Tier changes and FP's available for MFSR

You did see that for a while, at least, MFSR was in a tier of it’s own, right?

The pic is up for me now

Did it used to have no picture when you first booked it? I am afraid to refresh.

How often do people get shut out at AK picking between either FOP and Navi? I always assumed there was availability for everyone to be able to pick at least 1 of them, maybe I’m wrong.

I look at this as a good thing, because now we are locked into 3 of the 7 main rides (MFSR, SDD, ASS, TSM, RnR, ToT, ST), you rope drop 1 other and then try for 4th FP or standby the other 3 late at night.

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FOP usually is booked. It’s difficult to get at 60 days. I don’t think Navi is under high demand. I know many people have found FPs for that at 30 days. MFSR and SDD are both high demand attractions.

I was able to get a FP+ for MFSR. The picture is showing as well.

I’m going to assume that MMRR is going to be stand by only just like the Falcon was.

Have 2 days at HS planned. Day 1 , ROTR BG with TSM, ASS (hah), ToT



Was able to get it for 3 of the days I will be there in March. Now trying to change things around the site and app keep crashing

I was thinking the same. Navi is available at 30 days at least in the afternoon. I do think RotR and MMRR will both eventually move to Tier 1 as well.

Eventually the Hollywood Studios Tier One will be: MFSR, SDD, ROTR & MMRR.

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Once that happens, the new tiering will work. But until then, it will create another kind of mess. I think in about two or three days, we will be able to see what it is doing for those 60 days out, etc.

Everything is down, and it is so FRUSTRATING!!!

So, you DID also get FP’s for both SDD and MFSR on the same day (DAY 2)? Was the picture always showing?

My existing fastpasses aren’t even showing, seems like total IT meltdown. Is anyone else having this issue?

I am. Ugh

yes, me too. I got in for a while this morning, and then decided I should come to work, and deal with it here. Now, nada. :frowning:

Oops, sorry. Got MFSR and TSM mixed up.

SDD and MFSR are on 2 different days.

Picture was not always showing. But now the whole site is down .

Announcing FP tier changes is kind of like yelling “Fire” in a crowded room. People end up getting trampled.


I’m thinking the same thing, that possibly MFSR will make SDD a bit easier to get, and that both will be available at 60 days. I’ve just moved one of my HS days from 60+1 to 60+4. Can’t really go any later without buggering up ADRs.

Hoping Rise of the resistance stays as boarding groups until my trip end of March, as it means the parks are a bit quieter in the evenings.

Current new plan is -

Day 1
Rope Drop MMRR
FP Tier 1 Slinky Dog Dash
FP Tier 2 Star Tours
FP Tier 2 Rock and Roller Coaster

Day 2
Rope Drop RNRC , then ToT
FP Tier 1 MFSR
FP Tier 2 Alien Swirling Saucers
FP Tier 2 Toy Story Midway Mania

And fit in Rise of the resistance wherever boarding groups allow!

System is down for me – I can’t even see my already existing FPP for Feb let alone try to change them

I was just coming to ask the same thing - I can’t get my fast passes to show at all any more. I guess I’ll just keep refreshing and cross my fingers.