish meet with Daisy/Minnie (Pete’s Tent) - DH, DS leave for Space Mt FP (1100-1200)
1059 - DH, DS tap into Space. Grab 2 more FP (1125) for WTP. Now have 4.
1101 - DD, DW Finish meet with Goofy/Donald (Pete’s Tent) - go to ETWB
1111 - DH, DS Off of Space Mountain
1134 - DH, DS off of Barnstormer (standby)
1127 - DD, DW Finish ETWB
1210 - All finish WTP (FP)
1230 - See Shake It Move It Dance in front of castle
1300 - See Mickey’s Royal Friendship Faire on castle stage till 1320
1355 - Off of PeopleMover
1412 - Hop off Tomorrowland Speedway (FP)
1429 - Hop off Buzz Light Year (FP)
1449 - Finish Merida Meet - Go get spot for Parade near Casey’s Corner
1533 - On Swiss Family Treehouse. Off at 1541.
1601 - Off of Pirates of the Caribbean (FP)
1626 - Off of Magic Carpets of Aladdin (FP)
1649 - Out of Mickey’s Philharmagic (FP)
1720 - Off of It’s a Small World (FP)
1803 - A little dancing at the Hoedown
1807 - Step into Pecos Bill Inn Cafe for Mobile order dinner
1857 - Out of Country Bears
1905 - DW and DS off to HM while DH and DD grab ice cream and set up near garden outside of Casey’s Corner for Happily Ever After
2017 - Start fast walk to exit right when fireworks finale starts.
2030 - On First Resort Monorail back to TTC.

2nd day, Mon, Jan 13 (CL prediction of 4 ended up being 5)
0830 - Through tapstyles
0900 - RD from Adventureland rope to Jungle Cruise. Get on the first boat.
0915 - Off of Jungle Cruise. Split up. DH, DS head to Space Mt for standby. DW,DD do???
0918 - DW,DD do Swiss Family Tree House
0920 - In Standby line for Space.
0935 - DW, DD Off of Mad Tea Party
0942 - DW, DD Off of Mad Tea Party again
0949 - DW, DD Off of Tea Cups for a third time
0953 - DW, DD in line for coffee near Gaston Meet up
0955 - DH, DS Off of Space Mt
1012 - Off of 7DMT (FP: 0920)
1030 - Meet Gaston
1110 - Finish watching Main Street Trolley Show
1142 - Finish Mickey Mouse Town Square Meetup (FP:1020)
1203 - DH, DS Off of BTMR (FP:1120)
1205 - DW,DD Finish Tinker Bell Meet (FP 1120)
1220 - DH, DS Shooting Gallery
1235-1345 - Tom Sawyer Island (picnic lunch too)
1415 - Off of Jungle Cruise (FP)
1430 - Off of Magic Carpets (FP)
1440 - Hall of Presidents
1505 - Watch a little parade upon Hall exit
1530 - Ice Cream in Tomorrowland
1552 - Out of Laugh Floor (FP)
1601 - Off of Buzz Lightyear (FP)
1635 - Off of Carousel of Progress
1652 - Exit Park


Looks like a great trip! Thanks for all the details, very helpful

I do hope it helps. That is mostly my intent. Also I wanted to document for ourselves if we are able to ever go back. We did all of the parks, so in the next couple days I’ll try to give trip reports for those as well.