Super Liner Bros Virtual Trip Report

Disclaimer: This is a TOTALLY HYPOTHETICAL, daydreaming, wishful thinking, completely pretend, fantasizing type of post. No reality here whatsoever.

After watching the Fab Four tour WDW the last week, I keep imagining what it would be like to do a guys’ trip with some fellow Liners.

In addition to myself, I have already decided that I would invite @ryan1 and @mousematt, mostly because I would be running an experiment to see which one would murder the other first.

But who would be our fourth? Any volunteers? Apply to the Super Liner Bros below!

Also, give me a pitch for what we’d do on this theoretical guys’ trip! Maybe we can make this into a virtual imaginary trip report.

(Remember, we’re NOT ACTUALLY going, this is just for our entertainment!)


Here is a link to our Resort poll and the Parks poll. I will add links to more polls as they are created.


On the basis of your gender discrimination (:wink:) I can’t apply.

But in compensation I would like the opportunity to nominate…

@Randall1028 done a fabulous trip report last year and I would like you to invite him along so that appropriate badges can be distributed :medal_sports:


Literally LOLed to this. :rofl:

So true, so many times I recall Mousematt saying Ryan is dead to him or threatening to punch him in the face. :rofl: I think eating at Via Napoli was one point of argument with that, with Mousematt repeatedly claiming it’s the worst restaurant on property, Ryan defending it and then going off topic about his days of working at Little Caesers, etc., so that is a must in your experiment.


I’ll agree to joining if all you guys agree to do the Ko’okiri Body Plunge 125 foot drop capsule slide at Volcano Bay. Who’s with me?


@ryan1 is at a disadvantage here as I understand that his religious beliefs frown on the commission of murder.

Many years ago I was a reasonably well-known figure on a discussion-based website and formed a ryanesque relationship with another poster. The website ran real world events and we found ourselves both signed up to attend the same one. There was anxiety all round as to how things would play out.

In fact we hit it off and were best friends for about a decade.

People can be surprisingly different in real life.


Definitely multiple times on TSM and Buzz for best 4 out of 7. :wink:

Also several repeats on the Millennium Falcon to see who’s the best pilot, etc.

Boarding group competition - each must be on his own MDE.

Oh, the early walk around the resort whilst the imaginary spouse is getting ready. Awards for daily high and final top score.


Holy crap, my heart was beating out of my chest just watching this! :scream: : I have done a free fall slide before and I have discovered that I can’t do one where you just sit down and go over an edge. There has to be either a tunnel first or something so that I am safely seated before it starts and don’t feel like I’m going to fall out of the slide.

So I could theoretically do this one… Good thing this is hypothetical! :joy:


I bet this would happen with you and Ryan! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: I was just teasing about the murder thing lol.


Here’s the thing. I don’t know if I could keep up with @Randall1028! :wink:



Randall’s trip reports are perfection! I’m not sure any mortal could live up to that.


Perhaps I’d suggest @Tall_Paul1 because I merely managed to catch a glimpse of him during our December trip while exiting HS, and even then I didn’t know for sure it was him until AFTER the fact, so I never got to even say, “Hi!” :confused:


Agreed. I’m convinced he’s able to teleport.


I haven’t done this one, but I’ve done one like it. Terrible experience. You can’t enjoy it for a second because you have to work so hard not drowning from all the water that ends up going up your nose!!!


You can’t hold your breath for 5 seconds? You’re OUT! :rofl::wink:


If we are imagining ourselves going on this imaginary trip, the question is where to stay. I’m budget-conscious, but prefer not to do Pop Century again due to Skyliner being inconsistent. Maybe Art of Animation instead?


Holding your breath doesn’t keep the water from going up your nose. Believe me. I tried.


Can your boss give you an imaginary raise so we can at least stay Moderate?! lol


It’s imaginary and you’re talking value?

Split stay, MK area and Epcot area.


I imagine so.

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