Price Increases

I’m going in 31 days. I always feel a little… down before a trip. I don’t know. I get very stressed as I have to consider the actual traveling bit, and all the prep that goes into traveling. Plus planning, all the unknowns…

We had a trip to DL where we had zero ADRs and it was amazing. I loved it.

I know the food scene at WDW isn’t quite as good as DL, but I’m usually pretty happy with the quick serve there. I have favorites at all the parks.

Biergarten gets taken up with the Candlelight Processional packages, so if you’re not interested in that, it’s pretty tough. But I would not give up on it; I’d even walk up at opening time to try to get in if it’s important. When I was there a year ago some folks did exactly this, and they were seated.


Also as to the high demand and crowds---- I was there in July 2021 and it was INSANE. As in the highest crowds they had since pre-COVID. But it was an amazing trip. We rope drop and get so much done in the rope drop time, that we don’t feel like we’re forced to stand in any long line the rest of the day.

Crowds and negative press seem to be coming a lot from theme park newbies, or those who have unreasonable expectations.

My first WDW trip was in the Christmas Break in 1998, I think. THAT was the most crowded I’ve ever seen it. It was insane. But still, magic.


Excellent advice. I am trying to get excited for holiday snacks!


Definitely going to try to rope drop the ADRs I didn’t get!


I’m trying to keep expectations low which is usually a good tactic.


@jacygittes A lot of liners have reported doing very well with G+ lately using the collected wisdom of this site.

You’ve got enough time before your trip to learn the system, and your ace in the hole is TP has the best G+ knowledge on the internet.

Becky Gandillon has some great teaching videos on Youtube and articles too.

Edit: Or just come to the G+ thread and ask away!


Do you have notification alerts/services set up for ADR cancellations? Most people are able to get everything they want for their trip by using those services.


I ate at Tortuga Tavern for the first time in years and was SO happy w/ my pulled pork sandwich; much better than Capt Cook’s at Poly. But the poly Thai meatballs are amazing. What I’m trying to say is that there are some quick service gems.


Me, too. It’s very odd. I should be excited but I always hit a slump just before the trip.


Don’t cancel your trip. You are going to WDW at Christmas. Even if you didn’t get to ride any rides and didn’t get a single table service meal, you’d have a magical time. How could you not? It’s Disney World. At Christmas.

Some friends of mine recently took a trip to Orlando. While their (adult) daughters were willing to buy park tickets they themselves were not. They looked to me for advice. I planned two days of WDW with no park entry at all. They toured the big resorts. They saw animals at the savannah at AKL. They rode the monorail and the Skyliner. They saw the view from the top of the Gran Destino tower. They had a great meal at Three Bridges and another at Geyser Point.

Meanwhile their daughters entered the parks. They had no ADRs and they didn’t buy G+. Here’s what they did (and didn’t) do. In two days. With no G+.

All four of them — the parents and the daughters — had a great time. None of them complained about the crowds (though it was busy). They all commented on how wonderful the CMs were.

Take the trip. You’ll have a great time, too.


How can we help?
What restaurants/dates are you after?

Actually I think the guest experience on the ground right now is pretty great, cost aside.

Yeah that’s a bit of a bummer. You don’t have to use it though. It’s totally to your benefit to use it but there are plenty who skip it and just do standby an have a great time too.


I usually take a trip each year with one of my sons. I took DS9 in August before school started this year. He is already asking about next year. I’ve started looking at dates, but I’m just not that excited about it. We can afford the trip, but it is the question about whether I want to spend the money on this. Part of it is their constant price increases or taking something that was once free and now charging for it. I’m a shareholder, so I get their desire to maximize profits. And I’ll say that I actually don’t mind the idea of the park reservation system, but can we make park hopping a little earlier?

We had a great time in August. Genie+ and BG1 worked like a charm. We bought a fair amount of ILLs and actually rode GotG 10 times in 6 days with ILL and boarding groups.

But we also had booked our Genie+ before June 8, so I didn’t have to get up every morning to buy it; I just had to worry about booking my LLs. But next year I’ll have that added step of having to buy it every day, and who knows how much it will cost with this variable pricing.

Tron will be a new ride, but otherwise we will have done everything else numerous times. We did 6 days last year, but I’m definitely cutting back to 5, and maybe even 4. Not because of the cost, but because we are starting to burn out and some of it is also the principle of their constant increases.

We will likely stay at Beach or Yacht Club or Boardwalk because I’ve gotten spoiled with the convenience of walking to two parks, but I’ve also stayed at All Star Sports and that resort was perfectly fine if you take out the bus transportation issues. And other than the convenience, staying at a Deluxe gets you so little. My son isn’t a late night kid since we get up early to rope drop, so the Deluxe extra evening hours are not really worth anything to us.

So, if we go next year, it may be his last trip where I pull him from school to go, as it gets harder as they get older, but I’m not really excited about it at this point. Sure, Tron looks good, but will it even be open by next fall (I say that sarcastically). If he was a little bit more of a thrill seeker, I’d take him to Universal instead, but there are a few coasters there he won’t ride yet.

I’ve toyed with flying out to DL for something different, but not sure about that idea. And my wife and older son want to go if we go there, and my older son will be in the middle of cross country season and we can’t take him out of that to go to Disney.

Trying to get excited to start planning. This is the earliest I’ve started planning, but I also want to get a decent room and I can always cancel later.


My family and I had an amazing trip in December (I just loved Christmas decorations) and my DD and I went for two days in July and loved it (but I had pre-trip depression). There is a lot here to know and learn ans for planners it is anxiety producing - add cost anxiety and it can be a lot.

I have two suggestions -

  1. if the idea of Genie+ is stressing you out, have you considered the Stanby Skipper? You have less control but it is fix it and forget it. People who want that have given itnhugh reviews.

  2. once you get there, if you can slip into the mindset of “today will be what it is” and try not to get too worried about what doesn’t go right, you will find the magic because it is still there. Full disclosure, there are trips where I never found that head space.

Love some of the other recommendations here.


there’s also the fact that they were hoarding crap backstage because they were trying to control the buy-ups (Like the MNSSHP T-Shirts. They weren’t putting out certain sizes). Might finally be backfiring on them. Good.

It IS very dumb, but not at all your fault. Disney has definitely thrown up enough blockers that I’m the same way for different reasons. There’s just getting to be too many hoops to jump through just to get there. Once I’m there, I’m fine. Everything is sunshine and rainbows (and dole whips and superior mickey sandwiches)…but the getting there is now just as painful as getting back and that is having a definite impact.

Hotel to consider, parking to consider, Flight to consider, shuttle to consider, luggage handling to consider, parks to consider, parkHOPPING to consider, food reservations to consider, crowds and thus genie+ things to consider, then what can you get with G+, what attractions/restaurants are still closed to consider, what JUSTclosed to consider (RIP Kite Tails)… etc…

it’s just …a lot. Especially for a vacation. I much MUCH preferred 2016-2019. Grab a hotel, grab a flight, a few FPPs, schedule your DME annnnd YOU IS DONE! GO PLAY!

But again. once i’m there, I’m fine. It’s just the pretrip stuff is no longer fun.

As far as Genie+ goes…it’s FAR easier to work out when there. I was able to enjoy it with the mindset of “don’t try to advance-schedule your rides, but rather just hit as many as I can as fast as I can.” I found that took a lot of the complications out by just being able to rapidfire through rides.


I’m glad to hear you had success with this approach. I think I’m going to go with this next time (in a few weeks), rather than stacking, which is a spontaneity-killer.


absolutely. But i still created complications for myself as I LOVE BTMRR and Splash at night so I had to keep avoiding them because you only get 1 and if they go down: welp.

So the whole day still feels like me watching and waiting for the G+ times for those 2 to enter into the night hours.


That’s how I approached it myself. It is hard from the planner-in-me side of things to just “wait and see what the day brings” but it works out okay. Know what the priorities are and what is likely to run out before other things, and go after it that way.

I hate how it has hobbled TP though. TP doesn’t really work anymore :frowning: I’m happy there are so many other aspects of it that I still love and use.


Will the Lines update—coming in “a couple of weeks”—help with this problem?


Maybe. Perhaps G+ availability is predictable enough by now for it to work?

I just don’t see myself using TP that way though. I guess it will tell you what order to try for G+ in? But if it’s not available then what?


I was just hoping it would make touring plans useful again.