Tier changes and FP's available for MFSR

You just made my day! I was dreading HS, but now during our trip I have FP’s for MFSR, SDD, TSM,RNR and TOT! Now I only have to worry about getting a boarding group for RotR! Thank you so much!


I’m hoping they stick Mickeys railway in there. If not, then more than likely no tier 1 for me at HS on day 60+4. There are only 2 options and that would fill up fast. I’ll have to fight the rope droppers for the one I can’t get FPs for on 60+6. I’m not planning on even trying to get on Mickeys railway.

HS sucks.

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Yes. And this contributes to the problem with the other rides. Before, everyone was distributed between the main rides for 1 ride. But with everything moving to tier 2, it means everyone not only gets to choose two, but most likely will end up choosing 3 FPs from the Tier 2 rides since they won’t be able to get SDD nor MFSR. This leaves even LESS opportunity for those not at 60 days out to get anything worth having…and even those who are 60 days out will now have to fight over the tier 2s. In the meantime, SB waits will climb as a result.

This is, undoubtedly, good news for those in this very short window of time when they made the tier changes while the dates are less than 30 days out.

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Just curious… how did you get both MF:SR & SDD FPPs? From what I saw they are in the same Tier now.

Probably 2 different days.

LOL… duh! Yep. I bet that’s it!! Still waking up & reeling from all this excitement!

I don’t know? MFSR was in a tier of it’s own? See @mousematt post above?

Yep! I just saw this on FB as well and confirmed through disney website that MFSR does have FP+ now. I couldn’t find the list of tiers, though.

He was wrong. SDD is apparently in there, too.

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I am almost afraid to say this, but I acted quickly and I have them both on the same day(3/12)! I hope they don’t take one away!

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That’s interesting.

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2 HS days are a must now

I am nervous about this… kind of afraid to log out of MDE.

Sorry to get you nervous! SDD & MF:SR are both in the same Tier 1 now…

Ohhh disney IT. Why are you so bad? Refresh refresh refresh.

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This is great news except that every time I get to the confirm page I get an error. Sigh. My first real experience with Disney IT.

Same. App and website

I suppose next week is unaffected, so I’ll stop trying to check. I’m sick of Olaf getting decapitated.

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It was working right at 7am (EST) and for about the first full hour. However, word is getting out. I bet the system is being overloaded.

Just curious… did anyone else book a FP for MFSR this morning? The FP is there on MDE, but there is no picture of the attraction beside it. Is this the case for anyone else? I took a screenshot so that I could prove I had both MFSR and SDD in MDE this morning, but now I am afraid to navigate away from my FPP screen. I am afraid the system will eliminate one of them.