Tier changes and FP's available for MFSR

I just read on the liner FB page for April/May trips that FP’s are available to book for MFSR and the tiers appear to have been changed, it looks like SDD and MFSR are the only tier 1 rides… I’m not sure when this goes into effect, but it’s going to make my HS day in May much easier to plan now.


Yes! I posted this on the lines app this morning. It sounds like the first day may be 2/19 for the changes.


Yes! So much better for little kids too. Hoping to just focus on toy story rides… Wonder if Minnie railroad will get thrown into tier 1? Then there will be 3.

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I just did a test and I can confirm that MFSR seems to be in a tier all of its own, followed by everything else.

Well, SDD wasn’t available (I could only look 30 days out) so maybe that will be Tier 1 along with MFSR. But ASS, TSM, TOT and RNR were all bookable in addition to MFSR.


Ugh. Just when I finally think I have a plan for HS, this happens. This will likely make MFSR an impossibility without a super long wait now…and, an unpredictable one at that for our trip, if it happens.

Not happy about this change, if it is true. They need to have more Tier 1 options to better balance the load. They are going from one extreme to the other.


Woo hoo - on my 60 days this changes!!

Got Smugglers Run AND Tower of Terror AND Rock ‘n’ Rollercoaster fastpasses, all before noon on one day!!


Mickey railroad! That would balance it for sure.

This is changing my plans to only one day of FP for HS to using two days. Mostly so my 7th day try to get a falcon ride for my DH.

This is so crazy but I’m actually really happy. Assuming I can get what I’m hoping for. But I’m one of the few people who will be getting an AS2 fastpass, little kids make it easier.

Woohoo!! Switched my Frozen Sing-Along to Millenium Falcon. Awesome! Thanks to everyone for posting about this!


To me, it just means more people will have FPs for more rides, thereby making the SB lines longer across the board.

Oh well, I’ll figure out how to make it work. But all the availability research I’ve done to figure out my FP choices for HS is blown to bits. :confused:


True. I guess for me I’ll be able to have a fast pass for the few rides my kids can go on then can see a show and head out for the day. I can see how this is a problem if you want to ride everything.

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I have a question about booking FP’s and droid depot/Savi’s… can your FP window overlap with those experiences? DH and DS have reservations on our HS day, I was so annoyed with the lack of tier 2 FP choices, I wasn’t planning on booking FP’s for HS, but now I’d like to book smugglers run, ToT, and toy story mania.

Well, I knew SDD was going to be an automatic no for FP, and now MFSR will be as well…and, since people are able to get FPs for it, which will undoubtedly “sell out”, it means our SB wait for MFSR will jump up considerably from what was looking to be about a 30 minute SB wait.

Also, I had a good chance of obtaining a ToT or TSM FP for one of our HS days, and a RnRC for the other…but now, there’s a good chance I won’t be able to obtain any of them. This means I’ll be picking up scraps for ASS, and ST, plus a show. Meaning, I’m far worse off (most likely) as a result.

But we’ll see what happens in the coming weeks.


Makes sense for your 30 day window. Will be interesting see what people report and how the Dibb site changes.

I have a 10.05 sdd - could get a 1.55 smugglers run? Should I swap? Which is easier and quicker to do at ropedrop?

It’s a game-change for my plans for my June trip, which now have to be entirely rewritten. The current system is just a disaster area for Type A planners.

I’m getting round the Tier 1 issue by having two HS days.


Confirmed MF:SR & SDD are now Tier 1 and all others are Tier 2


When I just booked my MFSR fastpass, I had the option of it or SDD and then everything else was listed as other experiences. So I think SDD is also Tier 1.

I was just, now, able to see that too! So exciting. Thanks!

This is great. Now I have FP+ to every ride at HS !

Just need to hear some news about Mickey & Minnie Railroad next…

My brain is reeling from this. I don’t even know how to plan.

As it turns out, we might end up taking advantage of my son’s single night at POFQ now…that is our last day of our vacation, and I had planned that to be the day we are at IOA instead of Disney…but now I might move our second HS from Friday, and swap it to IOA on Monday so we can use his 60 day FP window. Of course, the question still is for our first HS day…if we are able to get, say, ToT and RnRC for the second day, what would be the chances we could get TSM and/or ASS for that first day at 30 days out?

MFSR will undoubtedly be off the table either day, jumping into the same category as SDD, where you have to get it at 60+3 or 60+4.

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