SallyEppcot's Trip Thread (Nov 2014)

Is it incredibly self-absorbed and presumptuous to make a trip thread for myself? I hope not! I’ll lay out my plans (hopes? dreams?) for this trip, and then while I’m traveling I’ll try to update occasionally in real time. I’ve never traveled by myself before, so I have no idea if I will check in often or only at the start and end of the day.

I thought I’d start tonight with a little background. My husband and kids are out trick-or-treating, and the house is pretty quiet, so now is a good time to write.

The idea for this trip was born about 4 weeks after our once-in-a-lifetime family trip to WDW last February. We had such a great time, and my interactions with Liners on Chat in the months leading up to that trip were marvelous. I was so sad to think that I might never return. Plus, I was a bit disappointed that I had missed so many interesting things during our family trip. We focused on our boys (then 6 and 9) so I didn’t do any of the princess things or the more grown up things.

I posted something whiny on FaceBook about how sad I was and the next thing I knew a bunch of my college friends and I were planning a Girls’ Trip to the Epcot Food & Wine Festival. Most of my friends are just going to do Epcot for two days, but I’ve managed to expand my trip to 6 days and 5 nights. I’m not quite sure how that happened, but I do know I’ve called Disney at least 10 times to change my reservation or tickets.

So here’s the plan as it stands right now. I’m trying really hard to do new-to-me things. I think that if I can cross most things off my WDW bucket list, maybe I’ll be OK with not going back for a long time. Maybe.

Feel free to use this itinerary to accidentally-on-purpose bump into me. I’ll have my Liner button on my purse, and I have a short flow-chart of conversational responses prepared in my head just in case anyone says hello. I’m not really very social in real life, but I think I would like to meet some Liners. You all seem like nice people.

Monday 11/3 - travel day - arrive at POFQ around 2:30 - Magic Kingdom solo in the evening

Tuesday 11/4 - MK with 2 of my friends - Crystal Palace breakfast, BOG lunch, Dinner with all 5 of my friends at Raglan Road

Wednesday 11/5 - Epcot with all 5 of my friends - Food & Wine festival, early dinner at Via Napoli, Illuminations Dessert Party

Thursday 11/6 - Epcot with all 5 of my friends - Akershus breakfast, Food & Wine Festival, Restaurant Marrakesh Dinner

Friday 11/7 - Hollywood Studios solo in the morning - lunch at Hollywood Brown Derby with Liner friends

I have no idea what will happen the rest of Friday and Saturday morning before I fly out. I’m trying to stay flexible, so I’ll be available for anything my Liner friends might plan.


I hope you have a fantastic trip that exceeds your every expectation. I wouldn’t count on not wanting to go back though ! :wink:


So Miss @SallyEppcot, planner extraordinaire, are you packed yet? After all you are leaving in 2 plus days. I hope your trip with your college pals is wonderful and that your time with your new liner friends is full of fun shennagins. I have been looking forward to your trip report for months. See you have drawn me out of lurking as I too am very very shy. Will we see the “Bridge Builder” testing the waters in a fountain? !!! Time will tell!!!


Hello! I’m so glad you and @JustKeepSmiling commented! I have not packed yet, although I do have a detailed list and all the toiletries and non-clothing items have been set out. I’ve finished all my daily itinerary notes and TPs and have organized them into sheet protectors for each day. I’ll do family laundry and clean the house tomorrow and then pack on Sunday.

I kind of don’t want to go into a fountain, but I suspect I won’t have much of a choice. :slight_smile:


I haven’t had a chance to read your entire post yet but I wanted to make sure that I keep track of this thread so that I can stay caught up. I’m so excited for you and really looking forward to any updates that you give!!! I’m even more excited to meet you in person!


I suspect I would have bailed on the Liner meet portion of the trip a few weeks ago if it wasn’t for you @kellymouse5. It’s hard to express how safe and accepted you make me feel. Thank you.


I feel the same about you @sallyeppcot! :heart:


How exciting! You are going yo have the best time! Can’t wait to follow along!


You will have a fantastic time. You have heard so many tips and given much out yourself. I am sure you will enjoy, and more so, I know you will return. We all have the bug. Have a safe journey if I don’t get the chance to say so before you leave.


I can’t wait to follow along either - sounds great!


@SallyEppcot, I loved POFQ. I stayed there the year I went with my son. DH traveled to India and use all his vacation time. Be sure to try the drink the Hurricane in the lounge there. DS and I split the jambalaya there one evening. And don’t forget the beignets . I will look forward to The Adventures of Sally.


Sounds like a great plan @SallyEppcot! Wow! That is a lot of food! I went to HBD for the first time last Sunday and it was wonderful. I too am posting here to follow along. Have a great time!


Thanks everyone! I know it’s a lot of food. I’m hoping I chose places where we can share or just order appetizers if we aren’t very hungry. Since we are all adults who will be wandering independently, we wanted multiple opportunities to gather, sit down, and eat things. I suspect we will skip the last dinner, but maybe I’m just thinking that because Restsurant Marrakesh wasn’t my choice. :slight_smile:


I ate at restaurant marakesh with the candelite processional package and was pleased with what I had which I think was a variety meal. I have yogurt and salad for lunch most days anf often DH is working late and often I have soup or a cheese sandwich. I am not used to the big portions that Disney serves. If I am at BK, I get a Jr. Whopper, no mayo. I can get 6 inch hoagies at Wawa, our local chain gas and go store.


Unfortunately we will miss you by about a week. But I wanted to comment and say have the best time. I am going with my hubby and kids but hope one day I can make a solo trip like this (meaning with girlfriends/liner friends). Lots of pixie dust for a magical time!


Thanks @Beth_in_Linerland! I hope you have a wonderful trip with your family. Our family trip was marvelous, and I wish we could afford to take the boys every year.

I think you need to copy your list of things you want to accomplish in here and edit the list each day as you do things. Do you have a phone charger thing? Do you know how to set your home screen to your FPP screen caps so you don’t have to go into the app to see what you have planned? I know you have page protectors but you might want to lessen the load you carry by the 3rd day of the trip :smile:

do you have a ziplock bag in your purse for the potential rain and or fountain going that may happen?


Ha! Thanks for all the advice! I think I’m good.

I will paste my bucket list here later today, and I’ll crrtainly note what I accomplish.

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Sounds like a great plan - and no, it’s not presumptuous to start a thread like this. At least I don’t think it is as I plan on doing the same for my trip in 2 weeks.


Hey Sally!! So excited for you. Making sure I am following along :smile: