Crash Course Please

I’ve been to WDW several times and always use Touring Plans. I rely HEAVILY on Touring Plans for all of my planning. We have had a trip booked for June-July 2021 for a while now, but we finally decided that we are definitely going despite COVID. Long story short, I could really use a crash course on how to plan during COVID. I know the crowd calendars aren’t accurate at the moment, but when can I expect them to be? Will they be accurate in time for me to make my ADR’s? Are FP’s still not a thing??? I’m so overwhelmed! I work in education, so I’m working A LOT of hours and have far less time to plan all of this than a normal year. TIA for any help and guidance!


They are already updated for TP’s best guess … but that guess is just based on very limited information. Keep checking as you get closer and closer. Unfortunately, it will always be in flux! But the relative differences in crowd days will hopefully be in the ballpark.

ADRs are at 60 days. I would just plan them based on what days you have your park reservations for (which you should book ASAP if you haven’t yet!). Keep in mind that most days are workable at most parks, so just plan around your ADRs when you get them, if something needs to change.

Nope, and probably won’t be by the time you go. But if they resume at some point, you’ll find out here first! Keep checking in with us. :slight_smile:

You can do this! :wink:


Hi! There have been several regular posters who have gone recently, one of which is on a trip right now with very impressive color coded TP’s on card stock!

I haven’t been but heard some of the crowd projections might not be entirely up to par, but they are doing the best they can with the data they have.

Not sure it’ll be fixed by your ADR’s tbh, but that’s just a wild guess. Also still no FP’s.

@bebe80 is doing an amazing trip report right now in this thread. He’s giving great insight into his thoughts on attendance/lines/TP’s.

@Randall1028 Just finished an amazing trip as well, and he gave a great summary at the end of his report on how he limited his attractions to mostly beginning and end of days as opposed to back to back because of crowds and no FP’s.

And then there is the ever-entertaining Fab Four @Wahoohokie @Dreamer @JustKeepSmiling @Julianne_fki

I seem to be throwing reports out there, but they gave me the best idea of what to expect. Good luck and happy planning!


Have not been but actively planning a May 2021 trip and will be happy to try and help.

I’m not sure anyone knows when crowd calendars will be as accurate as they once were. Likely, it will be when parks are back up to 100% capacity and FP+ is back on (if that ever happens). We went Feb 202 with family and just used them loosely. For example, 2 vs 3, not a big deal. 9 vs 4, you’ve got my attention.

FP+ is not active. Not sure when it will be back.

ADR’s are avail 60 days in advance of first day for your entire trip if staying on property. Not sure off-site.

Dining plan currently not avail. Many restaurants not open. Limited character meals. Many QS restaurants are mobile order (good tip to order more than an hour or two before when you want to eat and select time to pick up food). Apparently, you’ll tap “I’m Here” I’m your designated window like ChikfilA mobile order, they’ll make it, send you alert which allows you to enter building and pick up food.

People saying lines look longer but move fast.

Some good room only discounts right now but most end in July.

If you have other questions, fire away.

I reserve the right to be wrong as I’m just going off what I’ve read but can share more after our May trip.


We have a trip planned for April with a party of 17. I was feeling both super anxious and disengaged at the same time about the whole thing until I booked ADRs. Before that it just felt, off. Now I’m fully invested and crazy excited to go. Overall, I wouldn’t worry too much about not having much time to plan as you used to do in the past. There’s really not that much planning necessary right now. Pick which parks on which days, then pick your restaurants for ADR day (60 days out). Depending on your specific dates, the which park which day decision may be more/less influenced by crowds. From what I’ve read, HS on the weekend is better than during the week because the park maxes out most days anyway, so weekends won’t “feel” different. Avoid EP on weekends if flower and garden is still running. Avoid DS on weekends. Read through recent trip reports to get a feel for how things look based on pictures shared and how the poster says thing feel. The age old zig when everyone else is zagging will pull you through. The knowledge you’ve gotten from your prior TP usage and touring style are an invaluable resource. You’re going to have a great time!



I’m so happy you found the fun in it again!! <3


Thank you all for the feedback and advice!!! I can reserve parks now??? I don’t even know how to do that? This is all so new and different. I typically pick what park we go to each day by crowd levels and then I book our ADR’s around that! I typically like to eat dinner in the park or near the park we are at in the afternoon/evening. Still a bit panicky! So, I should use the current crowd charts as a bit of a loose guide??? We have Park Hoppers. How do those work now? Can we book more than one park per day???


If you have a hotel reservation, park tickets, or an AP, yes, you can and should book park passes now. Using the current crowd charts as a loose guide is a good place to start. One thing to keep in mind, if you really want to ride Rise of the Resistance, I recommend making a park reservation at HS multiple days so you can try to get a boarding group. If you’re unsuccessful you can switch your park reservation day of to go somewhere else instead. To give yourself the flexibility to do this you may want to arrange dinner at a nearby resort or DS on those “backup” days

ETA you can book park reservations on the MDE home screen online or in the app



Thank you! I have booked the parks!



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I agree with everything that has been said so far. The only thing advise I would give is go early, get as much done as you can before the crowds build. Then take a break if you wish during the peak crowds then go back later in the afternoon or evening.

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I would add for mobile orders I always said I was at the restaurant to pick up before I was really there as it always took 10-15 min to prepare and this way when I arrived I didn’t have to wait in the throngs at the door to get in while my food was being prepared as they won’t let you in till you can prove your food is ready. I also mobile ordered while standing in line for something during the morning for lunchtime. You can always push your lunchtime back some if you’re not quite hungry but if wait till you are hungry you may not be able to secure an order for an hour or two.


When people say “go early” they mean get there well before the parks open, because they’ve just quietly been opening the gates early each day to avoid rope drop crowding. In October we were allowed into AK 40 minutes ahead of published opening time, and we’d already ridden Everest twice and were on Kali River Rapids for the second time by the published opening time and then we had to ride Everest again and have a snack to kill time before the animal trails opened!


Also, order your lunch early in the day if you want a particular pick up time. The slots fill fast. I’ve arrived early a few times and the host has pushed prep on my order for me too. Just ask.

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So, for mobile order, do you have to pick a time (of which there are a limited number of slots) and then also tell them when you “arrive” so they start making your food?


Yes. That is exactly correct.

For certain locations that are busier, it is worth saying you have arrived even if you are a few minutes away. But some less busy places, this isn’t necessary. If we were ordering from a place that is just opening, then there is no point in saying you arrived ahead of time. The wait will be minimal.


Yes what @ryan1 said.
And You have to tell, in the app, you are here so they will start preparing your food too. You can hit that button 5 minutes before your arrival window time. If you have notifications allowed in MDE you’ll get prompts. After you hit prepare my food you’ll wait for the notification that your order is ready and where to pick it up. That’s the bit you show the CM in order for them to let you in the restaurant. No one is allowed in any QS w/o a “your food is ready” screen


Our approach was order in our first line of the day for when we thought we’d be hungry. I’d pass my phone around and let people choose what they’d want (teens and a hubby) and then when I’d get that message from Disney saying we could have them start making the food I always said yes (except one time we weren’t hungry and were in line for something and we pushed the order out a little so you can adjust times if there is an available slot) and we’d slowly make our way over there, maybe make a bathroom stop or look at merch. Never ever did we still not have to wait a couple of min before we got the your order is ready message even with a 10-15 stroll but we did eat at peak times.


Is there a certain time window to click the “make my food” button? If we put an order in for 11, could you click the button at 11:30?