MF:SR FPP starting Feb 19th!

FPP will be coming to MF:SR 2/19/20!! You can begin to select it as an option on MDE. It appears to be it’s own “Tier”. Still trying to get more details about the Tiers and the other attractions.

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Thanks! I’l just continue this over there. I came into work, saw this and freaked out! =)

I got a FP for Millennium Falcon!! Thank you for posting this. I got it on March 11th. I was dreading a 200+ minute wait!


opinion on whether SDD or Millennium Falcon is the better FPP choice?

If I had to choose I’d go with SDD. It can be enjoyed by a wider audience and is extremely popular with families of small children. It will “sell out” faster - IMHO. Plus, the FPP line for MF:SR will skip a good part of the preshow queue which has great animatronics and show scenes.

The line at MF:SR will go much faster because the ride is a “people eater” due to it high hourly capacity. SDD is much harder to load and send on it’s way with only two vehicles. MF:SR has 6 vehicles operating at once most times.

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It seems bigger than just MFSR fastpasses. I was able to update my tier 2 rides that I didn’t want in the first place to tier 1 rides.


I refuse to give up my SDD FP, so it’s a no for me dog. :smile:
However, I am pleased to know of the change with the ridiculous tier system.

Could you, please, elaborate? Which rides are you talking about? Can you do s screenshot?

I think it’s in a reference to the new tiers in general.

Yes, it’s in reference to the new tiers. I updated star tours and little mermaid FPs to ToT and RNRR.

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