WDW Trip Report - 15 Apr Thurs - MK RD via Grand Floridian Walkway; PH to AK

This is our 2nd day at WDW (here’s Day One at HS) and our 4th full Orlando day (all days at Universal linked). The plan was to mobile order at Gasparilla Grille early, ride Lyft to Grand Floridian to get said mobile order, and then to walk to MK to beat 99.8% of RD crowd. We did have to Bob and Weave a bit, but this plan worked well. We then would hop via Lyft to AK and be ready to enter ~1345.

  • 0545 - Dad wakes.
  • 0555 - Dad sets up mobile order at Gasparilla Grille
  • 0600 - Dad wakes up the sleepy crew
  • 0615 - Awesome Lyft driver picks us up for our adventure.
  • 0630 - Turned away by GF guard.
  • 0633 - Dropped off by Lyft driver near entrance to GF’s convention center.
  • 0640 - Picked up MO of croissants an coffees at GG.
    ~ 0700 - Arrived first at boat area in front of MK where they held us till temperature scanning.
  • 0715 - Taps opened. We were 2nd in line on far left behind a couple who had walked from CR (they released that crowd first).
  • 0723 - All Queue 7DMT - Ride isn’t quite ready. We wait for 10 minutes till they officially open the queue. We board 2nd or 3rd train.
    ~ 0745 - DD with parents head to restrooms then PP (pun intended people) while boys head to Space Mountain (they hop on Buzz first however).
  • 0804 - DD with parents seated in Mad Tea Cup
  • 0810 - DD with parents walk on Buzz Lightyear
  • 0817 - DD with parents walk on Buzz Lightyear again; still waiting for boys to exit SM
  • 0830 - All queue for Jungle Cruise
  • 0910 - All queue for POTC
  • 0945 - POTC restrooms and gift shop. Guys all head to BTMR and Splash
  • 0955 - Guys queue for BTMR. Wait ends up being ~5 min
  • 1005 - Guys queue for Splash Mt. The wait promises to be substantial, but the line mostly moves just fine. Wait ends up being ~40 min
  • ~1100 - Guys queue for HM. Queue looks big all the way to the Riverboat, but wait ends up being ~10 min
  • 1007 - Ladies queue for Magic Carpets of Aladdin
  • 1029 - Ladies Visit Cinderella’s evil stepsisters
  • 1102 - Ladies board Dumbo after a ~20 minute wait. Then buy popcorn and wait for us.
  • 1125 - Meet up. My daughter and I stay behind to handle order for Pinocchio Village Haus while the other three go to Barnstormer.
  • 1145 - Lunch at PV Haus
  • 1233 - All board Tomorrowland Speedway
  • 1245 - Head to front of park and take Monorail to TTC for Lyft to AK.
  • 1352 - Tap in at AK. Walk to Pandora, use restrooms.
  • 1407 - Queue for Flight of Passage - disembark bikes at 1500. This ride is so good. It was basically the whole reason I had wanted us to hop to AK at all this trip. My daughter was now tall enough to ride and my son’s friend had never ridden it either.
  • At this point we split into two groups as the boys go off to ride Expedition Everest (I think they did this 3-4 times) and I go with wife and daughter to watch animals.
  • 1510 - Arrive for 1515 Winged Encounters bird show at Tree of Life where the macaws all fly in to receiver their treats
  • 1525 - Arrive for 1530 Asia bird show Feathered Friends in Flight in theater which was actually very cool despite the awfully noisy and large (20 members) family behind us who made noise the entire time. When your toddler cries for the entire show and people in a radius of 40 ft. keep turning around to look at you, you should take the hint and respect everyone else and leave the theater with your child.
  • 1621 - At the entrance to AK waiting for Lyft
  • 1640 - Arrive back to DS hotel for pool time

Thoughts: This was a good day to call it early. We could’ve hopped to a third park, but we had been going for 4+ days now and everyone had woken up pretty early this morning to beat RD crowds for an 0800 official park opening. Plus, the kids had been hankering to go swimming again, which we hadn’t done since Monday at Portofino Bay. Since we had basically done everything (that was open) at WDW in Jan 2020, we knew what we really wanted to ride and didn’t sweat the rest.


Sounds like a great day!

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