[rescheduled] Eff you, cancer, I'm going to Disney World: A trip report

Edit: had to reschedule the trip because of some side effects of the chemo preventing me from flying.

Who: Me (he/him), 50 and Beth (she/her), 32
When: November 23rd-27thFebruary 1st-5th (5 days!)
Where: Contemporary Resort
How: Flying WestJet, YYZ to MCO

So, a run-in with cancer[1] really jammed up my ability to complete my previous trip report. So of course I’m heading back to Disney World now that I’m finished treatment, hopefully this report will be a good one!


My partner, Beth, has been to Disneyland Paris, Tokyo Disneyland and Disney Sea, but has never been to the parks in the USA. She’s a big fan of The Incredibles, so staying at the Contemporary was a no-brainer for us, not just because of the room decor, but the entire aesthetic of the Contemporary just oozes the same flavour of modernism that the movies have. I’m excited because I didn’t really think I’d ever have a reason to stay here, despite planning multiple trips. We’re staying in the main building, theme-park view room.

The biggest change for this trip is Beth is very into Disney bounding and character interaction. In her words, “if you didn’t bound, did you even go to Disney?” (Yes. Yes you did.) She’s spent the last few months gathering all the pieces of the outfits we’re wearing, so that should be fun. Expect a lot more photos this time as we show off a bit. In general, I expect this to be a different pace of trip, focused on meet-and-greets with characters more than the go-go-go of attraction after attraction.

All our ADRs are places I’ve not been before: Cinderella’s Royal Table, Round Up Rodeo (illness prevented me from my ADR in April), Chef Mickey’s and Yak & Yeti. After watching a video about it, Beth suggested I try to time CRT :crossed_fingers:t2: so we’ll be able to see the fireworks :crossed_fingers:t2: while we dine, so hopefully that works out.

Because we’re not going to be in the Magic Kingdom until early afternoon on arrival day, my intention is to get an ILL for Tron, and hope to get a boarding group in the 1pm call.

I’m delighted to see that BG1 is back, that will be very helpful on what will likely be a busy few days over Thanksgiving weekend. I have also qualified for DAS again for this trip, something that was invaluable last time in making things easier on me.

7 days. I feel both under- and over-prepared.

Plan Summary

[1] Found by a routine colonoscopy when I turned 50. It literally saved my life. Also seems to have been the cause of a host of other physical issues that have been plaguing me for over 2 years.


I would bound for our trip the first week of December except I’ve got these great Disney Christmas t-shirts bought at WDW but rarely worn there.

Looking forward to photos :star_struck::heart_eyes:


Definitely eff cancer!! Looking forward to following along. Yay for DAS it’s so helpful to those of us that need it!


Have a great trip! A fellow Canadian here!


I love following your trips. Have a great time! I’m glad you’re feeling good post-treatment. :yellow_heart:


This sounds so fun! I can’t wait to see these bounding outfits! I hope you feel comfortable sharing.

Have a great time!


Glad they caught it and that you’re doing well now. Love that you are getting to celebrate at WDW.


:tada: OH WOW

Beth came over tonight, as we finally have all our bounding pieces together in one place. We tried them on and they look so amazing. During chemotherapy, it was hard to excited about anything, really. I was excited for this trip, but you know, not really. As of tonight, though, as I see everything actually on, the excitement is rising quickly. My energy is definitely coming back in force, and manifesting itself as doing the happy dance over and over.

Also, I may be a convert to bounding, just saying. As long as I don’t have to organize it all, anyway. :smiley: Current faves for me are the Donald Duck and the Nick Wilde, Beth sourced the perfect shirt and tie for Nick especially. Beth’s Daisy and Judy Hopps are both chef’s kiss. No photos yet, you peeping toms, you’ll have to wait until next week to see 'em.


I’m excited to see them all! Glad they got you excited for the trip!


I’m glad your energy and excitement are returning!


Dammit. So yesterday my doctor confirmed that the latest CT scan does, indeed, show the cancer is gone. However, there is some clotting that’s not unusual for post-op and/or chemotherapy. The thrombosis doctor today told me I shouldn’t fly, and as a result this trip has to be cancelled, one day before I was scheduled to go. I’m shattered, and hoping I can reschedule for sometime in January to Marchish. Sorry to disappoint.


Oh man :frowning:

I am so sorry to hear this. Just when you allowed yourself to begin getting excited. What rotten news.

I hope things normalize with the clotting. And I hope you’re there before you know it.

Pardon me for saying so but fuck cancer

Uh no. You don’t get to say sorry for this.
WE are sorry this happened :frowning:


Ugh I am so, so sorry for you to have to face this disappointment. I really hope a rescheduled trip is around the corner. And I hope some of that bounding gear will still come into play!


Oh, no! Eff you, cancer, indeed. :frowning:


That does suck. I do hope you can reschedule.


Oh fuck. This is awful. I’m sorry. I hope the trip can be rescheduled soon. :crossed_fingers:


I’m so sorry. I am also happy they caught anything before you traveled. This trip may be postponed but you will get there and have your fabulous outfits ready to go. Festival of the Arts & Flower and Garden are really just weeks away and I hope you can look forward to one of those. Until then, Eff Cancer.


So sorry to hear it was cancelled. Eff you cancer. Wishing you speedy healing and a quick reschedule of the trip.


I’m so sorry that you are facing this disappointment. :frowning:


Eff cancer and even more FUCK cancer!! You will get to Disney! You will!!!