LadyV’s Exhausting WDW Extravaganza-Day 3

Woke up to a text message that our AKL room is ready. We’ve got to pack. I’m leaving our actual suitcases with bell services to take over. We’ll take the bagillion little things over.

Need to start cracking.


Where is the rest of the post I’m waiting and waiting but nothing except you met Matt and that was on his post. I can’t be at Disney and I’m counting on you.

Honestly I’m hoping you and Gregg are ok, I know you both have some mobility issues.

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I killed her. Sorry. Was I not supposed to do that? The rules didn’t seem clear.


Actually, I last saw Lady V at about 11pm walking round WS after the fireworks. After all the effort we made to engineer a meet, one happened spontaneously and serendipitously.


Why would you even joke like that? It’s not that funny. Ok maybe a little funny. I don’t know what rules your looking at but in the touring plans Bylaws it clearly states that when two liners meet there will be no bloodshed. And as everybody know no one ever dies in Disney.


I’m sorry! Didn’t mean to go MIA! The move just about did me in yesterday. We missed all our morning ADRs. Drove from Pop to AKL to drop all the little stuff off. Loved that baggage guys came to us. Drove to Epcot hoping we were on time for our Coral Reef ADR. Got through security and tapstiles very quickly. (They likes us better than they did @profmatt, apparently, because he came in at a similar time as we did but didn’t get through so quickly).

Was seated by the tank! Think it was because of DD’s birthday.


Happy belated Birthday.

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Not belated. It’s actually December 26th. She’ll be 17.

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She has great taste in hats!

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So, I didn’t have any chance to write or post pictures the last two days. My family don’t like it when I post during lunch. They allow me to take pictures of the food. That’s it.

After Coral Reef (and meeting @profmatt), we looked around the tanks. Then headed to the Canada Pavilion to look around before heading to our appointment for the DVC tour.

Gregg and Aneira tried to get into the Ministry of Magic, but it didn’t work. :wink: I told him because the booth was in Canada, not UK.

Headed to the DVC place in Canada where they escorted us to behind-the-scenes in UK for the driver to take us to Copper Creek. Wilderness Lodge was gorgeous!

The driver took us to the taxi area of Epcot because we wanted to go back to the resort to kind of get sorted into our room.


This is not correct. We missed all of our FPPs, not ADRs. See how tired I was?


What did you think of Copper Creek? Did you buy?? :wink:


So, after getting a bit situated, we went back to Epcot to have dinner at Akershus. We really love this restaurant and it did not disappoint! Here is Aneira with each of the princesses.

The chef had already worked with Gregg the day before, so it was simpler this time.

Aneira and I had the same main dish: Viking Mixed Grill. I had a Viking coffee. Yummy.


We loved Copper Creek! Can’t buy yet, but it’s definitely on our wish list.

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After Norway, Gregg was feeling rather puny, so he headed back to the resort and Aneira and I stayed. She went to used one of her anytime passes to ride Test Track while I went to Mexico to view the inside of the pyramid. I enjoyed myself immensely. I was able to ride the boat ride for the first time. Little bit jolty, but enjoyable. Spoke with some cast members in various places. Had some nice conversations. Met back up with Aneira to watch IllumiNations near Mexico.

Then we decided to go the long way around WS toward Canada. That’s when we ran into @profmatt quite without arranging it. I was disappointed that we never met up with @AllmadhereUK while we were both on Epcot. It’s harder than it looks, so it was a complete surprise to run into Matt.

Aneira has a little tea set just like this one. This is at the UK Pavilion.


To finish off the day, we took the bus back to AKL. We both went right to sleep. Gregg was fast asleep. Thankfully, he had set out my CPAP, opened up the daybed for Aneira.

I had forgotten to pack the extension cords, and all Gregg could get from the resort was a large battery-like thing to plug in my CPAP into. He was using his outlet to run his fan. Personally, I thought my CPAP trumps a fan. The battery lasted about three hours. In total I got about 4 hours of sleep and was very tired. Hoping to get coffee, I went to guest relations and explained why I was up so early. They took pity on me and found me an extension cord.


I did this once and I have one in my CPAP bag now at all times. You would think that this would work but on a cruise for my parents 50th anniversary the cabin only had 1 outlet and my cord was not long enough. I ship let me use one of there’s wich long enough.

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