Bob and weave at GF for RD with Lyft

As many have noted in this forum, Disney is trying to keep non-resort guests from being able to come in for mobile ordering. We attempted as much this morning by placing a 0635 mobile order at Gasparilla Grill on Grand Floridian grounds. We were attempting to RD by walking the path to boat dock. The gate guard wouldn’t let our Lyft driver through the gate. She even called someone in GF management chain to confirm policy. She didn’t care that I had paid. No worries… I had our driver drop us a little further down at the GF convention center exit (little pull off there). We walked in and claimed our breakfast and our spot as first in line from the GF walkway. I believe we were on the second mine car train at 0735. Taps opened at 0715.


Hmmm sorry for your troubles. We were there last Friday morning for breakfast MO and were let in w/o issue. Maybe it was the difference between Lyft and a POV? Or the guard? We were only there for breakfast. And I was at poly for breakfast MO too 2 weeks ago. I think spring break is part of the issues.

Hahaha I saw your link. Good on you !!!’

I will be staying at AOA in May. One morning doing MK then walking to CR for lunch at Wave. Then hoping to catch their bus to EPCOT. Do you think I will have problems being let in the resort to go to the Wave or using their bus system?

No, none at all. People walking or using Disney transportation are not the problem.