LadyV's Exhausting Graduation Extravaganza in the Bubble a.k.a. What Else Could Go Wrong? Day 8

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All kinds of things went wrong this day, and I almost don’t want to write about them all. But since things are fading in my memory, I’d better write them down because there were lessons to learn from them.

As I mentioned in my post for Day 7, we totally moved this day’s schedule around. Big mistake. I should have left it as is.

Our original plan was to get up and finish packing, and arrange for bell services to pick up our bags. Then head out to GF to eat at 1900 Park Fare at 9:25, and then head over to Animal Kingdom. From there we would do whatever we wanted to do after Aneira used her FPPs for FoP and EE. Then we would go over to AKL to eat at Jiko at 6:20 pm, where we’d pick up our things from bell services and head to the Wingate by Wyndham. Then head over to DS to the Raglan Road shop and use up our credits at Cookes of Dublin.

Yep, the perfect plan. Here was the changed plan, and I’m sure you will be able to see exactly what went wrong with this plan before I tell you:

  1. Get up and pack our things and request for pickup of our bags to hold (okay, this didn’t change)

  2. Head to AK to walk the Maharajah Jungle Trek (which we missed on our last trip); Aneira to ride FoP and EE; Gregg and I to watch Nemo.

  3. Head to Kidani to eat lunch at Sanaa again at 1:25 pm

  4. Head to Disney Springs to see the shops we wanted to look at. Get snacks for our trip home from Cookes of Dublin.

  5. Head to Epcot for dinner at Teppan Edo at 8:10. DD and I would be eating, and Gregg would be going over to the Norway and France bakeries.

  6. Head to AKL and have dinner at Jiko at 9:55 pm

  7. Load up the car and head to Wingate by Wyndham.

That wasn’t even close to a good plan in theory and I have only my fried brain to blame. Being late to restaurants is doable, unless they close five minutes after the reservation time.


Item 1: Gregg and I both woke up around the time we needed to in order to finish packing. We let Aneira sleep in a bit before we made her get up and finishing her packing. While Gregg waited for bell services, I headed to the Mara to fill up on coffee.

Item 2: We headed to AK. Aneira went off to ride her two rides while Gregg and I explore the shops on Discovery Island.

(Aneira is in the top left)

Gregg decided not to use his wheelchair at AK because the lack of smoothness on the pathways was disturbing to him, and caused other issues. Here he is in front of the Tree of Life.

I wanted to get myself a Dole Whip with dark rum, so we headed to Tamu Tamu Refreshments. I ended up getting a Dole Whip float with dark rum. Very sweet, very yummy. Probably not the greatest idea.

We were pin trading with a couple of cast members, and they noticed my graduation pin and gave me this. We thought about using it for Nemo, but then decided that Aneira and I should use it for the Kali River Rapids since we missed our FPP on the 24th due to time constraints. (I only ever got pixie dust and mentions about my button when Aneira wasn’t around with her birthday button).

I really get a kick out of the people balancing and seemingly dancing on this sign.

After we rode the KRR, we headed to the Maharaja Jungle Trek. Saw this really pretty bird.

And stopped by Flame Tree BBQ to get a snack. I really shouldn’t eat fries, but it was delicious.

We managed to pose for some PhotoPass pictures:


Item 3: We were already behind schedule, and so we headed to Kidani Village to eat at Sanaa. I managed to change the ADR to 2:55.

The menu was different this time, so we didn’t eat the same things, except for Gregg. The chef remembered him and gave him pretty much the same meal. We sat at the same table, but had a different waiter.

I had the Magical Star Cocktail, the GF bread service, and the beef kabobs.

Gregg had fish, carrots and mushrooms. They were able to find morel mushrooms again, but no cassava root.

Aneira had pizza off the kid’s menu

We got a kick out of this guy’s name badge (Marvelous)


Item 4: Disney Springs. We are already starting out late to go to Disney Springs. I had mapped out the route we were going to use once there, which required minimal crisscrossing. Thankfully all of the shops we wanted to visit were on the Landing and Marketplace and created a nice circle:

  1. LEGO Store

  2. World of Disney

  3. Disney PhotoPass Studio

  4. Disney Pin Traders

  5. Disney’s Days of Christmas

  6. Art of Disney

  7. Erin McKenna Bakery

  8. Chapel Hats

  9. Raglan Road Shop

  10. Cookes of Dublin

  11. Leave for Epcot

However, Gregg decided to go totally out of order and required doubling back and crisscrossing all over Marketplace. If we were all in good shape that wouldn’t have been an issue. But I move slowly, and it was tiring me out. Then when we got to the the Landing, he went straight to Raglan Road. Which meant doubling back over to the hat store. It was a mess, and was taking a lot longer than I had anticipated. I ended up taking Aneira over to the hat shop while Gregg was at the Raglan Road store. He went to Cookes of Dublin afterwards and only bought their jammy dodgers: two of them. Didn’t bother buying the fish for our trip home. We were running so late that we just left and headed to Epcot.

We did have fun at the PhotoPass studio. Got in line in the nick of time because several families got in line right behind us; we were at the front of the line.


Item 5: The plan completely unravels at this stage. By this time I was really hating the walk from handicapped parking to Epcot World Showcase. We were running late so I told DH and DD to go ahead and get to Teppan Edo. Gregg told them that he would sit in my place and then switch out when I finally made it up there. I was thoroughly exhausted. I couldn’t tell if the friendship boats were still running because it was night-time. I had a mishap that took more of my time to sort out, and there was just no way I was going to get to Teppan Edo in time to eat.

Gregg decided to order my food to go, and go ahead and pay for the sushi (which was extra) and tip so that he could head to the few stores to purchase what he needed. I had the gift card. Rather than calling me to move the rest of the tip money over to his card, he paid with our debit card. Grrrr. Aneira was alright eating at there by herself. He went racing to Norway, and a couple of other places before they closed. He also brought me my food and gave me the car key so I could go back to the car. In the meantime, I tried to call dining to see if they could either cancel our Jiko reservation or see if we could get in late because MDE was not working. I couldn’t even see how many credits we had left. That was 6 credits not used! When we got back to AKL, I had to run to the Mara and turn all the credits into snack credits. It was a lot of credits. Gregg should have used them all at Cookes of Dublin so that all we would have to contend with was 18 snacks. But it was more like 25 snacks. At least we were able to buy treats for my mom and the two older kids.

I had to call the hotel to make sure that they didn’t give our room away. Then we had to pack up the car. We didn’t get over there until 1:30.

We only brought in what we needed, and then we fell asleep.


Wow! Such great pictures!

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Next day we got up, got ready, and headed home.

Saw a few wrecks on the way. Happy that Waze redirected us for a couple of them. Finally got home at 9:20 pm.

Was sooooooo glad to be home! Our kitty was happy to see us, though! He wasn’t too happy with DD25.


I thought so, too! Except that I’m in them. I have @profmatt’s problem with the wind blousing up my t-shirt. :slight_smile:


I’ve enjoyed catching up on your report. Great pics!

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I’m sorry things all went wrong right at the end! It’s nicer to come home on a high. But it seemed like a great trip.

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It was an excellent trip overall. I’m not going to complain.

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