Poll Time! Best Table Service Restaurant in WDW? Round 2

Time for Round 2 of our Best Table Service Restaurant Championship! Any entry receiving 15% or more in Round 1 has moved on. We will keep going until one restaurant has received 50% of the vote. Will this be the final round?

  • Sanaa (AKV) - 27%
  • California Grill (CR) - 24%
  • Sci-Fi Dine-In Theater Restaurant (HS) - 24%
  • Tusker House Restaurant (AK) - 17%

0 voters

Note: I included all table service restaurants listed on the Touring Plans Dining web pages.

Everyone make sure to vote in this poll! If these results hold, we will have to go to Round 3 and only Sanaa will be eliminated.

May I vote again? Not change my vote, give another vote to Tusker House. :star_struck:


Round 3 is now live! Go ahead and vote!