A unique trip report: WDW with your internet friends

This will be a little bit of a different trip report than I have seen before, it may be the first of its kind here on the Forum. So what makes it unique? It will be told by 4 different users, all of whom will be familiar to you all.
@Dreamer, @JustKeepSmiling, @Julianne_fki and I are taking on WDW starting tomorrow morning. We have left our families at home for a much needed break. Don’t worry, we will be Covid safe. Two of us are fully vaccinated, one has had Covid, and the 4th is protected by herd immunity from the group. That’s our story at least. We are all very careful when it comes to Covid, and all 4 of us were here at the same time back in October so it is our second (or third, maybe fourth) time in the parks since the reopening in July.
I arrived last night and spent the day at Universal thanks to a “buy 12 months get 6 months free, then we will add 4 months from the closure, plus we will give you another month since Volcano Bay is closed” AP that I have had since March 2019. I had planned 2 trips with it (we live in WA) and ultimately got 5, so well worth it. It was a beautiful day, and not crowded. It was more like late July 2020 crowds than mid October 2020 crowds. I stayed at Royal Pacific so had an express pass, though it would have been easy to do it without. I had no plan, other than to ride Hagrid’s at least once, watch the Bourne Spectacular, and have some delicious butterbeer. It was easy to ride pretty much every ride in both parks (I skipped some on purpose) and I saw several shows. I won’t go into detail since this is a WDW trip report, but here are some pictures:

Now on to the good stuff…WDW. Tomorrow we are headed to Hollywood Studios. Will we get a Boarding Group for ROTR? Where will we eat? Which one of us will show up here next to post some pictures and give the rundown of our day? Guess you will have to tune in tomorrow. :grinning:


I flew in today and am staying at CSR for tonight only. @Olafsdad was just here and said the pool slide was really good so I had to try it out. Six times. :grin:

I visited Three Bridges (twice) and had the warm cheese dip, the Santa Maria Collins (who knew they made strawberry gin?), and Tres Leches. Delicious! And it’s only the first night! Can’t wait to meet up with the ladies tomorrow at HS.


Forgot to mention, I am at the Dolphin. I had take out dinner from Kimonos at the Swan. It was a beautiful evening.


Woot Woot!!!
Liner Ladies Ramble!!!
Have all the fun!! Looking forward to following along!!
Thanks for the photos!!! (Even Universal :rofl:)
Love the format!


Wow this is just so fun! Have a wonderful time!!!


I think you are trying to kill me.
Hi - I’m qwerty and I am stuck in NY living vicariously through my Open Thread buddies.

I can’t wait to see you all meet up.


I’ll be working my way through the emoji challenge (@Julianne_fki)


@missoverexcited and the other gin fans will be glad to know!! :cocktail:




Thank you!


Yay!!! I can’t wait to follow along with all the fun!!


This is going to be epic. Have a blast!


:wave::wave: Great to see you!!!


Awesome! Have fun! This is like one of those movies that starts telling each character’s story separately but then you learn how they are all intertwined.


Thanks to my Thursday flight being full to the point of middle seats being occupied, I was able to change the flight to today for free and my husband let me escape early! Good thing too because I left a snowy mess behind.

I’m staying at Pop tonight but moving to Dolphin tomorrow. I got a great rate at Pop and then didn’t have to worry about an Uber. I figure this made my adding an extra day almost cost neutral :joy:

I went to Animal Kingdom as soon as I dropped everything off in the room. I grabbed a snack in the sacred spaces and more importantly a drink! I rode FOP twice in less than an hour, wandered a bit and went on safari. I love AK. I could feel the stress melting away as I walked through the park.

I hopped over to Epcot, rode Soarin and wandered a bit. I had mushroom risotto for dinner and brought creme brûlée back to the room for dessert. Stress found me again as I had to deal with issues at home :weary: but hopefully that is behind me now!


You need to page @OBNurseNH . Or I will. :wink:


Very impressed with those animal pics. Beautiful! You were on KS at the right time.


Wait, we’re those fireworks at Epcot???!!!


I only hope we can be that entertaining!


Great photos. Universal looks empty compared to my October visit. I so should have skipped work today. :joy:


Yummy looking food and drink (although I’m not a huge gin fan). Six times down the slide? Fun!