Smugglers Run



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that’s great! Does anyone know if there are changes to the fast pass tiers at HS because of this? I wonder how Micky and Minnie’s runaway railway will affect fast past tiers too. I’ll be there in May, can’t wait!

Thank you very much, got my tickets after refreshing the app several times, then now its working at the website.

Yes. MF:SR & SDD are now the only Tier One Attractions. All others in DHS are Tier Two.

The rumor is RotR and MMRR will be added to Tier One with these and the rest staying Two. (That’s just speculation though)

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Any speculation when RotR will be available for Fastpass?

Nope! It took MF:SR 5 months to get FPP and it’s no where near as popular. My guess is you’ll have to wait until this summer - June-ish

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Looks like starting Feb 19th

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