Touring plan...for my tummy!

Alright Liners. @Nikki7280 got me SUPER jealous (in the best way) with her impressive map o’ snacks.

A lot of recent trip reports have me all kinds hungers for my next trip in December. We are more of a grazing family instead of 3 set sit down and never look at food again type of people. Hit me with your best WDW snaks/treats/bites/“I can’t believe I ate the whole thing” things. Pictures and locations if you have 'em.

I’d like more than 8 replies (some of these past posts were a bit…disappointing) if possible. Hit me with parks and hotels if you want. just give me all the foods that are on your must do list!

I’ll start.
MK: Hubby likes pretzels anywhere and Mickey bars from the carts.
DH must do, Taco salad from Pecos bills.
I like Cosmic Ray’s for the selection and as a place to sit in the AC for a few minutes to rest our legs.
We also like Be Our Guest and Tony as our favorite dinner spots to enjoy a bottle of wine before we start our night time push of all the attractions.
Places to try- Friar Nook for buffalo chicken tots and Bacon and Macaroni & Cheese tots. Thanks to whoever posted the picture recently, I never would have given this place a second look.

Must Do’s Margarita for DH in Mexico,
China- Peach Tea for me, egg rolls and apple sauce
Germany -Beer and Pretzels
Italy Via Napoli
Japan Hi Chews, Seaweed and beer
Morocco - beer
France- Crepes and the restaurant there for date night
UK Fish and chips for DH Guiness or Black and Tan for me
Canada- Le Cellier

Need to came back and edit later.
Sci Fi
Momma Melroses
Baseline Taphouse
and must try Olga’s, Brown derby and 50’s Primetime

AK- Yak And Yeti
Must try Nomad, Satu’li and Tiffins. Stay away from weird AP cookie.

Resorts- I love the Brazilian Steakhouse at Poly and Chef Mickeys at Contemporary. Hearing a lot of buzz about a couple of other newer resort resturants at 4 seasons (?) and the new hotel.

I’m going to try to start a spreadsheet this afternoon of nomnommy goodness!

Hit me people!


Following…these all sound yummy! We are big grazers when we are on vacation. Something sounds intriguing, we will jump at it, and hardly ever are we hungry enough to set down for a long period of time.

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I want to go back to Sleepy Hollow for the Spicy n’ Savory Chicken Waffles. I’ll always go back to Capt’ Hooks for Thai C. Meatballs. And I want to try the Croque Monsieur at Primo Piatto/Riviera Resort that @Dreamer shared a pic of.


I second a stop at Sleepy Hollows in MK for waffles (though I enjoyed mine with ice cream).

I’d also add Docking Bay in HS. Pot roast was amazing.

And yep, definitely do Satu’li in AK.

You didn’t mention Disney Springs at all, but Homecomin’ is a favorite for most people for a reason. The deviled eggs are outstanding. And after Randall’s trip I’ve added Gideon’s for cookies to my list.

I’m jealous the Creperie will be open for your trip in December. We’re headed down in less than two months and were really hoping to get to try it. Oh well, guess we’ll have to go again next year…


My must do’s for any Disney trip:

  • MK: Dole Whip, churro, corn dog
  • HS: Blue Milk!
  • Other: Waffle cone with cookie dough ice cream, beignets (DLR), Volcano sundae from Rainforest Cafe

New on my next trip:

  • Gideon’s Bakehouse chocolate chip cookie (DS)
  • Homecomin’ chicken and donuts with Mac & cheese (DS)
  • Sanaa bread service (AKL)
  • Mr. Kamal’s seasoned fries with dipping sauces (AK)
  • Cookie Num Nums (HS)

Someday when I have time:

  • Olivia’s fried chicken (OKW)
  • Chicken Guy (DS)

Well you pretty much saw mine but here’s what was actually there/amazing!

MK: Kakamora. Boy oh boy. We have always liked Dole whips but this was next level!

HS: Carrot Cake cookie at Trolley Car Cafe was absolutely as good as everyone says and as mentioned above - literally everything at Docking Bay was GREAT. I made mistake of getting pot roast for lunch at 50s and then again for dinner at DB and latter put former to shame. :grimacing:. DH loved the Ronto wrap so much we had it for mid morning snack and he wanted another for dinner! That’s at Ronto Roasters super close to DB. Oh! But the peanut butter and jelly shake at 50s was supreme and fought over!

EP: we pretty much ate around the festival so that won’t help you for Dec but everyone talks about the school bread at Kringla in Norway, pretzels in Germany etc.

AK: Cheeseburger Bao buns and blueberry mousse at Satu’li in Pandora, loved the Night Blossom drink at Pongu Pongu and really wanted to try the Dino land snacks on my map but ran out of stomach. People swear by the Buffalo chicken chips at Trilo-bites on left at entrance to Dino land and the ice cream sandwiches at Dino bites (they also have a Mickey pretzels there and I saw people getting them from Pongu even though they weren’t listed on the menu). They also have a simba pretzel at Harambe fruit market right outside KS and there’s a simba cupcake at Harambe market (I need them to rename one of these) but we didn’t try it.

Hope that helps!


And now one more reply to help get you closer to 8 …

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This place has the best GIANT ice cream cones.


I completely forgot Disney Springs /hangs head in shame.


Yay, great start for my spreadsheet!


Oh yes! PB and J milkshake at 50s Primetime.

Cocktails outside at the Nomad Lounge.

My daughter would say the chocolate mousse and croissants at Les Halles bakery. I like the baguette with ham and cheese there too.

If it’s open again, the chicken bastilla at Restaurant Marrakech.


This was nice, from amorettes


Liberty tree’s ooey gooey toffee cake in MK


Num num cookie at market in hs


Quiche breakfast at topolinos. Omg. Those potatoes.


I was hoping you’d pop in and give a list of your favorites!

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Topolino’s is on that if I don’t write down I’ll forget it’s there, but I really want to do breakfast there, assuming I can get the boys up before 11.

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Adding the Carbon Freeze at Olga’s that @Nikki7280 and @bebe80 recommended.


Who’s Olga? :wink:


:woman_facepalming:t3: See! I need all the help I can get!

Had to google it *Oga’s!

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