SirGreggLadyV's DD's Birthday in the Bubble - Day 6

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December 26th is Aneira’s birthday, so it was arranged with her in mind. The weather was beautiful with temps in the lower 70s. We drove to Contemporary and valet parked because we had an ADR at the Wave. DH and DD walked to MK to RD while I went over to the Wave to eat.

One of the trees at the Contemporary

Yummy GF Waffles

Bacon!!! I had a serious lack of bacon on this trip, so I loaded up on it.

After eating, I walked over to MK.


I met Gregg over near Jingle Cruise, which we had a FPP for. Aneira was off riding all of her rides.

After the ride, we went over to the the Enchanted Tiki Room, then I rode Pirates of the Carribean.

I had my own place in the very back.


Then we headed over to meet Merida, which was the highlight of Gregg’s trip last year. At first, she wasn’t very into the meeting. Probably because we didn’t have kids. However, she perked up (and embarrassed Gregg) when she noticed his ears and puck holder by announcing to everyone in the line to look at the ears and puck holder he made. One of the ears is Merida’s coat of arms.


Meanwhile, Aneira was riding all of her rides.


Then we met up with Aneira at Crystal Palace for our 11:30 ADR. This is the first time we’ve eaten lunch at CP; the other two times have been breakfast. This was DD’s request.

Pooh is admiring Gregg’s ears.

Food was delicious, but I prefer breakfast. I love the character interaction. My favorite is Eeyore.


The original plan was for Gregg and I to head back to the resort, leaving Aneira at MK to keep riding rides. Then I would somehow go back to meet her and then take the monorail to EP for our dinner at Monsieur Paul. However, she decided that she wanted to go back to the resort with us so that she could swim. Win-win, as I wasn’t looking forward to all the rigamarole of meeting up with her at MK to go to Epcot.

Aneira went swimming while Gregg and I took a much-needed nap. When it was time to get back up, Gregg didn’t feel very well. It was decided that Aneira and I would go to Monsieur Paul without him by taking the bus from AKL.

But first I gave Gregg some artwork I had purchased the day before from the shop at AKL. The artist creates name signs with themes. I asked her to make one of Gregg’s name with Merida. I forgot to take a picture of it when he opened it, but it turned out well. He was quite pleased with it.

The bus ride was fine. Not many people catching it which made it easier. Then the looooooong trek from the entrance up the stupid hill in UK up to France.

Here are the stairs. I don’t do stairs, especially like these.

The elevator up to the second floor is terror incognito, though. It only holds one person at a time and feels like a dumbwaiter.

We absolutely LOVED Monsieur Paul! We had an excellent waiter (Etienne), and he really made Aneira feel special on her birthday. We had a nice table next to the window. The food was scrumptious!

Window was a bit dirty, but that’s alright.

We loved the way the napkins were folded.

Oven-baked Rainbow Trout with smoked salmon, lemon cream, salmon roe for Aneira

Escargot with Garlic Butter parsley cream, mushrooms, pickled vegetables for me, with GF bread on the side.

My entree was Grilled Beef Tenderloin with rutabagas puree, Brussels sprouts, creamy sauce, beef jus reduction. It was heavenly.

Aneira’s entree was Oven-baked Rolled Salmon crispy potatoes with parmesan, butternut squash, beurre blanc. She really enjoyed it.

This was Aneira’s dessert: Milk Chocolate Sphere, Chocolate almond cake, praline and chocolate cream, light hazelnut biscuit with chocolate ice cream, warm chocolate, and Cognac sauce.

It comes as a sphere, and the waiter pours chocolate over it.

Then it caves in and looks like this.

This was my dessert. Vacherin glace vanille, framboise, crème chantilly - vanilla ice cream and raspberry sorbet in a meringue, whipped cream. It was yummy, but filled with sugar.

We were both blow away by this meal, and were sorry that Gregg wasn’t there to eat with us.


Aneira’s dessert sounds delish!


Afterward dinner, we made the trek back to the front of Epcot. Again. We took the monorail to TTC and then to MK since it was staying open until 12 midnight. I was exhausted, so she went off on her own to ride rides while I rested around Main Street.

And posed for PhotoPass photographers:

Then we met back up and headed back to AKL.


She said it was very yummy. I couldn’t try it: filled with nuts I’m allergic to.

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Final Thoughts on MK:

I wasn’t looking forward to going to MK because it was so hard to get down Main Street last year in an ECV. It’s a lot easier with a walker.

Even though I took a nice nap in the afternoon, I was still exhausted. Going to MK at the end of the night was pure torture for me. I didn’t have the energy to go ride the Jingle Cruise at night, and I didn’t make it to the PeopleMover, which was something I really wanted to do.

PeopleMover requires that you are mobile. I am mobile, but DH wasn’t so much up to it earlier when we went.

I also wanted to get a picture with the Tangled lamps. I didn’t even get close to that section.

This was our first trip where I had an entire day planned for MK instead of heading over there in the evenings. I think that’s a good plan, and hope to do that again.


How did you find the service? You may remember I found my waiter to be unfriendly (as in not friendly, rather than actively unpleasant) and the service very rushed.

Yeah, you see this is why they wouldn’t get a Michelin star. The cooking is outstanding, but the fall down on details like this.

We did not feel rushed in the least. The waiter was very engaging with DD and me, especially DD. He was also very attentive when it came to my allergies and intolerances, and I felt very safe with him.

I will say that we returned the following day because DD really wanted Gregg to experience the place, so I made major revisions to our itinerary. The whole interaction was completely different; not as attentive nor entertaining. Our food was just as good, but the chef didn’t do a great job with Gregg’s specialized diet. We had a waitress, and she didn’t seem to be very friendly.


Yes, yes I did. So did Aneira. :slight_smile:

That is beyond unacceptable.

But why?


Oh! I’m sorry! I should have invited you…

It’s OK — I shall have my revenge by going in July.

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Ha! That’s what you think! Going in July is not revenge as far as I’m concerned. July and Florida don’t mix; last thing I would ever do is go to Disney during the summer.

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