SirGreggLadyV’s Christmas in WDW - Day 5

Slept in today and what a blessing that was!!! Meandered over to Sanaa for our best meal of the trip! Chef took good care of DH and me. Had a seat right by the window.




My GF bread service. Yummy! I got one regular naan for Gregg to try just a little. He and Aneira ate about half of it. Mine was so delicious!!!

Our waiter, Pedro.

The chef’s masterpiece just for Gregg:
Scallops and mushrooms (including morel mushrooms)

Snapper, cassava and carrots

Aneira hasn’t been feeling too well, so she decided to order from the kids menu:
Mac and Cheese, pizza

A trio of meat. (Mine). Yummy!


Merry Christmas hope you have a wonderful day. Hope Aneira feels better.

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We had Pedro as our waiter during our dinner at Sanaa in August. He was fabulous! Because we got the bread service (totally delicious) we only ordered three meals for the four of us. We were on the dining plan and Pedro had awesome suggestions to maximize what we could get for three credits. We wound up with so much food that we had trouble finishing our amazing desserts! Then he actually brought out a complimentary dessert for my DH since he didn’t order one. It was probably our favourite meal of the trip and Pedro was a big reason for that.

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Thanks! She’s feeling much better! I think sleeping in helped a lot.


Wow, that was so helpful! Gregg wants to go again. Not sure when we can do that, though.

Just noticed the pictures showed up in the wrong order. Gah!

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This drives me batty but I cannot figure out why it doesn’t always post in the order the user shares them.


It’s definitely one of our must do restaurants on every trip. Glad you all enjoyed it and hope you had a very Merry Christmas!

After we ate, we braved the Character Outlet at the Prime Outlets. Once we actually parked it was a breeze. Thought to ourselves that we should just go pay $10 to park in the garage and discovered that handicapped can park free. Cool. Found some stuff we really liked.


After the outlet, we went to Boardwalk to have dinner at Flying Fish. The chef was absolutely great! We rate that second after Sanaa, a very close second. Outstanding service and meals.

Appetizers: Gregg’s was scallops & mushrooms, mine was pork belly, and Aneira didn’t want an appetizer, so I got the cheese plate minus the gluten and nuts as well.

Gregg had swordfish with mushrooms and avocado; Aneira had the regular swordfish (-nd devoured it); I had the wagyu filet Mignon. Oh, my, delicious.

For dessert I got two panna “carpa”: one for there and one for later. Heavenly.


@SirGreggLadyV I’ve had two good experiences at Sanaa. From the look of your photos, the magic is still there. I’ll try and get back there on my next trip. :slight_smile:

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A Fantastic choice, IMO. The swordfish is my favorite there, too!


Definitely on my agenda for July.


Ok please wish Aneira a Happy Birthday. Of course it will be happy she’s in Disney. :sparkler::tada::birthday:


Ooo! You’re meal choices make me excited for eating for our trip. Yum!

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